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Push Yourself [Training]

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So the demons were finally coming out to play. Kyam smiled as he realized exactly what this meant. Two things for him; one, the magic council calling for the aid of light guild mages meant that he could make his stance and do something memorable so that he could easily win them over. Of course this would mean he'd have to stand out so whatever demonic entity came across his way he'd have to slay them alone. Secondly this also meant that he could perhaps come across a demon and obtain some sort of answers for power. Of course his experience with a demon in the end was rather shitty, but the demon that was once him still provided him with the ability to use black fire. Either way the Prince of Savannah was excited. In fact he was too excited that he decided to get some quick training in outside the forests of Orchidia where nobody ever came. Here there was just a big open space between Orchidia and the next town. low cut grass and vacant of animals, this was the perfect place for him to play with his fire magic. He'd have to train quickly though because he didn't know when these demonic entities would reveal themselves. As he stood in the middle of the broad field with his spear in his right hand he thought about how a demon would react to his new magic. Given that he had demon slayer magic he imagine that demons could easily be beaten. Hopefully that was the case but either way he was sure he'd have no problem holding his own in battle. After all, he was the fearless prince and soon to be king of the Kingdom of Malia. Nothing or nobody would kill him before he first achieved that goal.

With a smirk the Lamia Scale mage began by twirling his spear twice around his back, switching it to his left hand before bringing around his waist and using his right hand to grab it, slamming it onto the ground to create a deep hole in the soil the size of his spearhead. The dirt popped up, falling beside the dark skinned mage as his smirk grew larger. "This thing never ceases to amaze me." he said to himself. He was happy with his spear. It was strong and also had the ability to stop the usage of mana. If used correctly than he could beat almost anyone. The only problem was that it was pretty heavy and damaged his speed by a pretty large amount given that he wasn't the fastest person. However, it wasn't hard adjusting to the speed he had while welding the spear. Nothing was going to stop him. His blood boiled as he pondered on the amount of demons he would slay, boy oh boy, he just couldn't wait to start. Kyam was a very battle hungry person mostly because he enjoyed killing things.

The Demon Slayer lowered his eyes as if someone was in front of him though there wasn't anybody actually there. Training alone was boring so the only way he continued was if he imagined someone else in front of him. Of course the first person he imagined was Shahrbaraz. His guild master stood in front of him with his arms folded, unfazed per usual with that slick ass smirk on his face. His smirk quickly turned to a frown when he thought about it- not because he had anything to hate about Shahrbaraz, but mainly because it was upsetting that he could never even land a single hit on him. One day that would change and it would be sooner than his guild master expected. Kyam lunged forward using both of his hands to swing his spear as he approached his imaginary guild master 5 meters away. He missed like he always did as the man simply stepped to the side so Kyam quickly swung his spear with a twirl towards where his master had moved. Again, he dodged.

Although Shahrbaraz was just a figment of his imagination somehow the man was still able to rile Kyam up. The Savannan released a slight growl and lunged towards his imaginary guild master, swinging his spear once more to deliver a series of attacks at one time to hopefully land something. Truth was, Shahrbaraz never took it easy on him. He never allowed Kyam to get anything easy and that alone was going to push him to get stronger. Every time Kyam began to get frustrated his guild master would only say that he was doing this for his own good. Shahrbaraz told him a lot about his previous student who had died because he had more confidence than he should have had but Kyam couldn't be compared to anyone else, that was Shahrbaraz's mistake. Kyam was naturally an intelligent and strong fighter he would never lose so easily no matter what. The imaginary man vanished when Kyam heard a a growl from behind him. The growl was calm but there was obvious fury behind it. The mage stopped, straightened his posture then slowly turned to see where the noise was coming from. There a pack of wolves stood, seven to be exact. The Alpha stood in the front while three wolves stood on each side of him, slowly approaching Kyam. "oh, hey there." he smirked.

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Kyam was a man who loved animals- particularly tigers. Animals lived freely and cared nothing of what humans did. Animals lived for themselves and their main goal was to survive. Back in Savannah Kyam constantly surrounded himself around animals and often times he'd go hunting by himself just cause. Of course killing animals wasn't an illegal activity but some people frowned upon them. Savannah didn't have wolves but they had lions, tigers, hyenas and other animals that were probably far more dangerous than wolves but the wolves he faced right now didn't seem to be just any old wolves. These wolves were huge with grey fur and drooling mouths. They were hungry and they probably thought that Kyam would be a good meal for them to split. He couldn't say that they were wrong for thinking such a thing since he had been told a couple times before that he tasted pretty well, but mere wolves wouldn't be enough to take him out. In fact this could turn out to be valuable for his training. Now, he didn't have to fight his imaginary guild master. Now he could fight a pack of wolves and kill them all with no remorse considering he did enjoy watching beings other than himself die. The wolves snarled and waited for Kyam to make the first move but all he did was smirk at them and wait for them to make the first move. He knew how this worked, after a while of waiting the beasts would grow impatient and all he'd have to do was use his spear to kill them all.

If Shahrbaraz was smart he would have put the guild members of Lamia Scale up to the task of fighting wolves or other dangerous beasts. But instead they were required to camp in the woods, climb mountains and swim across a fucking lake or whatever the hell it was. Kyam had a better idea of training, sure enough his version would help him enhance his magical abilities. The tall Savannan began by gripping his spear with both hands, his right hand towards the back of the spear for better grip and control while his left hand was in the front. His smirked disappeared and now a bored nonchalant expression stole his face. The Alpha barked at him taking a step forward slowly as the rest of his pack followed. Seven wolves, one demon slaying savannan man. The odds were obviously against them. Without a doubt Kyam knew that he wouldn't lose, he wouldn't ever lose to anyone no matter how strong he was- he just couldn't bare the thought of losing. If that makes him a sore loser than that was exactly what he was; a sore loser.

"Jump Doggy."

As if the wolves had automatically understood what he meant, they began to bark and sprint towards him. Being a good 15 meters away it'd take the animals a couple of seconds before approaching  him so all he had to do was wait until the one in front of him attacked. Sure enough the Alpha male leapt towards him first. Easily Kyam spun with his spear in his hand, swatting the first wolf away from him as the second wolf leapt towards him. With his spear he stabbed the second one mid-air in the chest as it cried like a little puppy, swinging his spear and throwing it to the side. The fallen Alpha quickly picked himself up with a howl, morning his fallen peer but as the others came towards Kyam he simply stepped forward, dashing through the opening he had created now that the two wolves in front of him were out of the picture- at least for now. Under his heel two magic circles were created and propelled him behind the wolves so fast that they couldn't react in time. As he stopped he turned to see the wolves finally facing him all confused. This would be boring if he just killed them all so quick so the young Savannan had a much better idea, one that would turn this into a sort of game.



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Standing behind the wolves they turned to look at him. The Alpha male being the furthest away while the rest of them began to run after the royal prince of the Malia Kingdom. With one of the wolves already dying thanks to his physical abilities and his trusted spear; Ubuthi. With an excited smirk the Lamia Scale mage turned and darted into the forest. As he ran he hopped over logs, fallen trees, and ran over branches turning and swaying about the forest while occasionally looking back to see the wolves on his tail. This was too much like home, perhaps that's where the excitement came from. All too much the young Savannan was enjoying this game with dogs as if he hadn't had real fun like this in ages. Of course he usually did make sure things were fun for him but today especially it felt like he was having the time of his life. In this moment he felt alive, he felt free and he felt more like himself than he had felt since he came to Fiore. Orchidia had some wild beasts as he knew from experience. When he did the first part of the Lamia Scale guild training, he even killed a wild Vulcan and used it's fur as a coating so he wouldn't get cold. Now however, he wouldn't be skinning these wolves just killing them for fun. Hell, it wasn't like he needed to do that anyway considering the magic he was given by Konstantin had allowed him to keep his body warm.

Sometimes the young dark skinned mage couldn't believe that magic existed in the world. Too think that the world wasn't always like this. People had the ability to manipulate the elements, pure magic, turn into beasts and use swords to their own whim, it was nuts really. Kyam was glad to have such a power bestowed him though. His fire wasn't any ordinary fire, it was fire mixed with light and had strengths against both the nature element and the darkness element. However, naturally fire was weak agains the element of water, something he wished wasn't true. If he wanted to become powerful he had to find a way to counter that weakness no matter what. It may have been impossible to find a way for fire to counter water but it was definitely something he could look into since the world was a magical one.

The tatted Savannan lifted his hand as he sprinted through the forest, moving at ten meters per second as he quickly glanced behind him to see 6 wolves almost catching up to him including the Alpha male who was probably only behind the rest of the pack because of how Kyam had injured him. These wolves weren't any normal wolves- they were huge, bigger than any wolf he had ever seen before but they were also slower than the average wolf. They were so big that he wondered if they were werewolves at a point. If they were though they probably would have been able to kill him, so the Savannan didn't think too much about that at all. Right now he was just focused on killing them.

As part of his own training which he put together in his mind, he'd be teaching himself to use his surrounding to his advantage so that he could do the same when in battle with real threats like the approaching demons the Council had been so worried about. Kyam on the other hand feared nothing and nobody. Not demons, not gods, not even Shahrbaraz for he knew that through magic nearly anything was possible. As he lifted his hand he conjured two overlapping magi circles, one of a gold color and the one under it being a red color like the color of roaring flames. Suddenly a butterfly made of white flames appeared above his hand. This butterfly meant something to him believe it or not. It took the form of the same demon that once entered his body. Now that demon was purged. With the butterfly hovering over his hand he leapt forward- more upward than foreward, using his momentum to propel himself and turned towards the barking wolves at the same time. By pointing his finger the butterfly flew at twenty meters per second towards one of the wolves as another ran directly beside it, only about one and a half foot apart from each other.

Kyam had never used this spell of his before because it was a rather new creation but he wanted to see just how effective it was and this was the perfect chance to test it out. Just as the young man landed the butterfly connected with one of the wolves, exploding on contact. The explosion wasn't anything big of course considering it came from such a small fire spell, but the explosion was enough to harm both animals that had been chasing Kyam. The white flames boomed and both wolves fell, crying in their little puppy voices no longer barking like big bad wolves who were ready trying to frighten their pray. The site was rather beautiful once the explosion connected. One of the wolves had half of their face blown out while the other practically had the side of his gut falling from his stomach. In total that was three wolves down for the count which meant he only had 4 more wolves left now.

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Kyam didn't have time to just sit and watch the show as the wolves suffered from his spell. Now the other 4 wolves were angrier than ever, ready to demolish the man who had nearly killed their brethren. It was a beautiful thing to see just how much wolves were similar to humans. They felt sympathy for another, true love if anything. Their bond was so strong that they would die to make sure they avenged their family. In no way at all did they remind Kyam of himself. He would compare himself to a fox, or better yet a tiger. He was a true loner in definition and life was probably meant for him to be that way. His family had all betrayed him with the exception of his mother who died before she even got the chance to see what Kyam would become. Although if she did see what her favorite son had become she would probably be disappointed, he knew that for sure. Alas, it didn't matter because she was dead. Gone. Nonexistent in the plane of the living anymore. She was there, and he was here and his only goal was to become the man who ruled overall to show his father and his brothers that he was meant to be the king. Needless to say that the Lamia Scale mage was madly obsessed with power though it was amazing in the way he hid that obsession. He wondered if Shahrbaraz had picked up on how power hungry he was. The guild master probably assumed that since he rightfully deserved the throne of the Malia Kingdom that he would only stop there. However that was wrong to think because Kyam was full of hatred. His goals at first were simple, righteous maybe but now they've changed.

Was it because of Fiore the he had changed so much? Did the toxicity of the white man that his father talked so much about finally rub off on him? It couldn't be for one simple reason; his hatred stemmed from the day he was banished. His hatred ran so deep that now he only hoped of manipulating the people of this world so that he could become the one true king of everything- whatever that meant. Kyam still wasn't sure what that meant to him honestly, but for now he was excessively greedy for power. Power that he'd obtained if he continued training and working hard to win the hearts of people he cared so little about. With a smirk the fallen prince turned and began running through the forest again, trying his hardest to move faster than the four wolves behind him. If demons were as strong as these wolves than Kyam would have no problem slaying them but alas that probably wasn't the case at all. Of course it would be a nuisance if demons decided to attempt to takeover Orchidia or Fiore or wherever else they were trying to take over and they were weaklings, that wouldn't make things interesting at all and the Lamia Scale mage loved when things weren't so easy.

As he zoomed through the forest he turned to see the wolves still chasing him. Four down and now he had to be more efficient considering he really wasn't that experienced with using his magic yet. It was up to his spear, the spells he already had in his arsenal, and the nature around him to defeat these hungry beasts. He couldn't imagine dying to a pack of wolves. Just imagine the mighty Prince of the Malia Kingdom, great royalty of Savannah losing to a damn group of wolves. Kyam chuckled just thinking about it. However, that could never happen so instead he knew what he must do. Quickly he created a plan to attempt to weaken at least two of the wolves so that he could take the other two down.



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So it began. Kyam turned around a tree just as the wolves approached his back, causing them to skid through the dart about two meters away from him. The prince then took his spear and lunged towards the fourth wolf which would be the Alpha since h was the furthest from the group, landing with his spear stabbing him into his back, slamming the beast onto the ground and causing him to cry out in pain just like the other wolves did when he mercilessly defeated them. The Alpha barked for help from his peers, but it was far too late, by the time he had leapt back taking his spear out of the back of the Alpha wolf, the other wolves began to crowd around their leader also crying and barking. Their own advisor, the one they looked to for guidance was out from the count. The Alpha squirmed as the blood leaked from his back attempting to stand to either continue attacking the Savannan mage or to flee battle with his comrades but this creature was met with death. Death waited for nobody and in fact in this very moment death had been rather impatient. In about a few seconds the Alpha male was done, dead. Not another breath came from him and not another sound. Spinning his spear around his back as if he was showing off his ability to use Ubuthi, he gripped it in front of him, waiting for the rest of the wolves to turn towards him to finish fighting. However, what they did next Kyam had not expected. They turned towards Kyam growled for a moment and then began to back up as the man slowly approached them, scared that they would meet the same fate as their leader. This is what happened when you messed with fire; you get BURNED!

Kyam snickered at the animals as they tried to slowly move away. It was like they thought if they moved slowly then Kyam wouldn't notice them leaving at all, but unfortunately for them Kyam was not done killing these pathetic yet beautiful beasts just yet. Three more wolves were left and if he was feeling generous he may just allow one of them to live. Only one though because that was how much he enjoyed killing. It was a sinister side of himself that not many people had witnessed because he hadn't a need to reveal it. Once again using his hot step spell that he finally began to get the hang of, he conjured a two magic seals from under his foot before dashing forward at speeds too fast for the wolves to comprehend. When the spell was over he spun to connect his spear with the neck of one of the wolves, then twirled his spear over his head to slam the spear head into the head of the second wolf. Now only one wolf stood, but as Kyam glared and growled at him playfully the wolf darted off deep into the forest to hopefully get away from the beast more vicious than itself. Pleased as his progress and his idea of training today, Kyam wiped the blood off his spear with the dirt on the ground and turned to return back to his apartment for a shower.

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Spells trained: Hotstep & Butterfly Bomb

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