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Distraction \Quest/

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The Eryll shot up, he had passed out last night, he had been studying the runes that Killoua had send from his father’s home. Eryll expected that his mother would have likely shipped her books by now and he would receive them in a few days.

Eryll had spent all of last night reading through runes of the darker races. He had made it through Lycan runes. There were not a lot of them. They were mostly geometric shapes, far more geometric than the one that he had found on the obelisk. While the ones he had found had had more lines than the Lycan runes. Eryll had spent a ludicrous amount of time shifting through all the runes, comparing and contrasting each rune. After he had made it through the lycanthrope runes, he moved on to the vampiric ones. They were the exact opposite. Too many lines. All of the vampiric runes were an interesting combination of at least ten lines each, barely any of them had a shape as a base. After Eryll had spent that time trying to decipher them compare the vampiric runes, he moved on to his next set, nekomata. Nekomata seemed like they would be close and Eryll read through them, but as one looked deeper at the runes it could be seen that nekomata runes were more animalistic than other runes. As Eryll continued to searc trough the nekomata runes he drifted off slowly and eventually crashed, resting his face on the book of Nekomata runes.

Eryll dressed himself in the comfortable winter jacket that he kept because it still looked new. The snow outside wasn’t bad yet, but the ice made boots worth it. He slipped into a pair of warm pants and a long sleeve t-shirt. He combed his hair and made his way outside slowly. He had a small request to do today. After he returned from his tests he had gotten right back into doing quests. He had been all but broke but now he was sitting a little more comfortably. He could rest at night without worrying about running out of rent. He could also spend things at his leisure now, he was not budgeting out of his ass.

Eryll read over the request, apparently there was a older man who stirred up problems occasionally. A royal guard wanted Eryll to make sure he didn’t stir up trouble in what point of time today so some officials business could be taken care of. The man would be outside of the church so Eryll would wait for him there, then he would take care of the rest. Maybe distract him a little bit, pull him away from the church and get him to do his thing somewhere else. Eryll was exhausted so he had no idea how well his mods was going to age today. It could age perfectly well and today he would be a fine wine. Or it could go sour and he could be one of those ratty cheeses that weird people found tasty.


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Eryll remained fairly distracted on his way down the street. A tiny dusting made its way down from the sky. It would likely leave all of orchidia in a tiny white sheet. It wouldn’t be enough to cause any major shutdown of activity or school for the children. But it was enough to signify that winter was about to kick into full gear. Eryll had dropped off a letter to Killoua at the post office on his way to the quest. He had wanted to check on his father. Make sure everything was turning out okay. Eryll himself was kind of tired, after that late night he had pulled studying runes. He had only made it through three races and he had so many to go. Part or Eryll thought he had dreamed up the whole snake scenario. But he knew that he was just tired of searching and wanted an easy way out, so he was not going to give up on this search, not yet. Eryll arrived at the building and saw who he had to talk to.

The man wanted Eryll to stop a loud elderly man from bribing up a ruckus about some odd thing. Eryll was not super worried about all of it. He would simply tell the old man that there were better places to preach at and he would hope that the old man would follow. Eryll did not want to use force and he would not if he did not have to. The old man was elderly and you never mistreated the elderly.

The commander finished telling Eryll what to do and returned inside. Eryll waiter patiently for the old man known as Leis to show up. Eryll was probably there for almost fifteen minutes when he saw leis making his way down the street. Eryll caught up to him and began to talk about how there’s was also a town meeting somewhere else in orchidia. This peaked Leis’ interest and Eryll lead him away from the meeting. Success.

As Eryll and Leis made their way down the streets Leis made quite a ruckus yelling about things eryll did not even know of. But every once in awhile he would stop and speak sweetly of his late wife. This made Eryll nostalgic. His parents had never been in a good marriage. His parents had fallen out of their love the night Eryll’s mother agreed to move from Stella to fiore.

Leis finished preaching. His message and whispering to Eryll about his wife after a few hours. He asked Eryll to walk with him back to his house. Eryll obliged and made his way to Leis’ house that was not far away. After he dropped Leis if he made his way back to see Jelies who thanked Eryll for helping him with this predicament. He gave Eryll a sum of cash and then wished Eryll in his way. Eryll returned home and sat back down at his desk and began to read through more of his books that he had collected.



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