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Behind The Scenes: Pt. II [Quest|Sage]

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#1Sage † 

Behind The Scenes: Pt. II [Quest|Sage] Empty Wed Jan 16, 2019 8:59 pm

Sage †
After the sun reached its zenith point, it began to drop slowly to the western sky, and that's when Sage knew it was afternoon from behind his curtains of his motel room. He put on a black cloak that fits along with his long sleeved black shirt and black pants. If he was going to sneak up a person he must make sure he couldn't be seen right? He had never done this but he believed that everything would be fine. He didn't bring along his sword as Nillan wanted the hooded figure alive, he was strong enough without his sword anyway. He then set his foot to the cold air of Orichidia, and headed for the forest outskirts. The person he was going to kidnap and hand in to Nillan had a high chance of being the culprit behind all these events. After all, the animals that were infected yesterday happened around the outskirts too and Sage doubted if it was some kind of dumb incidence. When he reached the outskirts, he hid behind the trees and waited for someone to come. Not long after, a hooded figure started to appear and Sage hid himself further into the trees so that he couldn't be seen. Sage peeked through the bushes to not mistaken the person with someone else. The hooded figure then walked into the forest which was very suspicious, why would anyone go into the forest so late in the day? It again could not have been some kind of dumb coincidence again.

Sage followed him deeper into the forest, he was very careful with his steps, making sure he didn't step on any twigs or brush past brushes so that it won't make any hustling sound, plus the forest was quite, the slightest sound would be heard clearly. Sage peeked behind a large trees and saw the hooded figure looking around him to make sure nobody was there. Sage was lucky that he hid behind a large tree that his body was fully covered, however he still hid his face when the hooded figure turned to his direction as he from experience knew very well that his honey blonde hair and magenta eyes could be spot easily. After a few moment he peeked again at the hooded figure, crossing his fingers that the hooded figure wasn't looking at his way. he was lucky, the hooded figure took out a potion form his pocket and opened it. The hooded figure then poured the liquid in the potion on the ground and let it seep onto the soil. There was no mistaking it, he was the culprit, there could be no other explanation. Sage brought his right hand to his chest, right above his heart and whispered, 'celeritas' a golden magic seal appeared beneath him and glowed, attracting the hooded figure's attention. At that point Sage wasn't hiding himself anymore, his body was glowing and his face was filled with rage, flames of anger could be seen in his magenta eyes.

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Behind The Scenes: Pt. II [Quest|Sage] Empty Wed Jan 16, 2019 9:27 pm

Sage †
The hooded figure immediately put the potion back in his pocket and stepped backwards as he was intimidated by Sage's wrath. He then broke for an escape, running through the trees. Sage then ran too, he chased the hooded figure down throughout the forest. Being a half elf had its perks. He was faster than an average human being, plus he activated one of his spells that allows him to run faster, the faint yellow aura around him showed that his speed was increased. The hooded figure seemed to know the way past the forest but that didn't change the fact that Sage was faster than him. After what seemed to be like five seconds Sage caught up to him, running just beside him, grinning devilishly. The hooded figure was shocked by this and Sage tackled the hooded figure down to the ground. He then pinned the hooded figure and raised the hooded figure's hood which behind it revealed a young man, struggling for his freedom. "You're coming with me," Sage said to him. He pinned the guy down with his legs and his hand reached for his belt, tying the guy's hands together, defying him to do anything. Sage then stood up and picked the guy up and carried him over his shoulders. Even though he had his body face, his body was still lean and if one was to touch him they could feel it, the denseness of his muscles. He walked through the streets of Orichidia with the guy over his shoulders, crying for help and moving himself helplessly for freedom but none of the townspeople would help him as they were scared of Sage's serious face. Pus they must have known him from previous occasions and had already known him as a holy knight just doing his job.

He then reached Inspector Nillan's office and rang the doorbell. To his surprise, Nillan himself rushed to the door and opened it for him, shock and bewilderment could be seen on his face. He was probably shocked that Sage had carried the guy just like that. He mumbled for awhile then let Sage in carrying the guy over his shoulder still. Nillan then showed Sage a small prison located in the building and Sage gently put the prisoner on the chair that could be found inside the cell. "Now don't try anything funny," he said while he untied his belt from the guy's hand. He seemed to not fight and Sage left the cell leaving Nillan with the guy, now handcuffed with a real handcuff. Nillan questioned the guy but it seemed like the guy was not going to give any information soon. He was so stubborn that he didn't even fear Nillan. It amazed Sage at his level of loyalty. Nillan then gave up and gave Sage his reward. Sage asked him what he would do to the guy. He then responded and said that he would question him later. He thanked Sage and Sage left the office, heading to his motel room, hungry.


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