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Worth Woodsea -> Baska

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#1Malachai Ramazan 

Worth Woodsea -> Baska Empty Fri Jan 18, 2019 3:38 am

Malachai Ramazan

Worth Woodsea was truly a beautiful place, that much was true. During his short time here he was able to see a waterfall, kill some wolves, earn some money and meditate in a nice grassy area where only birds and the hooves of deer could be heard. After the wolves he killed he didn't encounter any other hostile wild animals and overall he wished he could stay. During his meditation time he was able to calm his mind and now he was in a much better mood. With a light smile parked upon his lips, he held the strap of his snatched with his left hand and walked through the wilderness. Chai's eyes danced around, noticing the small critters making their way up the trees while also looking out for any dangerous creatures that lurked in this forest. He was surprised that this place wasn't turned into a town or something by now. Humans- including himself- were so destructive and hungry for more, he could only conclude that one day this place wouldn't even be a forest anymore. He wondered what other people besides Nekomatas lived here. If Neko's were here there had to be other types of races like wood elves maybe? Nature was their home from what he knew so there was a very big chance that elves were here. Maybe even dwarves too, though Malachai himself had never seen a dwarf. Finally after what felt like a couple hours of walking he finally reached a town past Astera, Baska. He could have stopped at Astera but to be quite honest there was nothing there for him. He heard of how populated it was, but he just didn't want to be all cramped up just to deal with people who probably had their heads up their asses. Baska was a much calmer place before he would have to go back home, so here he was.

- Arrival -

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