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The Future God of War Vs ? [T.K/Green]

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The Future God of War Vs ? [T.K/Green] Empty Tue Jan 08, 2019 12:59 am


"Who's next?" Kyam calmly asked as he twirled his spear with both hands over his head before stopping it with the spearhead aimed towards the ground. He was wearing his white battle suit, the suit he'd grown accustomed to since buying it. It was flexible and really made things easier for him. Even though it was sleeveless he was incapable of getting cold. His body was generating tiny bits of mana to keep itself warm- perks of having his form of a magic which he only recently identified as demon slayer. It made sense that he had it too since Konstantin purified him in a sense. The civilians crowded around him to create a circle with a diameter of . so far he had battled 3 people, two of them being mages that he had defeated rather easily. One of them however, wasn't a mage and used an axe. That opponent was a far better fighter than both mages but still, he wasn't hard to beat at all. Kyam looked around waiting for someone to step into the arena. He himself stood in the middle of the circle waiting for the next person to stop being such a pussy and prove themselves. Kyam wasn't the strongest fighter out there but he sure as hell wasn't weak. For a C rank mage he was more than capable of holding his own against B ranked fighters and that had to mean something in this magical world. The goal wasn't B rank, A rank or even S rank, the goal was to become as powerful as possible and that's why he was standing here, to prove to himself that he was already strong but also to to find someone who could push him. "So this is all Fiore has to offer? How pitiful." he scoffed.

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Theo Kaguya
Getting put on patrol duty for two weeks was not something that the Knight enjoyed I would do anything to make this patrol go faster he thought to himself walking the rather peaceful streets it was nothing like Magnolia's streets that had never seem to end with amusement. The knight walked past a group of girls that blow kisses at him I should wave back so they don't get the wrong idea, so he waved back at the girls and continued his patrol. People started racing down the street shouting about someone with a weapon, someone with a weapon was nothing seeing as most guild members have some type of flashy armor piece they want to show off.

The more he heard about this armed person it started to rais some flags and soon it became clear that something was going on from the mob of civilians that rushed past him that seemed to be talking about someone with a spear "Excuse me do you mind telling me what's going on here?" as they explained what had been going on it light a small spark in him. Could this be the day that he makes his first arrest? the idea of getting his first arrest was more than exciting as he followed the people. TK made his way through the crowd to see that Kyam was the spearman calling out fighters, odd how the same man that was giving speeches about being his loving one another is now hungry for battle "Oh Mr. Kyam I'm afraid that I will have to ask you to relocate so no one is hurt." a simple request seeing as someone could be blamed for damages to something.


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As the Prince of Savannah stood he looked out into the crowd. Of course this fight didn't start because of him. In fact, people were already having sparring sessions here while other civilians enjoyed and even placed bets on contenders. Kyam, however, had stepped in not too long after he was the reigning champ. For a moment the crowd was silent, people looked amongst one another to see who would step up to the spearman of Lamia Scale but alas not one person had stepped up. For Kyam this was rather embarrassing. People were so afraid to test their own abilities in a harmless sparring match? This is what Fiore was huh? Back in Savannah people trained all day and night almost anywhere. Perhaps he was not as well adjusted to this country as he thought he was. "Well then..." he began. "If nobody is brave enough to step up to the plate then-" Suddenly in the middle of the local park he had spotted someone who looked oddly familiar. An eyebrow raised as he realized the man was none other than "T.K", someone he had met during his charity event for the various races in Fiore.

The Rune Knight stepped in front of the crowd, approximately 12.5 meters away from where he was standing. Kyam had forgetten he was Rune Knight until he asked him to relocate. Slightly puzzled Kyam smiled warmly. "Oh! T.K! Hey!" he waved. "Relocate? Am I doing anything illegal, officer? I'm merely in a local park training." He paused before looking around. "Nobody's gonna get hurt here, see? There's no children and we have more than enough space thanks to the crowd around us creating this Arena. All we're doing is sparring and having fun right?" He asked as he looked amongst the crowd once more before they all began to cheer in agreement. Some of them even began to Boo at the Rune Knight. That was how you worked the people; you turn them against the one who could threaten your freedom. "Let loose, live a little, friend! Whaddya say you show these people the strength of the Knights? How about a friendly little sparring match? Me and you!" He said with a chuckle. "Unless of course, you're afraid of losing in front of everyone." It was night time who'd even care?

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Theo Kaguya
"I guess your right the park is big enough," he muttered as he heard the crowd boo him for just doing his job more or less though he could see why they would boo him if they were enjoying a good show. Out all the places to train why did he choose the park and not his guild hall or something. Never thought he was the fighting type then again we did only meet once before now he thought to himself. This could easily turn into a something that could be held against him if any of the other Knights found that he didn't at least try and supervise this in some way.

TK knew Kyam was only trying to get a rise out of him and give the people a show so he decided to go with it "A knight shows no fear in battle! Okay, Mr. Kyam I'll spar with you but afterwards, you help me with something sound fair?" thinking back to it the last time that he spared with someone in public was two years ago with Kon but things had changed for the better. TK took a moment to think about how he should approach this seeing as it was a sparring match after all and there as no need for anything too extream so he took a defensive stance in case Kyam decided to make the first move.


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"That's more like it!" Kyam exclaimed as he readied himself, placing his spear in both his hands, his right hand behind his left as they were spaced apart to perfectly control the spear which he held a little in front of his stomach He quickly shifted his left foot in front of his right, glaring at T.K as he stood 12.5 meters away from exactly. Directly behind T.K was a crowd of people so he had no where to run but to either side of him and if he did try to move back even further he'd only bump into the people behind him. It seemed like the booing of the crowd had gotten to the Rune Knight, either that or the council didn't have such a tight grip on his life after all. Kyam loved people who did what they wanted to regardless of how anybody felt about it. T.K didn't know much about the prince of Savannah but Kyam didn't know much about him either. Kyam hadn't planned on using magic unless it was absolutely positively necessary, but even if T.K used his own magic Kyam would only try to use his spear. T.K shouted that a Knight never backed down but he also asked Kyam for help after this match which made him wonder what his request would be. "Fair enough." The Savannan responded before running forward towards Towards T.K. If T.K had allowed him to clear a distance of two and a half meters without using any spells or attempting to attack, Kyam's speed would pick up and he'd run towards T.K for a total of 8.5 meters before swinging his spear at T.K's right arm. This meant that if T.K hadn't done anything to interrupt his running, Kyam would have cleared a total of 11 meters in under 5 seconds before swinging his spear.


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Theo Kaguya
Seeing Kyam starting to close in on him he moved to the left and moved in about 5 meters Well, he knows how to use it at least he thought to himself as he moved he extending his arms outward creating a magic seal in front of them making a 30 centimeters rings made pure light appear, and throw it at Kyam's left leg. The ring would slice his peroneus longs muscle if he didn't block/deflect it. TK hadn't really been prepared for such a straight forward fight but hey better to get the rust out now than later right. This fight could help find the areas that still required improvement in terms of combat skills though he hadn't been in his head as much for now he still needed to work on his reaction time.

If Kyam decided to charge in with another attack he simply pick up some dirt and toss it at him in hoped of blinding him allowing for some breathing room and a second to think while he had the time His speed is really problematic need to do something about that he thought If blinding him didn't work he would attempt another spell by making a triangle with both his hands making sure that the Kyam was lined up in it and shooting him with a 3-foot ray of Blue light that's 0.25 meters if it hit TK would move in just enough for melee. Had this plan worked Theo would try a step with his left leg and kicking with his right to his gut.

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Kyam's eyes were focused and lowered. Just as he moved, his opponent did the same, however, moving to the left first with a few simple steps. Seeing that Kyam was moving towards T.K he simply adjusted to continue moving towards the Knight. Right when T.K would begin to press forward towards him, Kyam had already cleared a distance of about 5 meters. At this point T.K would have already conjured a magic circle in his hand but Kyam didn't fret. Instead he continued to press forward as the man took ahold of the ring/s. As T.K cocked his hand back to throw his spell, Kyam was able to clearly see that his opponent was aiming for his leg. Still the both of them moved towards each other, as T.K brought his right arm forward to throw. At that moment in which he brought his arm forward, just before releasing the ring Kyam simply would spin off his right leg. Currently the gap between them was a measly 3 meters given that Kyam had never stopped pressing forward and T.K had conjured magic circles before then cocking his arm back to throw while pressing forward as well. Kyam's natural speed would have picked up. As he spun off his right leg 180 degrees, he'd be on the left side of T.K before swinging his spear as he spun to hit T.K's left arm. It was obvious that T.K was a mage that relied heavily on his magic but the Prince of the Malia Kingdom was not like that, his own physical abilities would carry him in this little friendly battle. T.K's spell would miss just as Kyam spun allowing Kyam to fill in another meter and a half before swinging his spear at T.K's arm. The spear would greatly damage the Rune's arm and cause him to be unable to utilize magic from that arm for the remainder of the battle. The spear was undoubtedly so strong that the force of the batter-like attack send him crashing.

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Theo Kaguya
As the blade ripped through his sleeve and arm Theo fell to the ground shocked by Kyam's handling of the spear and use of his openings I didn't think it be so sharp he thought picking himself up and waiting for Kyam to make the next move. Luckily he still had the use of his arm but needs to make sure to not to get hit again or that would be the end of the fight so he moved back 5 meters. The most that he could do now was try and defend and counter Kyam's attacks while taking a little damage as possible.

He tried to cast another spell but it didn't seem to work for some reason Something doesn't feel right could it be the spear? he would straighten his left hand creating the ring once more but nothing happened "What!" the crowd seem to love everything that had been going on in this fight through the same could not be said about TK. Now only with the use of one arm, he had to get creative when it came to his casting. Assuming Kyam came at him again with the spear he would straighten his right hand creating a 1 meter blade of light to counter the attack by slicing his right arm and backing up 3 meters.

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In all honesty Kyam had managed to hit T.K easier than he thought he would. He figured Rune Knights were rather adept at combat since you know...they were defenders of Fiore and all, but it seemed he was mistaken. How could the government allow people as weak as this man here to join their ranks. Did they just let anybody join them? Kyam straightened his posture, still holding his spear with his right hand behind his left both gripped tightly onto the spear in front of his stomach. Kyam smiled as Shin began to realize that it was useless for him to try to use magic from the arm that had been damaged for no mana can be utilized through it and it was useless. However, Kyam wouldn't explain anything to him. "Is this the strength of a Knight?!" He asked as he moved forward at maximum speed, while at the same moment TK had put his hand forward and conjured a blade of light. As Kyam reached 1.5 meters in front of Shin he swung his spear towards his only mana able arm as if he were batting again, as the Rune Knight attempted to reach his right arm. Unfortunately for him this wouldn't work since Kyam's spear had more reach. Once the Knight's other arm as harmed by the blade on the spear, that arm would become incapable of using mana as well.

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Theo Kaguya
As Theo missed his attack due to the reach of the spear his right arm that made the blade vanished like something drained it of mana he quickly sidestepped one meter taking two deep breaths as his vision started to blur he looked at the first cut on his arm and saw that his sleeves were cover in blood. Kyam made fun of him calling him weak but in this fight the power gap was clear and there was no way he could close it Come on TK you gotta stay focused! through he told himself as he clenched his fist "No I'm just holding back Kyam," this was the first lie that he has ever told and if Kyam believed him or not didn't matter as it served as a distraction for him to move in for a right hook to Kyam's jaw it felt like he was running on nothing. If the punch did somehow land Theo would stumble back two meters and hold his head. If nothing happened then Theo would still stumble back a few meters holding his head and check his arm again and realized it was a lot deeper than he originally thought "Okay Kyam...now could..you.." within second of saying those words TK fell to the ground from the blood loss.


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The hit connected just as Kyam knew it would. TK had a lot of growing as a fighter to do before he could even think that anyone would respect his authority. However, Kyam did admire that he even tried to continue fighting after he was clearly unable to. The Savannan watched nonchalantly as the mans arms bled consistently. Even TK himself noticed them yet he responded to the Lamia Scale mage by saying he was only holding back then attempting to punch him in the face only for Kyam to lift his left arm and block the attack. An eyebrow raised as the knight then held his head before stumbling backwards. "Hey man..." he began. At first he didn't understand if the Rune was seriously that injured already. Even with attacks like that Kyam would have still be able to continue on. They really do make them soft these days. As the Knight grabbed his head the crowd gasped causing Kyam to look around at all the staring eyes. TK mustered a few words but was unable to finish asking Kyam for that favor. Kyam lunged towards him as the crowd gasped even louder, probably assuming that he was going to attack but before the Knight fell he let out his arms and allowed him to fall in them. For the first time ever, Kyam actually felt bad about riling him up. Don't get me wrong, the young prince loved violence, chaos, and destruction but this man had somehow been able to make him feel all gooey. "You're useless." He whispered to the Knight before gently picking him up and bringing him back to his apartment to patch him up. Can't believe I'm doing this he cringed as he brought the Knight to his home.

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