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Welcoming Committee [Quest: Amen'ra]

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Amen'ra found himself moving toward the entrance of Orchidia, blue jeans and black coat sprinkled with snow from the surrounding elements. He didn't really intend to do much in Orchidia anymore and so he was likely going to leave that same day. With his large backpack in tow and eyes set on adventure Amen'ra began to leave before being approached by a villager. The same man that'd given him such a warm welcome, by the name of Dacol.

Waving at the man warmly he hadn't expected to be handed the fliers so quickly and looking down at them he would prepare himself. Amen'ra hadn't expected his last mission in Orchidia to be this type but he wasn't opposed, anything to help the common people. That was, after all, the main objective of a Holy Knight aside from the more religious tasks.

Things the young man cared nothing for.

Dacol stood at the knights side now, waiting with the youth to ensure the mission done in a calm orderly fashion. It wasn't everyday that someone was helping the man hand out fliers, maps and giving advice about where to go but now that Amen'ra had done so he was more versed. He could at least recommend a restaurant or two, and some local sights without it being a total lie.

It didn't take long however, a traveler approached and asked the men some questions to which Dacol took the lead; as to be expected. He decided he would give the man a hands on experience and left with the newcomer to show them around, leaving Amen'ra to his own devices. It did undeniably cause him some anxiety thinking about messing up the job but he had to have faith in himself.

Amen'ra was undeniably bored, it had been some time and not many people decided to come through the town apparently. There weren't any people coming to Orchidia, and for good reason, the town wasn't the safest but at least it wasn't as bad as Dahlia otherwise he wouldn't of come to do such a job. That place was like hell on earth and he wasn't about to volunteer for that job.

Suddenly a figure was breaking into Amen'ra vision and he would smile widely when they were in range, handing them a flier that includes a map, places to visit and places to avoid and naturally Amen'ra agreed. Using his own personal experiences to highlight the places they'd picked out for the flier and sending the person on their way.

This process would repeat for another two people but eventually one woman would come with her husband, both appearing irritated and ready to go and their attitude shown through. Amen'ra tried his damnedest to remain polite but the woman snatching from him and cutting him off made him glare at her with sinful eyes, ready to create a scene.

Instead he would simply wave her off and roll his eyes to the back of his head, eager to get the job over with at this point.


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Another rude traveler would come through, this time taking the flier and dropping it after they'd walked a few feet and Amen'ra would groan aloud. Why had people felt the need to be ass hats, like was it really necessary? Good thing Dacol was in his sights now moving to stand beside Amen'ra once more and causing the knight to let out the air in his lungs. Almost like a breath of relief that the solo portion was over.

Or was it?

It seemed in almost no time the tour guide was being whisked away again and it made Amen'ra mock cry before he was standing alone again. Now he would have to wait once more, to hand out fliers to people who were either going to be thankful or rip him a new one. Surely enough more people came through and took the fliers, some refusing to do so because they actually knew their way around; of course some didn't but they were stubborn.

Surely enough Dacol would return after some time and Amen'ra would nod to the man, not becoming attached to his presence now as he was quickly taken away again. Instead he would yawn out and get comfortable, taking a more relaxed stance as more people came to accept the fliers and make small talk. It didn't take long for the day to drift past the light mages very eyes and eventually it was getting much darker out. Not that he minded, he wasn't afraid of being threatened or attacked.

More people would show, now being much more rude than before but for everyone bad experience there were nearly four times the good. So he wouldn't make too much of a fuss about it, instead he focused on making sure to give each person a flier like the job stated; distancing his emotions from his physical experience. That was how he did it when he had to slaughter others on the battlefield and so he would do the same while finishing his task.

Maybe after this mission he would take one with a little more action or suspense, something to get his blood pumping or at least help him get stronger. Dacol was back now, not for long, but he was back and so Amen'ra greeted him once again before he was gone again. About 10 more people came but eventually the travelers stopped coming and Dacol would make his way to Amen'ra, extending a hand.

Handing off the fliers to the man he would accept the thanks for his job well done and sigh with happiness and exasperation. Thank goodness he didn't have to do this for much longer otherwise he might literally die of boredom, but it was easy jewel none the less and so with a quick fare well he was on his way. Leaving to stay at his place for a night before he would move out to the next town, eager to leave his footprint on the world.


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