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The Strength of Savannans [Louie/Training]

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"A four part training, how useless. That'll do nothing to get me stronger in time." Kyam mumbled to himself as he stood int he middle of the forest, swinging his spear to and fro as if he was faced with an opponent. Shahrbaraz, his guild master, thought that it'd be best to push his guild members to become stronger but Kyam knew in his heart that the tasks given would do little to nothing for him. He needed to understand how to use this spear he was holding not swim to an island and back. The training regime was bullshit really- at least for him. Shahrbaraz knew that Kyam needed an even more intense training, something that would force him to break the current cap on his power. Now that he was able to use another form of fire magic he realized that he had no more time to waste. Of course if he didn't partake in his mentor's training then he'd never get Shahr's approval to move on with a more efficient routine. With a grunt he frowned. Just thinking about how slow he was progressing only made him angrier. Shaking the thoughts from his mind he swung his spear downward, slamming it onto the ground and causing it to crack the solid surface. Whatever this spear was, one thing was for certain; it wasn't weak. It looked like an object not from Fiore or even earthland for that matter and it belonged to him. This spear was just the beginning to him becoming a threat to the entire world.

Kyam's main goal right now was to get on the good side of the council which meant that he had to appear as a mage who cared deeply about the country though he cared about nothing but himself, that was the truth. Only when he felt like he obtained a good enough relationship with the council he would move on with more dire plans. Somehow he'd have to find a way to have the council attack so that he could be there to "protect" it, furthering his agenda. Somehow, he needed to help "save" the council from a destructive force so that a favor was owed to him. All he needed was a bit of political power and something from them that could enhance his prowess. He had looked for items and other artificial things to make him stronger but could find nothing worthy of trying out. His conclusion was that the Council would have something. Primarily he wanted to become a councilmen but the reality of it was that no matter what they would never allow a complete foreigner to progress like that. Besides, he didn't want to become too politically powerful.

Once he obtained enough power, he'd be able to return home and take back the Kingdom that was rightfully his. Hopefully he could return home with the backing of the council though with the reason of his banishment they probably wouldn't back someone like him. Besides, maybe having them back him up would only result negatively since they could choose to deem the Kingdom of Malia one of their territories. So much thought had to go into his next move it was tiring to just think about it, yet alone in the tree-filled forest of Orchidia he couldn't stop thinking about it. "Maybe I should just destroy them all and take the entire world." he said to himself. To be quite frank, he hated Fiore. This country was uncultured, disgusting in the way they treated non-fiorians, he hated most people here. "Yeah, perhaps I'll take Fiore too and show my father...show my brother...show the entire earthland that the banished Prince of the damned Malia Kingdom is worthy of being king of the whole fucking world." he muttered only last time before quickly moving his left foot in front of his right foot and while spinning his spear once over his head then stepping forward with his right before swinging the spear downward, stopping it to align it horizontally towards the trees in front of him.

It was midnight, the stars were barely out, the mood was hidden by the abundance of the clouds. Night creatures could creep out at any moment and jump towards the prince but he hadn't a care in the world. Kyam turned and swung his spear once more, looking around to make sure there actually was nobody there and for sure there wasn't. Except... about 20 meters ahead there seemed to be a strolling figure. Now that the demon was out of him he had nobody to blame his killing intent on.  His lust for power only grew by the day and right about now he wanted to feel powerful. Staring ahead he watched the figure. Vampire? Demon? he thought with his spearhead facing the potential threat but not a peep coming out of him. Snow began to fall, lightly though and wouldn't get heavier than this given the weather forecast he heard earlier.

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The Strength of Savannans [Louie/Training] 512_6310The Strength of Savannans [Louie/Training] 512_6310The Strength of Savannans [Louie/Training] 512_6310




the words continued to repeat in this blurred out dream. a little boy running on an endless street from what he could not see behind him. his clothes were a worn out button down shirt and he ran bare foot. this dream dark and gloomy, with snow falling down from the sky. he was experiencing fear, but from what? why wouldn't he turn around to look what was supposedly chasing him. how would he know if he didn't tackle what he was experiencing head on. this same dream continued for so long with the same action continuing. until the boy ran so much, the snow reached to a certain height and circumstance.


his foot would trip against itself trying to run properly against the snow. his face would slap into its softness, and he'd cry away as if it were a pillow. which it suddenly then became; a pillow. this boy was laying down face flat into a pillow, and his crying suddenly stopped. he turned his body around laying face up. yes, the boy was louie. he thought he was awake, experiencing his soft nice white silk bed, when really it was all an illusion. his bed suddenly made sound as if it were an ocean. his shirt would become wet and his body would sink down into the mattress. louie was deep underwater, and stretching to grab onto his bed, that got farther and farther with each struggle.

bubbles would come from his mouth as he struggled to catch his breath. "you should've ran, you should've ran!" the voices said, as a bunch of arms grabbed onto each of his limbs. he wouldn't stop and wiggled his body like a wild animal, while his mouth was muffled.



all the dark became light, louie was sweating from his nightmare. he wish it would change already, it was so constant, it almost never seemed any different. the real question was, if it was so repetitive? why was he so terrified? what was louie running from? he couldn't answer his own question. so in denial of his own past and all he had encountered, was he even telling himself the full story? louie lived a past that haunts him, and he no longer looks back on it. these dreams only say so much about louie, but when will he accept the fact he is not mentally prepared for the things life will throw at him.

these thoughts buzzed through his head as he slowly came out his bed to put on his white t -shirt and gray shorts apparel. louie couldn't stay in the house, especially with these thoughts buzzing through his head. his skin was hot, and the temperature was cold, you could see his skin steaming as if he just came out of boiling kettle. the snow lightly fell into his hair as he walked aimlessly through the streets of ORCHIDIA. he found himself going from pavement to the soft soil, therefore only meaning he had just arrived to the outskirts of the forest. louie needed to cool down, and what better way to do then to travel through the forest at night in the snow? sounds like an instant sickness, but when you've had a dream just like his, anything was better than going back to sleep and experiencing that.

louie could almost hear a faint swipe through the air, but it wasn't bothering him. he only assumed it was a wild animal. his shaggy hair covered his face to give him a dark figured look while his glasses reflected the moonlight. from a far you'd think he was a demon or possessed human-being. with a slight slow turn of his neck to a ninety degree angle, his eyes fixed onto a male with a spear pointing directly towards louie. "Hmm..." he said aloud but enough for himself to hear. louie thought he was the only one who travelled the forest at night. he appreciated its fresh scent, especially when he wasn't in his business apparel. the snow, the moon, and the nature made for a great picture. so who else would have hunger, urge, or passion to be out here? curiosity wondered through louie's mind, and seemed the only the way all this nightmare stuff would come off his mind.

he slowly walked towards the man, and the closer he got, the more his own figured became noticeable. louie glanced the tattoo on his forehead and continued to observe him. friend or foe, he could not tell, so maybe a simple gesture would decide what exactly would be going on here.

with the slightest rub of his chin, showing off his lamia scale guild tattoo on his hand. he hoped with this gesture the male in front of him would react in a way where louie could read his body language." are you raking the leaves? with a fork that big, I bet you never miss a rice grain.." louie jeered him carelessly.

a jokester louie truly was, especially in a time where he hadn't known who or what he was facing right now, but whatever be the case he was prepared for whatever was thrown at him.

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The Strength of Savannans [Louie/Training] Ok10

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Facing ahead Kyam was ready to kill whatever threat this mysterious being could have been. Despite there being creatures of the night lurking almost everywhere in Fiore, he was only on guard because as of late bounty hunters from Savannah were focused on capturing him. Being Savannan royalty wasn't easy, especially when you were banished. You would think that banishment meant that you were forgotten, but in this case it probably only meant that he was a threat. Undoubtedly this couldn't have been the work of his father. His father wouldn't go out of his way to bring Kyam back home after banishing him which meant the old man was no longer the king and one of his brothers were in charge. None of it made sense though. Why would his oldest brother be worried about him? The crown already belonged to him and he wasn't a threat since since he was only the third oldest.

Luckily for the man approaching him he was not a bounty hunter. Instead he was a man who looked similar to one of the Prince's own brothers. Only difference between this man and his brethren was that his hair was blonde; a gene that never appeared in Savannans before. However, this man had golden eyes and bronze skin. Gold eyes were traits of the Royal household members of Malia but Kyam didn't recognize him from back home either. The Savannan prince raised an eyebrow before lowering his spear and straightening his posture. The man rubbed his chin revealing a Lamia Scale crest. I've never seen him around before. he thought before the man started to speak. Although he was from Lamia Scale Kyam had never once seen him and he was very familiar with the members. Perhaps this man just joined? or perhaps he didn't come to the hall often.

Or perhaps... A bounty hunter in disguise? It was a logical answer since there weren't many Savannan's in the guild and the ones that were apart of the guild he was already aware of. The blonde headed man joked about his spear and made a reference to him raking leaves as if it wasn't anything but funny. "Maybe I should rake you with it." He insisted as his straight face slowly merged into a creepy smirk. It was supposed to be a joke but his facial expression could fool anyone to thinking that he just might be serious, that's what was so weird about him. You just never knew with Kyam. "You're from Lamia Scale I see. Odd, I've never seen you around before. Perhaps you're another one of those unimportant ones?" Kyam's eyebrow raised as if he was asking a serious question. His specialty was being an asshole, sometimes it was passively, and other times- like now- it was outright mean. Some people couldn't deal with his tone and words specifically those with short tempers.

Since Kyam hadn't heard of him that had to mean that he was a nobody. Kyam was personally being trained by Shahrabaraz - everyone knew that Kyam and the guild master of Lamia Scale had a close relationship. If you didn't know then chances were you were just another scrub. "I bet you're part of the reason why Shahrbaraz assigned that four part training." He joked again with a chuckle. The wind carried his pony tail and forced the lengthy flap of his skintight white sleeveless top to flap. Kyam used his other hand to move his single strand of hair from in front of his face to behind his ear. "Who are you?" he asked in Savannan just to see if the man could understand him.

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The Strength of Savannans [Louie/Training] 512_6310The Strength of Savannans [Louie/Training] 512_6310The Strength of Savannans [Louie/Training] 512_6310

Гlouie was interested in the way this would go out if they continued to push each others buttons. he was hoping to had encountered an creature or so, but another person was the last thing he wanted to see. only two things could have been expected, which would be tension or an connection, however who's to say it can't be both.

as louie made fun of his spear, the man referred to himself raking louie with his spear. well wasn't that a way to reverse his own joke against him, a smirk came to louie's face just as soon as one did to the person in front of him. louie was enjoying the tension, something about this dude was bringing interest into the equation for louie. "i'd like to see you try, but under certain circumstances... i have no spear of my own. you wouldn't want to strike down a defenseless man would you?" he said while also stepping up, tilting his down to look at the male from the top of his eyes to "guilt-trip" him.

worst part about meeting people was you had to trust them, even strangers. you had to trust the fact they were who they depicted themselves to be right in front of you. for all louie knew, this man could have been a goblin or old lady with a fetish for dressing up like young men playing dungeon and dragons in the woods. you also had to be aware of the fact that they could also randomly attack you, that was something louie paid close attention to.

louie could tell from the moment the man noticed his guild mark, there would be some relation with him and the guild. he referred to louie as being "unimportant". the words continued to ring through his head, and his posture became upright, with his chest poked out. "unimportant? only thing unimportant out here is you and your goddamn words..." you would've thought that's what he said aloud, but its what he wanted to say. instead he responded:

"didn't see you around before?" he whispered to himself, "that could only mean, you are also from the guild, huh?"

louie wanted to give this guy a piece of his mind, but he also had a sense of etiquette, that he refused to break until the time was necessary. it was hard having to take such fighting words so leniently, one more comment and he probably would've broke.

the man before him looked pretty strong, like he could hold his own. louie thought maybe they could learn a thing or two from one another, so a fight wouldn't be so bad right now. everything seemed so blank just for a moment, as louie had a flashback to the day he got adopted by his grandparents foster parents. they would ask him if he knew where he was and if he wanted to come live with them. louie didn't hesitate and walked towards a big bright light, that would blur out his whole flashback. he was suffering from amnesia of the day he lost his own parents, every memory in pieces. he wasn't aware that he was suffering from it, but whenever he was in the forest, the breeze would bring this aroma that reminded him of his grandmother.

his thoughts were broken as the man spoke once again, "I bet you're part of the reason why Shahrbaraz assigned that four part training."

louie laughed with no remorse for the silence of the forest, "there's only one way to find out, isn't there.." said louie, while he tilted his head .


went the sound of his teeth clicking across one another, as he examined the male in front of him. from his facial expression, his posture, and even the way he held his spear. louie was very observant and didn't wanna lose focus of the man in front of him. he still had yet to find out if this guy was friend or foe, but just his vibe and stare alone, louie was able to sense something familiar. was it that they had something similar? such as skin tone, eyes, and that meant one thing. a language only louie could remember his foster father speaking would break his focus..

"Savannan.." he whispered to himself

that's what it was, that's what made them feel so similar. he had only known so much about his culture, but his foster father did teach him a thing or two.

"i am louie, adopted son of Jonah Hirofilger, head of trade and finance of the Savannan government. who am i speaking to?" he said it very slowly, but with just enough space in between words to make it seem like he knew what he was saying. this man had louie's attention to the fullest and now he was interested to find out how he would respond.

was he of royalty?

a refugee?

maybe a gourmet chef who had a thing for killing all his food with spears before cooking them.

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The Strength of Savannans [Louie/Training] Ok10

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The Strength of Savannans [Louie/Training] 512_6310The Strength of Savannans [Louie/Training] 512_6310The Strength of Savannans [Louie/Training] 512_6310

ГLouie would glance at the man who didn't respond and would take matters into his own hand to not engage at all. If he would stand there in silence, Louie would sigh in disappointment and push his glasses up the bridge of his nose. Louie would turn around and push his hands into his shorts pocket, his back now facing the man. He thought they were having an interesting conversation, but obviously it wasn't getting anywhere and by now his nerves had calmed down from the dream, so it was time to go back home. He would walk away into the depths of the forest and fade to black.


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The Strength of Savannans [Louie/Training] Ok10

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