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Investigate the Weed [Quest|Sage]

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#1Sage † 

Investigate the Weed [Quest|Sage] Empty Tue Jan 15, 2019 12:03 am

Sage †
Sage headed home after taking down the giant beanstalk. He had to use most of his mana to muster the strength to one shot it down though, so he decided to not do any other thing that day as he was completely drained and he was extremely hungry. He headed towards a cafe near his motel room first and had quite a lot of food. The thing he did really sapped the mana out of him. He then walked back to his motel room and had a quick shower, which he then jumped onto his bed half naked and slept throughout the day. Little did he know was that Inspector Nillan had written to him a note that he needed his help again soon. A messenger left the letter with the staff lobby and they passed it on and on to the next staff lobby who works the next shift until they see Sage coming down. But of course they didn't see him for that day as he was sleeping up in his room soundly. The next morning he woke up with a yawn and he felt so refreshed. he had heard that if you exhaust yourself during the day you will have a good night sleep and will wake up refreshed. He guessed it wasn't wrong after all having experienced it himself.

He walked over to the bathroom and had a cold shower. He then dressed up and walked downstairs with the intention of finding more quests as he was excited to exercise his magic just like how he did yesterday. When he walked down the stairs a lovely young lady called his name with a questioning tone, Sage's ears instantly perked up and looked at the direction of the lounge staff. She then waved her hand in a way to indicate that she was calling him over. She then rummaged a few stuff on the desk and pulled up a letter. Sage walked over and grabbed the letter from the lounge staff. "This came yesterday." she said and then went back to her computer work. "Thanks," Sage said to her for keeping the letter for him. He wondered who had given him a letter and checked the name of the sender, it was Inspector Nillan. The rune knight from yesterday's case. He wondered what was the case this time. He opened the letter and it stated that he needed Sage's help and asked him to meet him personally at his office. Sage grinned and folded the letter, putting it inside his pocket then. He walked out of the door and to the outside world where the sunlight hits his face. The warmth was refreshing as the air around him was cold. This was also another reason why he didn't wear his armor, if he had he would be freezing by then as he could feel the metal of the armor being frozen and he doesn't like it when he's cold plus he gets sick way easily than others.

Total WC:500/1000

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Sage †
He started to head towards the address that was noted under the letter. It was quite far from where Sage lived but having jogged for quite awhile then the distance was nothing for him. He had to have the stamina if he wanted to become stronger and if he wanted to protect others. When he reached the location, it seemed like it was some kind of a lab, a rune knight's lab to be precise. Sage walked towards the main door and it automatically opens by itself, the warm air from the inside then rushes out of the door, giving a heat blast of relive to Sage. He then walked into the lab and looked around, he couldn't see Inspector Nillan anywhere nearby but he saw a lot of people with white coats and lab hat with lab goggles everywhere. Some were doing some kind of experiment, some was sharing their results or analysis and some were just chit chatting around the corner. He looked around again, he turned his head left and right to see where the handsome faced Inspector Nillan was. After awhile he saw him, he was surrounded by the scientist, all arguing and debating about something. It was quite a riot when Sage saw it and he promised himself to never become an inspector if he had to face something like this everyday. He eavesdrop a little to what they were arguing about and they all seemed to be demanding more of the sap samples from the beanstalk Sage cut down yesterday.

Inspector Nillan then saw Sage. He smiled at the sight of him and walked pass through all the scientist and held his hands at their face meaning he didn't want to talk to them just yet. He walked to Sage and they greeted each other with a smile on their faces. He then explained that the overgrowth of the plant from yesterday was due to some careless use of magic. They needed more samples to confirm this hypothesis and there have been words that it originated from the Orichidian forest. Inspector Nillan walked towards a desk and grabbed a brief case, he then gave it to Sage and said that it contained sampling devices and he wants him to go into the forest and grab some samples for him. Sage took the briefcase and said he will do it. He then left for the forest. When he reached the forest he didn't see anything weird but then when he entered it just slightly deeper he saw some growing plants and colorful mushrooms. He then took out the sampling devices and took the samples. After awhile he felt exhausted as if his life energy was sapped out of him, he quickly walked out from the forest as he felt uneasy. He walked back towards the lab and met with Inspector Nillan. He opened the briefcase and all the scientists in the lab was happy to see them, they thanked Sage and took the sampling devices. Inspector Nillan then thanked him and gave him his rewards.


Total WC:1010/1000

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