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All in a says work [Eryll]

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All in a says work [Eryll] Empty Sun Jan 06, 2019 9:43 am

Eryll stretched. He hadn't dreamed at all last night. Looking over to his dorm room door he saw a letter had been slid underneath the door. Getting out of bed, Eryll walked over and picked it up. It was addressed to him, in Val'ELvarin. Opening the note he recognized the handwriting as Killoua's. Eryll read over the note.

Dear Eryll,

As you stated, I am updating you on your father's condition. I came to visit him last night and he had managed to find more alcohol. He had it shipped in, to avoid the fact that none of the local vendors will sell to him or let them into his bars. When I came over he had finished multiple bottles and had take a tumble down the stairs. He should be okay, but i expect that he will have a concussion. If you would allow me to, I'd like to put your father's money in a safe and keep it where he cannot get to it. He is finding ways around our blocks. He is getting worse Eryll. We really need to put our foot down, otherwise he is going to die soon. This is third time he's had alcohol poisoning.

Sincerely, Killoua

P.S I talked to the shipper and told him not to accept your father's money anymore.

Eryll sighed, He couldn't believe the fact that his father and managed to get drunk again. Even when the man was sober he was still looking for a drink. Eryll had thought about bringing his mother back to knock some sense in to him. but they weren't married anymore and she lived all the way in Stella. Pulling out a pieve of paper, Eryll began to write his own note.

Dear Killoua,

Thank you for letting me know, I was worried he would relapse again after you sent me that last letter when I was in Stella. Yes, Please take my father's money. He keeps it in the attic, in a box labeled pictures. It should be stored in all the photo albums. Lock it in a safe and leave it at your house. If he knows there's a safe somewhere in his house he'll try to break into it. Whatever you do with it, keep it hidden. Please let me know if he gets any worse. If it does, I'll make sure to send more money your way.

Sincerely, Eryll.

Eryll could not believe this. He had no money of his own to spare, he was using his father's money to pay for Killoua. Killoua was lovely but she cost quite a lot of money and he couldn't really let his father sit in his house and die. And there weren't any good helaing centers and most elves would see his father as a massive disappointment. Eryll Stood up and got dressed. He put on a pair of jeans and a long sleeved shirt. Grabbing his white coat he slipped on his boots and got ready to leave. Eryll dropped the sealed and addressed letter in the dorm mailbox. Killoua would have it in a few days, hopefully nothing went wrong in that time. He couldn't really afford his father to mess up again.


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All in a says work [Eryll] Empty Sun Jan 06, 2019 9:43 am

Eryll stepped out of the dorm and walked down the street. He was going to meet Dex Miller. He had met the man once before whenhe came to Orchidia to join Lamia Scale, some of the other guild members had given him some rather harsh names, but most wizards would indulge his antics because they would get paid afterwards. Eryll had been asked by Dex Miller the other day to help with an investigation. Eryll had agreed happily and planned to indulge the man's detective fantasy. Eryll wished he had been old enough and close enough to orchidia to have helped Dex Miller after the accident, he felt kind of bad for the man. Some people treated him like a child, even though he was a fully functioning adult, except for the detective illusion.

Eryll met Dex in the coffee shop and greeted him hello. Dex was cautious at first, not fully trusting Eryll. He asked Eryll a few questions. Stuff like, what is your name, are you a wood elf (which Eryll raised an eyebrow at), and what guild do you work for. After that interesting conversation, Dex decided that Eryll was who he said he was and that Dex could trust him. Dex then beckoned for him to sit down and he began to converse about a murder. Dex believed that someone had been viciouslt murdered in cold blood. Eryll listened carefully, weary if this was an actual murder, he did not want to get Dex caught up in something hi shouldn't have. But, as they started to walk around town, finding 'clues' and talking to 'witnesses' it became inherently clear that in fact, there had been no murder. One lady Politely pulled pulled eryll away and asked if he knew that Dex had some delusions. Eryll shook his head mutedly and then returned to helping Dex.

As the day drew to an end, Dex thanked Eryll for helping him solve the murder, even though if this had been a real murder case, the pair had made absolutely no headway. Dex's so called killer didn't even have a possible face. But, that didn't bother Eryll, he was just glad he was able to help the man. Dex handed Eryll a bag of money and thanked Eryll one last time. Eryll smiled and shook Dex's hand before heading home. Eryll's walk home was peaceful, he greeted people kindly and some even stop and asked how the day with Dex went. To which Eryll responded that it went quite well and that Dex was very happy by the end of it.

Once back in his dorm room, Eryll changed into his pajamas and then back into bed. He had plans to head the the sieghart mountains here soon to finish the next part of his guildmaster's tests. They would have to hike up a mountain and retrieve a crystal, which they would then have to return back to their guild master.Eryll yawned and quickly fell into a very deep sleep.

All in a says work [Eryll] H9eoIH1
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