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Under the Surface [Private]

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#1Malachai Ramazan 

Under the Surface [Private] Empty Tue Jan 15, 2019 12:54 am

Malachai Ramazan

The night was no longer young. The stars shimmered and danced together in the sky while the moon provided the music. It was always amazing to see just how the world outside of earthland peacefully cooperated with one another. The stars were like the children of the moon. The sky was clear for the most pat if you didn't count the fluffy clouds slowly strolling by here and there. Malachai had grown to love this town. Not because he was able to make a good amount of jewels in a day, but because it was so beautiful. Mother Nature seemed to love it here as well considering all the flowers everywhere. There was no wonder this was a famous spot as of late. The harsh weather wasn't enough to diminish the willpower of the small plants throughout the town and in a way seeing that spoke words to him. He couldn't allow life to bring him down even if he was having a hard time coping, if he truly wanted to becoming more powerful to accomplish his goals then he would have to discipline himself. It felt good to no longer be depressed. During his time in this town he had literally become his usual happy self again. To further clear his mind, he was on his way towards the river. Apparently it was a beautiful place to gaze upon as well. Unfortunately he couldn't even walk through the empty town in peace before someone else grabbed his attention.

Quickly the Phantom turned his head to the right, only to see a figure standing in the shadows of an alley way. Normally he would have either A; remain quiet until the person was either brave enough to attack or introduce themselves, or B; walk away if it was nothing serious but this was different. The voice was similar to that of a woman and what was even more strange was that she had called out his name. I've only been here a day and a half... he thought to himself as a drop of sweat and an embarrassed smile formed. Chai snapped out of his thoughts and took a step forward, demanding that the person reveal themselves. There, a woman stepped only a little out of the shadows, revealing her figure and only her eyes. From the looks of it she was rather attractive but Malachai didn't know her from anywhere so what could she possibly have wanted? The woman began to speak explaining to the Phantom Lord mage who she was, then explaining how she knew him. Apparently she had ears all over this town and figured someone like him could prove to be beneficial this one time. Malachai of course pondered a bit on whether he wanted to help this woman out or not, but then she revealed jewels which helped him quickly come to a conclusion. The woman called herself "The Queen" and of course the Desiertian introduced himself as Malachai Ramazan. To his surprise the woman was familiar with his name. It made sense too since his father was a drug lord. She then explained that the two of them had never worked together but she was a fan of his work. After the short conversation she explained to him what he had to do and told him that she'd be right here waiting for his return.

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#2Malachai Ramazan 

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Malachai Ramazan

Malachai left "The Queen" and began slowly walking around the town of Orchidia. It was important for him to be quiet and move along the walls when he was approaching a large open space so nobody could see him. More importantly, he didn't want the man he was looking for to see him. Apparently this man was crucial to the "Underworld" and posed a threat to the queen since he was considered a rat more than likely. His name was Wugeth. An ugly name indeed but he that was not of his concern. Wugeth should have been easy to spot considering he was always with three large henchmen according to Awali. It was a good thing Malachai didn't have to kill anybody yet. He didn't want to have to leave Orchidia so soon. Especially since there were a lot of Rune Knight around, he didn't want to do anything reckless - at least not yet. Admittedly, he was weak so this gentle soul wanted to focus on his own happiness until it was time start targeting the big dogs. As someone who actually cared about the well being of innocent people, he didn't just want to appear like any random villain.

Up ahead Malachai could see a total of four people. Three big men seemed to be walking away from where he was standing being led by a shorter man with a hat and a business suit on. No doubt that was the man. The trailing then began. Malachai hurried to catch up to the four of them but made sure to stand behind each building they passed while trailing, poking his head out just to make sure they were moving and not looking around. After about a few minutes of walking another person approached them from the left. Wugeth and the random person exchanged words before the person merely walked away. Raising an eyebrow, Malachai began to trail after Wugeth and his followers as they walked again. The Phantom was good at moving quickly and quietly, only because when he was younger he'd try to sneak past his father to avoid training and brutal beatdowns. The scars on his back and all over his body existed as proof that he could never really get away.

Malachai quickly hid behind one of the buildings as the men beyond him stopped again, this time a woman seemed to approach them but after around 4 seconds she left. She was quicker then the last guy. Was he selling things? From this distance Malachai couldn't quite tell. Still the Stellan walked as the men walked before stopping on a side walk. Again he hid behind a wall and waited a while. A couple of minutes went by and a vehicle approached Wugeth and his men. Malachai couldn't see exactly who was in the vehicle but whoever it was ended up handing over a briefcase. Quickly Malachai jolted back to where Awali was informing her of the two people Wugeth stopped to meet as well as the third who gave him a brief case. Pleased, Awali thanked him and paid him.

- END -

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