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Hargeon to Magnolia [Foot-Travel]

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Hargeon to Magnolia [Foot-Travel] Empty Tue Jan 08, 2019 9:52 am

Hearing that there were Demons in Orchidia, it wasn’t just Haru who was on his way up North. He could see platoons of Knights, both Rune and Holy, marching up to defend their country. The streets of towns in southern and eastern Fiore lacked the usual patrols and that did make the day for many sneak thieves. Haru wasn’t happy about that, but he knew to set his priorities. People can afford to lose their belongings, but not their lives. And the Demons posed the latter threat.

Haru chose to move with the platoons initially, in case they ran into any rifts on the way. However, when they crossed Dahlia, he realized how slow such large groups travelled and was scared he would never even reach Orchidia to help stop the incursion on time. So, when the group camped at the outskirts of Dahlia, Haru expressed his concern to the Captain who was heading the platoon and took permission to skip ahead. The Captain didn’t mind and off he went towards Magnolia in the middle of the night, while the others rested.

Once he reached the hometown of Fairy Tail, it was time to catch a train to Orchidia. He travelled without resting because he knew he could get some shut-eye while he was in the train. After getting into a motel at Magnolia to freshen up and have breakfast, Haru made his way straight to the station to catch the train.

(20% WC Reduction)

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