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Removing the Drunk [Quest]

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#1Ren Liath 

Removing the Drunk [Quest] Empty Mon Jan 07, 2019 2:25 pm

Ren Liath

Ren’s boots scrunched down on Orchidan soil. The fields of grass flowers and various other plants had grown larger, and more widespread as he’d closed in on it. There weren’t that many wildflowers around the rest of Fiore, or at least the parts that he saw, it was a slightly harsher environment. Though beautiful, flowers held little purpose, so Ren never really took it upon himself to acknowledge them. They were a part of nature to be admired as a whole rather than a singularity. In addition to the flowers however, there had been the footprints.

Ren was on his way to the local tavern where his skills were being employed. Although he only got a few details, it seemed to involve a local drunk causing more and more havok each night. This time however the owner and client wants him out of the place before anything worse happens. Ren knew it wasn’t an ideal solution, but he lacked the time or the means to permanently resolve the problem. Enil although a good reformed man said that he did not want to ban the man from his pub, giving his own reasons. Although it would only be a temporary solution it was all Ren could do. He did not like doing anything more than was asked of him. Not that everything was black and white seemingly so he would simply have to follow orders. Of course Ren could not kill the man. He’d never kill unless it was for his family. At most he might injure Mitya. Ren was unsure as to why that thought came into his mind, until he scratched his scar and was reminded.

He entered the town and consulted the request sheet, getting the name of his client and target. Clearly the man was seen as the official bartender of the town, or perhaps it was a more informal title. Still with how everyone greeted him as they passed you could safely assume he was very well known. Either way, he had a place to go looking. He reached the town centre, and after asking around a little to find out more about Mitya, such as where he lived and how quickly does he get drunk. Apparently Mitya was very fond of drinking spirits, despite not having the stomach for them whatsoever. He was actually notorious for getting sick all over Enil’s bar. Probably one of the reasons why he did not want him around again. Another person said that depending on the spirit he drank he would either be a happy sleepy drunk, not kicking up a fuss or even causing Enil any problems while another could send him into a crazed rage where no one would be safe. Ren took all this information down thinking it would be incredibly useful in the request. Now all he needed to find out is which spirit did what and he could make Mitya pass out before any problems arose. So far Ren had just been talking to random people passing by the bar, but it seemed like it was time to venture into the establishment and question the good people inside to see what information Ren could squeeze from then.

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Removing the Drunk [Quest] BWhZdfi
#2Ren Liath 

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Ren Liath
Entering Enil’s tavern Ren was immediately hit with a pang of beer, armor of cigarettes and a stench of what Ren could describe as “elderly gentleman.” The bar itself was rather nice looking, but small. It seemed like it used to be part restaurant at one point although seemingly that idea was given up in favor for more tavern type facilities. A dart board in the lower corner, a pool table to the left annoyingly close to a wall and many small table surrounded by chairs. A real man’s pub if there ever was one. The moment Ren entered a few heads turned to see who was coming in at this early hour. Most of them were sour looking old men with their own friends. It was obvious to the knight that the men saw his pendant indicating his allegiance to the Magic council as they began to whisper to their friends, some of who decided to up and leave. Ren did not stop them as they hurried past concealing their faces. That was not his job for today. Maybe another but as of right now Ren went to a near by table where a few men were sitting, all facing a large pitcher of clear yellow beer. Their talking and general enjoyable aura vanished as the Knight approached. They all kept looking down wanting to avoid the knight’s eye as they could assume he was here looking for something. Figuring they would be no use Ren got the notion of leaving until one of the men looked up from his drink.

“What do ye want, knight?” The man asked. His face was scrunched up as if to seem tougher, but it soon loosened as he saw the large scar over Ren’s eye. “Jaysus, what de hell happened ya?” He asked pointing to Ren’s scar. The other men joined him in their gaping looks, finally looking up from their drink.

“I will be doing the questioning.” Ren replied in a cold tone. He was on a mission and knew hee could not be side tracked by his own past. The three men gulped hard. “Do any of you know Mitya?” He asked looking around from one to another. One man answered by raising his hand. Ren’s hexachrome eyes shifted to him. “What does he like to drink?” Ren asked the man with the raised hand. “Whiskey! It gets him all riled up!” He answered not as worried as the rest of the men around. “What else?” Ren continued until eventually he found out that the one spirit that made the beast calm down was a nice vodka. So when he found that out he waited in the bar until Mitya came. Ren bought him a few vodkas and eventually when he did become a little rowdy he also became equally as tired. Asking him to leave, Ren soon escorted Mitya home and got his reward from Enil. After that Ren made his way back.

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Removing the Drunk [Quest] BWhZdfi

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