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Little Weapon [Moderate Demonic Incursion]

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Smaller than other rifts, one had opened in the alleys of the market street of Orchidia. It was still pulsating heavily, indicating that it had not opened yet. Life had changed for everyone in Orchidia that day. Perhaps the Lamia Scale member had not noticed it yet, but as he walked through the long alley, he encountered the rift. The moment he came face to face with it, the rift began to open. Out of it did not crawl minions, but one overly tall humanoid demon wielding a humongous sword. The demon stared the fallen prince right into his eyes. One of them had to die on that day. Should the demon fail to slay his foe, the rift would be sealed. But, if he succeeded, the rift would widen and allow more of his brethren to step into Earthland.


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Kyam walked aimlessly through the streets with with his spear equipped and his eyes peering for anything that might have looked strange. The town seemed rather dead this evening considering there was nobody around and the rumors of demons already coming from the abyss. The young Savannan was on his guard- not totally, but enough to react to anything that may have surprised him. And so Ubuthi was gripped tightly in his palm. He had heard of a couple of other demonic rifts opening around Orchidia which more than likely played a role in why people weren't outside right now. Specifically, Kyam was out here not actually caring if he walked into a rift or not he just wanted to find something he could fight. He didn't know how to close a rift but he did know how to kill demons. The sky was an odd grayish-purpleish-blueish color, it nearly felt like the apocalypse was upon them. As the prince moved, his eyes darted from side to side analyzing and spotting everything within his line of vision. He noticed fallen groceries, and empty food stands. It made him ponder on what could have happened here. Perhaps the first demons revealed themselves right in this very spot, yet he could see no sign of dead humans- unless demons ate humans completely. "Now that'd be fun to see." he snickered at his own words. With his hair in it's typical ponytail and his white sleeveless combat suit on, he was ready for anything that came out in the night. whether it was a vampire or a demon he would give them hell.

Of course the young Savannan was alone per usual - not that it mattered, he had no problem handling his problems on his own. Part of him hoped to run into some demon spawns so he could wipe them out for fun, though given his luck he'd probably be dealt a hand with more odds than evens. Still, he silently walked through the dark alleyway to make his way over to the guild, hopefully seeing Shahrbaraz there. It was important for him to know if his guild master had any particular plans or a way to defend the guild hall, but it wasn't very likely that Shahrbaraz was at the guild in the first place. Even in times like these Shahrbaraz was weird. He was like a father who worked too much to see his own kids, sometimes it even angered Kyam since the two had such a strong bond. As the Fallen prince had been walking with his spear in his right hand through the alley he noticed what seemed to be a small tear in space. At first he looked around to see if there was a sign of any mages causing this, but as he approached it he was surprised to see the "tear" growing. At that moment the young royal Savannan knew what to expect. He stopped five meters away from the rift and was surprised to see what came out; A huge monstrous demon glaring at him with it's glowing blue eyes. "Of course I get the big demon..."

"Typical Alleyway murderer scene." He muttered to himself before making eye contact with the demon. The two stared at each other for a moment. The demon gave him a toothy grin, not even saying a word to him before extending his right hand out to to the side. A purple magic circle poofed into existence, and out of it came a giant sword. The sword was around 2 meters in length including the hilt and about 3 feet in width. The royal prince's eyes widened as he watched it. "Shiiiit. I wonder if today's the day I'll die, heheh!" Of course he hadn't planned on dying but this was reality and he was faced with a eight foot demon who had a two meter sword and probably some really fucked up ass abilities behind that. This would be one hell of a fight but with his own abilities there was a 50% chance that he could pull it off.

"Nice to meet you too." he spoke coldly but jokingly to the demon. Kyam just couldn't help but smirk at a moment like this. His blood rose seeing the demon and of course he was nervous but just thinking about destroying a demon on his own made him happier than ever. He knew that this was going to be a very serious fight, literally life...or death. This is what you've been training for. he thought as he pointed his finger upwards. Two magic circles stacked themselves right above his finger while two magic circles from under the demon would appear, causing a white flame to engulf him quickly. The Demon at first looked around him, standing in the flame noticing something off about these flames. Suddenly his eyes shot towards Kyam and he revealed his mouth full of sharp teeth, roaring loud enough to create a sort of air wave. The Lamia merely crossed his arms above his face as he struggled to not get pushed back but when the roaring stopped the demon lunged forward immediately, swinging his sword down onto Kyam's head.

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The demon moved so fast that Kyam had to move quickly enough to do something or he'd be seriously fucked up. The demon had lunged towards him and Kyam noticed that the first thing he did was lift his arm. Quickly Kyam lifted his spear above his head, stopping the sword as it slammed onto his weapon. Just the force of the attack alone was enough to cause a wave of compressed air to lash out from the impact, forcing him down into the ground and cracking the floor from under him. "You don't know who you're dealing with." The demon spoke. The fallen prince's eyes widened as he heard the giant monster speak completely unaware that he could even speak Fiorian. Just when the mage was about to respond he was met with a kick to the stomach. His eyes bulged from the strength of the demon and spit flew from his mouth before he was sent back at about 20 meters, skidding across the floor. The Lamia Scale mage had only managed to flip over and allow the rest of himself to slide with his spear still in his grip. "Damn..." he breathed heavily as he picked himself up, readying himself by gripping his spear with both hands and standing in position. The demon casually began to walk towards Kyam, his eyes glowing a vibrant blue as the town lights began to show his true form.

Horns perturbed from his head and he was built like a furless Vulcan with all the muscle he had. His teeth were large and sharp, undoubtedly holding their own strength as well. "Who exactly am I dealing with?" Kyam smirked. Even in a moment like this he still managed to crack a smile. At least this way he could die knowing that he fought to the best of his abilities. "Kazazel. The demon general of the -"
"Wait, wait... You're a general?" Kyam asked widening his eyes in surprise. The demon's smile quickly flipped into a frown. He was offended that a mere human like Kyam had the balls to interrupt him during his introduction. "Are you a fool?" The demon asked as he lifted his sword into the air.

Now it was time for Kyam to really up his game. When the demon was only 10 meters away and just as he lifted his sword the young prince aimed the palm of his left hand towards the demon, creating a magic circle before releasing a 2 x 2 meter butterfly made of pure white fire. At first Kazazel analyzed the zooming butterfly. Once the butterfly approached him though he simply swiped his sword downward, releasing a thin 10 meter x 10 meter slash of what seemed to be darkness energy.  Kyam tried to move both himself and use his fingers to move the butterfly out of the way but as he leapt his arm had been caught by the attack and the butterfly too. "Fuck." He said as he landed about a meter to his right. The darkness slash was strong enough to tear the entire ground underneath it, revealing a large dent in the ground. The prince needed to come up with a strategy quick. Not only did he just waste precious mana twice, but now he was bleeding from his arm. The young mage wiggled his left arm to make sure he could still use it and sure enough he could.

"You're a filthy demon slayer. Tell me, human, have you killed any of my brethren?"

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