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Through The Wire [Major Demonic Incursion]

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Christian's thoughts were stopped by the sudden appearance of playing cards flushing (no poker pun intended) all over the street. Christian moved his head to the side, confused at the sudden appearance, before bending over to pick one up. "Damn, got a seven of hearts. That won't get me anywhere..." Christian decided to stop joking around and look around the block once again. Playing cards were everywhere. This was when Christian knew that someone was definitely screwing around with them.

Was it a demon, or was it a mage? Or maybe it was some other force? Regardless, there was only one way to find out who did all of this. Littering was a crime, after all. Not that Christian could be called law enforcement. "Hey, whoever's out there, you trying to play pick-up 50?" He asked, perhaps seeing if the person was friendly or not with his amazing jokes. "Well, I guess it's more like pick-up a couple thousands, but still." He said, raising his voice to the streets to try and see if there really was a person who created all these cards. Then again, for all Christian knew there could just be nobody behind this. Or even worse, they just weren't in the mood for any talking at all. Christian crossed his fingers hoping for a response.


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Everyone seemed to be equally as perplexed as Kerii was. All their injuries had been healed and everyone looked perkier than they were just a moment ago, likely due to having their energy replenished as well. It was strange indeed, but Daiko seemed to take notice of a light appearing, similar to the light that appeared before the demons started pouring in. Kerii's felt her heart skip a beat as the fire mage voiced what they were all likely thinking: more demons. She hoped that there wasn't another wave of them coming through, but there was only one way to find out. The group of mages would have to go towards the source of light.

The elf would follow the rest of the group, silently praying to the Linea that there weren't any more demons. As they neared closer to where the light had appeared, something suddenly happened. An entire building was turned into playing cards and came crumbling down. Kerii flinched in surprise while Christian made a joke, calling out to whoever did that. Kerii just shook her head, but remained silent. Whoever or whatever made that building turn into a pile of cards was clearly powerful and frankly, the Lamia didn't feel like making it angry. That being said, it probably wasn't the best idea to joke around, but it was too late for that now. They would just have to see how the situation proceeded.

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Zagan disappeared, remaining free to roam Earthland.

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