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The Plague [Quest|Sage]

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#1Sage † 

The Plague [Quest|Sage] Empty Tue Jan 15, 2019 11:25 pm

Sage †
Sage woke up once again in his motel bedroom. The bright sun rays seeped through the partings in the room curtains, entering the room. The light hits Sage's eyes and he began to groan in his sleep as he was disturbed by the morning sun. It was a rather common response for people to do it, more like a cliche in movies. He pushed aside the banketthat was wrapping his body last night that gave him warmth throughout the winter night. He yawned as he rose form his laying position, sitting at the edge of the bed as he waited for his body to adapt to the changed environment where he had to exert some energy to walk. He felt like going back to sleep but he knew that would only slow him down and he didn't want that. He want the best out of every day. He then secretly wished that something interesting would happen that day. He doesn't want to collect plant samples or do something as boring as yesterday. He walked towards the bathroom and brushed his teeth. He then washed his face and hair but didn't bother to take a shower as it was too cold anyway. He might catch a cold if he did so too. So it was better if he didn't.

He grabbed his white cloak and put it over his black sweater inside as it was cold outside, and he had never been comfortable with his armor anyway so he didn't bother to wear it whatever the occasion was. He grabbed the sword given to him by the holy knights headquarters. It was quite a common sword that was quite common. So it didn't have that monetary value much, but nevertheless it was still useful. He saddled the sword at his back in his sword saddle. It would be quite easy to reach from his back if anything happens, he had to watch out, plus he was a holy knight anyway and it was his duty to protect others from harm, so he must be ready with whatever that was to come. And with that the world had responded to his prayer of something interesting to happen that day as the lounge staff called him again and gave him a letter. Before he reached for the letter he had guessed that it must have been from Inspector Nillan. He opened the letter and he was obviously right like always. He read through the letter and it stated that Inspector Nillan wanted to see him at the given address located below the letter. He folded the letter and thanked the lounge staff for keeping the letter for him. He then made his way out to the address location. As he was making his way to the address location he had a quick stop at a nearby store and brought a few bagels to give him some energy for the day. From the aura given off from the letter he could tell that something would happen next.

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Sage †
He chewed down the bagels as he walked towards his destination, having had breakfast, he felt quite energetic now to do things. It must had been due to the sugar compounds and the other carbohydrates found in the bagel that gave him the energy. The insulin secreted by his pancreas broke down the carbohydrate compounds and released some energy into his body cells. As he finished his bagels he drifted a bit to the side of the Orichidian street and threw the paper bag that contained the bagels into a trash can. It was normal for him to immediately throw trashes out as he was aware of the amount of trash in the world currently due to the human's technology. He learnt that petroleum found underground was dug up by the humans and they used the properties of the chemical to make out any objects they wanted that wasn't fragile and was cheap and could be manufactured easily. It was due to the long chain of the substance that allowed them to do this, but the drawback was it doesn't go away that easily as the long chain provided the substance a strong molecular force that causes them to not break down that easily. He learnt this all the way back in Caelum where he spent most of his time in the library waiting for his usual group of friends to come later in the afternoon. It was a fun time back then. Looking back it had been quite awhile.

As he was making his way through the Orichidian streets, he could see a silhouette at the end of the street. The figure seemed familiar but he couldn't see it clearly. The figure was moving quickly though and soon Sage could make out who was running towards him with a worried face. It was Inspector Nillan, his face was sweating, his breaths were unsteady and it was clear he was very worried about something judging by the look of his face. Seeing him made Sage worry too, he grabbed Nillan's shoulders as he was gasping for air, "Hey hey, take it easy, what happened?" he told Nillan to calm down so that he could tell him what was so worrying to him. After a few moments of taking in deep breathes of air and calming himself down, he could finally tell Sage what happened but his tone was still showing that he was out of air and was tired, Sage was sorry for him to run towards him though, it should have been he who should have went to him but it was the other way around. "The plant... it is growing incredibly fast... that... it buried tunnels under the ground... and... it has been spreading sickness all over the town." Sage was shocked by this information, he couldn't believe that a plant could grow that fast had it only been only a few days since Sage chopped it down. there was no way that plant was normal magic must have been involved.

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Sage †
Sage's face was in fact in shock, the citizens was in danger and he was doing nothing about it. His pupils widen and his heart beat faster as the adrenaline was pumped into his blood. He must protect the people, he wouldn't forgive himself if he didn't. "Then I must make my way now," blinded with fury and guilt he strode on without knowing the destination of where he should go. But Nillan caught his arm before Sage would leave from his view. "N-no, the town is save..." Inspector Nillan said which left Sage confused, his eyebrows raised and he felt like he was being messed around but he gave Inspector Nillan some space to explain himself. "There are reports that animals are attacking their owner near the outskirts of Orichidia. You should go there because I think the plants reached there only." he explained clearly, Sage nodded at Inspector Nillan and thanked him, without wasting any time he strode onward to the outskirt of Orichidia. There was when he usually train his sword skills and his magic so he knew the fastest route there. Plus adding the fact that he jogged around Orichidia a lot of times before he basically knew the pathways of the streets and within only a few minutes he had reached the outskirts. It seemed like the rune knights were already there but they seemed to be too afraid to even go near the infected animals. Some of the rune knights were keeping the townspeople at bay and they had Sage's compliment as it was dangerous for the common people to be there.

Sage grabbed the sword from his back and unsheathed it, producing the sound of a metal brushing past each other. The townspeople and the rune knights noticed this and they made way for Sage as he walked past them with his sword in his hand. His expression was ready to kill even though he seemed like an innocent little boy at first, his appearance could change entirely when he is going to engage into battle. When he saw the infected animals, they were nothing of an extreme danger as they were only farm animals. But their appearance was something horrid and anybody who sees them would instantly know they are bad and they are no longer good to approach nor eat. Their body was pale and green algae was growing on their bodies. From first glance Sage thought that the plant must've been a parasyte of some kind, releasing its seeds onto the animals. He hoped that the plants releases its seeds through fruits or roots and not through the air, and if the case was the air than the townspeople was in danger of getting infected by the disease too which would result into a total disaster and probably the town could be closed until this whole ordeal would be settled. Some of the rune knights were trying to advance on the animals but Sage saw them hesitated and so he stepped forward.

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Sage †
He gripped his sword in his right hand but as the infected animals noticed him they all seemed to know his intention being there- to kill every one last of them. There was no other way, he knew that the owners would be pretty sad if he killed them but it was the only thing he could do. He couldn't cast some spells like other mages could, he was a berserker, a fighter who battles on the front lines. He was a melee combatant and the fact that he couldn't touch the animals because from what he experienced from the last two days, he knew pretty well that touching them would mean the end of him. So he had to use his sword. He didn't had to use his magic as he was only against animals, no, corpse animals. It would take a single swing from his sword to slay all of them. The animal corpse then charged at Sage, the rune knights fled and the towns people knew well to step way back from him. Some infected bunnies hopped onto Sage and he without no hesitation swung his sword and splat the bunnies were cut in half, it left his sword dirty in their blood but it was the way thing was. He couldn't afford to see violence but when it was the cause for the better good, he could muster the strength to do so. Sheep and dogs then charged at him and again he swung his sword and splat they were sliced in half. He knew it would be a long day if he waited for the animals to charge at him and so he decided to use his magic so that things would go a little bit faster, he brought his left hand on his heart and chanted, "Celeritas,".

A golden magic seal appeared beneath him and it glowed a bright yellow. Then when it disappeared, Sage was glowing with faint yellow aura around him. He then charged towards the animals, hacking his way through and slaying all the infected animals. There weren't much of them but it was sure a waste of good farm animals. After awhile everything settled down and nothing was moving at the outskirts except for Sage carrying his blood stained sword. It was quite the massacre and he went back towards the crowd but he kept a distance from them as his sword and clothes were stained in blood. Inspector Nillan then met him and offered his office where he could take a bath and change his clothes. After that Nillan got the maids to clean his cloak and sword and it gleamed as if it was new. Sage said thanks to Nillan but then Nillan responded with a no and said thanks instead to Sage for killing the animals. Something the rune knights couldn't handle due to the townspeople's emotions afterwards. Nillan paid Sage and he left as he was quite hungry with all the fighting, plus it was time for lunch anyway.


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