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The Cat Cried Wolf [Private]

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#1Malachai Ramazan 

The Cat Cried Wolf [Private] Empty Fri Jan 18, 2019 1:01 am

Malachai Ramazan

The wilderness was a beautiful place. As a human, Malachai admittedly felt a little out of place. It wasn't that he felt unfamiliar with the area, or didn't like being in nature, in a sense he felt like he was invading territory. There were creatures all though Worth Woodsea. Creatures that knew or didn't know about, organisms that looked strange and some poisonous yet the beauty was still vibrant. The white haired Stellan carried a satchel around his left shoulder, holding the strap in place with his left hand and happily smiling and gazing upon the forest. From up ahead he could see something zooming towards him. At first he thought it might have just been his imagination, but when he shook his head he could see more vividly a humanly like figure on all fours running as fast as it possibly could right at him. His first instinct was to attack, so he lifted his hand and aimed calmly at the creature until it was in his face enough for him to realize what- or who it was rather. The being stopped when it realized that Malachai was on the defensive. "Hey, hey wait a minute!" he shouted. It was a nekomata. A human-cat hybrid. Somehow this magical world had allowed creatures like this to exist. Still, such a being was even more amazing than himself- a mere human. Malachai raised an eyebrow, slowly letting his hand down.

"Haha, my bad! You always have to be on guard in this crazy world." The Neko slowly approached Malachai, moving around him as if he was studying him. Malachai figured the mans animal instincts were playing a role, so he merely questioned his motives. "The way you raised your hand were you gonna blast me with some sort of magic?" "If you were trying to eat me or something, yes." Malachai answered softly. The Phantom was very kind, that much was obvious. The cat-man quickly circled around Chai before looking up at him on all fours, sitting right in front of his pelvis. "You're perfect then! There are some wolves making it hard for my tribe to be comfortable in our new home. I'll pay you if you kill some wolves for me, and give me the Alphas head." Awkwardly Malachai stepped back and rubbed his head. "Fine, but don't sit in front of me like that, it's weird." The Nekomata purred before telling Malachai to follow him through the woods. Apparently he was taking him to the den where three wolves lived. They were causing the Neko's tribe some trouble and nobody was brave enough to stand up to the wolves, he needed Malachai to deal with that. Part of the Desiertian felt like this dude should have done it himself, it was cowardly for him not to, but at the same time he couldn't complain because he was getting paid. As the two of them approached the Den, Malachai simply slowly entered the cave. t was pretty bright outside so the inside of the small cave wasn't too dark. Chai stopped when he saw the wolves sleeping. Apparently they didn't hear him- that was until he stepped on a twin and caused it to snap.

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#2Malachai Ramazan 

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Malachai Ramazan

Immediately the wolves woke up, mouths snarling eyes wide and bulging immediately ready to chomp whoever it was that managed to bother them in their slumber. Of course that person was none other than Malachai Ramazan, Phantom Lords nicest person. "Whoops!" h chuckled as he turned away from the wolves and quickly darted out of the cave. The Neko man was minding his business, high up in a tree where the wolves couldn't get him even if they saw him like a scared cat, literally. Malachai saw him and smiled disappointingly "Maybe you can use some of your cat-like abilities to help me?" Malachai suggested as he ran around the cave away from the wolves on his tail "Nope! I don't put my paws on filthy creatures like those!" Malachai kept his smile on his face and instead turned forward to act like this man wasn't beyond cowardly. Once Malachai circled around the cave again, he quickly climbed up. Only one wolf was able to climb on before Malachai grabbed him by his head and slammed it onto the "roof" of the cave multiple times, causing blood to spill all over his hands. That was one down now he just had three more to go. Malachai jumped down on the other side of the cave where the wolves weren't before running as fast as he could to the nearest tree where three wolves barked and roared at him. One of the wolves attempted to leap onto him but all he did was kick him in the face, causing him to fly over towards the tree and knocking him out.

Now there was only two more wolves left, one of them was the Alpha who remained to the back as he allowed his pawn to attack. Malachai used his other leg to kick the lunging wolf in the stomach before jumping onto it and punching it into the face multiple times. "If...you...would...just...stay...down...I...wouldn't...have..to...hurt...you...any...more!" he shouted as he landed the last blow onto the wolf's head, most likely killing him. Now the Alpha was made. The Phantom Lord mage turned his head to see the beast glaring at him. He could have sword he saw some tears dwelling in the beasts eyes but if he did than it was logical really. Humans were proven to not be the only creatures capable of crying, he was sure this wolf felt pain for his fallen brethren. The wolf leaped towards Malachai. This wolf was too fast. He landed on Chai, his claws digging into the Phantom's shoulders. Somehow the Stellan managed to keep the wolf at bay, using his legs and arms to push him off him as much as he could. The wolf barked more and more but Malachai didn't give up. He swung his legs and arms to the side, throwing the wolf before jumping on him, pinning him down and executing him the same way he did his peers. When the deed was down Malachai put his arms around the neck of the Alpha and pulled until his head came off with a mess. "Here you go buddy, whew! That wasn't so bad!" The Neko jumped down from the tree jaw dropped at what he just witnessed. Quickly he accepted the wolf, gave Malachai his money and left.

- END -

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