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The Bowling Alley Filler Episode (Bianca)

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The Bowling Alley Filler Episode (Bianca) Empty Sun Jan 20, 2019 6:02 am

Bowling was a peculiar thing. The technology in Fiore had advanced to keep track of all of this, but there were still a lot of things that didn't have much tech attached to them at all. Were they perhaps advancing the wrong parts of Fiore as far as innovation went? Nah, nah. Bowling was fun. And if bowling was gun, then wasting technology on it was 100% worth it. Everyday of the week.

Christian had been engaging in a game of bowling with some nerds from some guild, he didn't really care too much on that fact right now because he was absolutely destroying them. In bowling, of course. Landing a lot of strikes, Christian had just got a turkey on his last turn and finished in the first place by a mile. Smiling to himself proudly, the other contestants grumbled and walked off. Christian felt very proud of himself right now, so much to the point where he would actually gloat, not something he would often do for the record.

Spreading his arms out from side to side, he yelled across the bowling alley, reaching to all sides of the building, perhaps even the stalls in the bathroom, strangely enough. He left a message for his fellow contenders, something to strike fear in their hearts, but also courage. That definitely contradicted itself, but Christian couldn't bring himself to care right now. He was on a roll, literally!

"Step right up, see if you can beat Christian Zane in a game of bowling! It's on me, but you'll lose either way! Hahahaha!"

Christian's laugh spread across the room, the building, and perhaps even all of Orchidia. Well, scratch that last part. His vocal chords weren't that powerful. At least, they weren't that powerful YET.

#2Bianca Fleur † 

The Bowling Alley Filler Episode (Bianca) Empty Tue Jan 22, 2019 7:22 am

Bianca Fleur †
Exactly two weeks had gone by since Bianca decided to give up completely on Adelaide—supposedly her last hope at finding out what happened to her. She was never going to show up at this point, and as time elapsed, the ex-vampyre could not longer neglect this obvious fact. However, the betrayal motivated her to continue living normally and try to be a ‘good person’.

Although she was a beginner at painting and anything related to it, Bianca sat on her little stool in front of a blank canvas in a small apartment, pondering her next piece. What else was she supposed to do on such a dull weekday, except pass the time? It was her third week in Orchidia, and she was sharing an apartment with a nurse she met at the train station. Bianca offered to pay half the rental fees for the month because she didn’t like leeching off of people. The ‘good person’ in her wouldn’t allow it.

After a few minutes, Bianca came to the conclusion that she wasn’t feeling creative today, and so she prepared to leave the apartment. The nurse had also gone out, but not on duty. She was out helping a relative find a job or something. Brushing the sleepiness out of her hair, Bianca took a walk outside. There were a few places she could think of going to off the top of her head, and only one out of those places didn’t involve illegal activities, so naturally she chose said place.

Greeted by the laughter of teenagers and upbeat music in the background, the sorceress blinked in surprise at how many people were here on a weekday. Though she wasn’t here for bowling, the excitement was contagious, and she found herself staring at one group of kids. What she was really here for, was the milkshake. The best milkshake in town could be found here, and since she was cutting caffeine, she was trying to get used to drinking something else other than coffee. It would be hard for anyone to notice her because of how noisy and dimly lit the place was. Bianca ordered a milkshake and seated herself on one of the bar stools, head turned to watch the others have fun.


The Bowling Alley Filler Episode (Bianca) Empty Mon Feb 04, 2019 11:58 pm

THe response in the bowling aisle was less than ideal for Christian. Nobody really seemed to care at all, so he would probably have to go around and find someone sitting down and somehow bug them to get him to bowl with him. Looking at the benches, there were two options. A middle-aged men who looked very fit, and a very tall woman. If you've followed any of Christian's pursuits so far, you'd know already which one he was gonna pick. Spoiler alert: it was the girl.

Christian wasn't exactly the best when it came to females and all. In fact, he had a pretty bad track record. They constantly randomly left, and one turned out to be a vampire and bit him. Still though, perhaps that would all change today. Placing one of the bowling balls back down on its rack, Christian moved on over to where the tall woman was standing. Christian had met females taller than him in the past, but none of the other height differences were as wide as now. It was a bit intimidating, but Christian decided to press on, placing his hand on the table lightly where the girl was sitting, pointing over to the bowling balls.

"Hello there, stunning beauty," he said, starting off with flattery. Classic trick. "I was wondering if perhaps you'd like to bowl with me? Don't worry, It's on me and all." he said, shooting her a friendly smile. Maybe the first line about beauty was a bit too much? Christian didn't worry about it too much, however. He knew that his extreme charm would win over when the day was over. Or would it?

#4Bianca Fleur † 

The Bowling Alley Filler Episode (Bianca) Empty Wed Mar 06, 2019 7:57 pm

Bianca Fleur †
Nothing interesting was happening at the bowling alley so far. The man sitting close to her seemed unnaturally intimidated by her presence, but it didn’t bother her. She was used to it by this point. However, she noticed a blonde male walking in her direction as she had just finished half of her milkshake. He proceeded to call her a ‘stunning beauty’ and invite her to bowl with him. The first thing that came to her mind was how much he resembled one of her guildmates who had passed away. The way he spoke and carried himself was just like Geb.

The haunting semblance left her out of words, and she would stare at him with blank eyes. “...No,” was her response after a tense minute. She didn’t care whether he was going to pay for her or not, but she wasn’t in the mood so there was no helping it. Of course she was very curious to know more about him after being reminded of her dead friend. “Do you want a milkshake though?” she asked, offering to pay as well. Her face remained expressionless throughout the conversation. Of course she wouldn’t mind at all if the stranger declined her offer and returned to bowling. She thought it was somewhat mysterious, how he came to speak to her, but she saw no threat in his approach which was why she remained at ease.

Moments later, another teenager came looking for the boy who had invited Bianca to join him in bowling. Bianca’s eyebrows popped up for just a moment before she finished her milkshake and got up. “I guess your friends wouldn’t like it if I stole you away from the game,” she said with a smile. “See you around.” She paid for her milkshake and got up to leave the bowling alley, not giving the stranger a chance to respond.

[ EXIT ]


The Bowling Alley Filler Episode (Bianca) Empty Fri Jun 07, 2019 11:30 am

Darn, the pretty lady had ran off. Shame they didn't get to talk much, but at least Zane was able to have a bowling game again now. He wondered, would he ever see the woman again? It was a scary thought. The way the world was right now, anyone could die. And the most chilling fact of all was that Zane would never be able to know it. Surely though, that wouldn't happen to her, right? Zane dismissed the fact and had some fun playing bowling for the rest of the night, but eventually he got tired, going home and having sweet dreams all night.


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