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Under the Surface [Quest-Chloé]

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#1Chloé Leclair 

Under the Surface [Quest-Chloé]  Empty Tue Jan 15, 2019 4:46 am

Chloé Leclair
Chloé was looking around looking for a place to hide after her last job. The guards might not be informed yet of her deeds, but she didn't know how long that would last. If anything, she wanted to hide for at least the night. After that the guards probably wouldn't be out looking for a thief that only stole a single sword.

Hurrying trough the abandoned streets of Orchidia Chloé could not immediately find a fitting place to hide. She would find a woman, who seemed to approach Chloé for some reason. After passing the red haired girl the woman would speak.

"Nice trick at the gate there." Her tone was amusing, but Chloé turned around to look at the woman.

"Um... who are you?" The girl asked on her toes. If the woman knew what she had done to the merchant she could well easily report her to the guards. But... if that was the case, why hasn't she already done so? Then she realized this woman must want something as well.

"My name is Awali Ustacia, and I want to hire you for a similar job, Chloé." She said straight to the point. Since she already mentioned her name there was no need to introduce herself. The name did ring a bell with Chloé, but she wasn't sure if this woman just really read her mind or if she just researched her after witnessing her for real earlier today. Both were equally valid theories.

"Alright...  I will at least listen you out." She honestly wanted to hide, but if it was another job like the one before there probably couldn't be much harm in doing it.

"I want you to follow Wugeth Skyline. Make sure you are not spotted and do not try to go near him. Make sure to check if he makes any transactions this night." She handed Chloé a picture of the man, the moment she saw the image she knew that such a person could hardly be missed even in the darkness of the night.

"Following Wugeth Skyline, don't be seen and note transactions, got it!" She repeated, also confirming that she would take the job. Why? She didn't know so herself. It was clearly better for her to go hide now, and who knew what would happen if she went on a job now. Even so for some reason she couldn't decline. Maybe it was another job that sounded exciting in which she didn't have to directly engage someone in a fight.

Just like before the empty streets weren't very hard to navigate through. The layout of the city didn't make it too hard to hide around. Vine, moss, and overgrown rocks here and there made excellent hiding places. Searching the streets didn't take very long until she finally saw 4 men in the distance. She wasn't sure if that was her target yet, but there probably weren't a lot of men walking around anymore. As she passed them she noticed it was indeed the man she was supposed to tail. After they turned around in another street she took a deep breath and followed them.

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#2Chloé Leclair 

Under the Surface [Quest-Chloé]  Empty Tue Jan 15, 2019 12:33 pm

Chloé Leclair
Following them wasn't very easy, if the city didn't have the kind of structure it did it might have been nearly impossible to keep finding new hiding spots on the road ahead. Luckily rocks sticking out and overgrown rubble made it possible to remain out of sight.

She followed the four men for about half an hour. After which they stopped and she could hear them talking. At first she couldn't hear anything so she went nearer, keeping out of the light of the lantern the bodyguards were waving around, not really expecting anything strange. It seemed the bodyguards weren't really expecting trouble. That was immensely helpful for Chloé who only really had to worry about the man himself. The bodyguards were idly looking around not to find anything, but out of boredom.

She managed to hide behind a partially collapsed wall close by to hear the last part of their conversation clearly. But apparently it was just an old friend of the man and they were talking about events in the past. Certainly not a nice guy, but this had nothing to do with the mission. Still it could never hurt to learn more about the guy you are tailing. It helped predict his personality and thus his behavior a bit. Seems like he really was on edge and he was a real jerk in the way how he worked his way to the top. In any case, the conversation was over and they moved on. Chloé waited for a minute or so and continued stalking them.

Shortly after the conversation they went through a way with some trees, making it very easy to hide against them. Shortly the stopped again. This time to speak with a young woman. She didn't need to get closer as they were more shouting than anything. Yup, that was the man's ex girlfriend and they were having an argument. It took quite a while but after about ten minutes of shouting the woman went back to the way she came and the man with his thugs went on his way.

About twenty five more minutes of stalking she finally caught the man waiting on an open spot. No nearby hiding places, but from her space on the edge of the forest she could see opening very clearly.

A bit later a car arrived on the scene. Chloé tried to get a view but the person inside doesn't step out. It's a black car, she can't read any identification number or such from this distance, but she did notice the particular front and back of the car. After watching the scene she noticed the man holding a black suitcase he didn't have before. She noticed them coming back so she hid behind a tree and waited till the men had left the scene.

When she arrived back her client listened to her explanation of what she had seen. She also mentioned the two other conversations even if they may not be that important. She was then awarded, but before going she saw that weird look of pity on the face of her client. But she left before saying anything else.

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