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A Sight To Behold.(Káilètte )

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#1Judina † 

A Sight To Behold.(Káilètte ) Empty Fri Jan 04, 2019 3:52 pm

Judina †
What else to explore to seek joy of other then the woods, Seemed like a better of ideas for some thing else that was not the river even if she did not mind the river, So it would not been too far into the day before she would venture out to the woods almost noon if she were to guess what time it was when she would arrive to the woods. She would find a spot since it was winter but she needed a break from the armor she wore fairly often not like she would be with out it just made a stand for it to be kept on from her magic.

But she wouldn't freeze to death, she still hated winter, She had a rather warm and nice black winter coat on her and a dark blue scarf around her neck, It make her feel like some things did not tie her down in terms of weight. the forest and its snow covered nature was a really nice look for her to enjoy for the moment, But as well maybe she would do a few other things since she had the time too as well she had room to move around.

Not mediation this time she would try something different she would try Tai chi forms, practicing something different to try and see how it works and stretch out a bit more, it seemed even interesting in her mind as well. But anyone who might end up seeing could assume she is doing some kind of dance.

Standing with her back straight as she normally would, she would start sliding her left leg to the side slight to put them a part and raise her arms up slightly bending her knees and lowering her hand. Stepping her left leg inwards towards her right leg and starting to slowly turn herself into a different direction while stepping her left leg forward and stretching her right, repeating the process a few times while sawing her arms in a pattern that seemed to flow with what she as doing.

Then while she thought she had it right she seemed to take a step and was out of flow and she tripped slightly but she did not fall over, close too falling over but almost isn't falling at all so something became of it that was good.

"Well, I guess that was something then."
She mentioned then would attempt to start over again after all it seemed to be a slight new challnage to look forward to doing and no one else seemed to be around to do much else, it was the settle almost quiet harmony of nature and mind that she rarely experienced going into effect for the moment that was rather relaxing, it cleared the problems of the mind, only if the slightest and smallest moments of time. Full well did she know and kept in mind things would changed eventually and the troubles would return eventually.

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#2Káilètte † 

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She started to walk into Orchidia's Forest Outskirts with a basket in hand. It was woven by her truly as she filled it with food and some water. Some will say that it was too cold to eat outside or some other mumbo jumbo, but she enjoyed this type of thing in any weather even rain. She was wearing a long black dress coat that had maroon buttons on it. The buttons had a gold insignia from some unknown family as she had it when she woke up from her Coma. Ever since her coma she was treated kindly by the random towns people. She wanted to question it, but she didn't want to question them out loud. Their kindness must come from somewhere as she had a hard time finding someone that disliked her or even hated her.

Her hair was up in a pony tail as the tail had much volume to it. Her golden eyes gazed forward and mirrored the dead forest. The very same ones that her and Daiko had to survive in for a night. She wondered where he was as she hasn't seen him yet. Her new flat boots squished into the snow as she walked a little bit more till she saw someone. Quietly she stood as the snow started to fall and the woman? The woman almost tripped, making her giggle. ''Are you alright, Miss?''. She wondered curiously while still holding her woven covered basket with her left arm. She sure was meeting some interesting people.

#3Judina † 

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Judina †
She heard a voice of some one speaking to her when she had tripped slightly, Turning her sight to where that voice was from but it also made her mind stop for a moment, only because she knew this woman and all to well, to the point she almost seemed to have a bit more of a slightly shocked or happy look on her face when she looked at this woman, who in appearance has not change even a single moment since she had last saw her so many years a go. So much so she also could be at a loss of words.

So she would start mix up her words slightly."I....ah...Hello."Judina would start with she did not seem embarrassed or scared in fact i think it was mostly being unsure what to say. But collecting herself and brushing any snow off of herself and letting out a slightly fake cough.It could easily considered humor from Judina even if Judina was actually asking a serious question to her."So, How are the kids?"Judina asked it almost seemed like a funny almost cover up from being possibly embarrassed in front of some one and trying not to seem like she had not done that.

"How are you?"Yet again another one to almost seem like a cover up, Even if Judina knew full to well who this lady was before and was actually her  being serious to this lady she would call her sister and having such a life she had with Káilètte or Arisa as she knew her as. She did not seem to have anything that showed she knew what went on with her, Judina assumed everything was still normal and just having a conversation with some one she knew.

A Sight To Behold.(Káilètte ) Alexss10
#4Káilètte † 

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Kai looked at Judina with curiousity as she replied with a hello. It was like the stereotypical story of where a vampire can't go inside someone's home unless invited. In this case, Kai waited to intrude on her personal space till invited with a hello back. Her golden eyes scanned her as she then gave her a clueless expression once she asked how the kids were. ''Kids?''. She wondered about it now. 'Do I have any? I'm sure I would've remembered.'. Her free hand rubbed her chin as she chuckled. ''I don't have any kids.'' She said in a motherly, but serious tone.

She licked her lips to moisturize them as her arms crossed, basket against her stomach as it was still being held with one hand. ''I'm alright. I thought it'd be nice to have a walk here without survival being a mission.''. Slowly, she walked forward enough to then walk around her like some dog, studying her. ''Do I know you somehow?''. She stopped when she was right in front of her, a foot away as her eyes directly looked into the woman's. ''I don't understand the humor you are intending to give.'' Kai didn't understand as her mind was clueless. How did she know this woman?

#5Judina † 

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Judina †
Her heart just sank for that very moment, Judina knew this was not a joke given how it was spoken to her. Something happen that in fact her family did not know to some one she considered a sister and close friend who was raised along side her even the fact she waited to move close to her was a sign.

It was slightly depressing to her and it was putting it lightly in her eyes. She even acted different than the sister she remembered. Letting out a depressed sigh Judina would be upfront since she had no idea to go about it."You should actually know me, As well as my entire family too."Judina mentioned right away. So if something like this happen it seemed like it would be an interesting moment of day today for her, She would embrace it head on at this point because what else to do.

"In this case, My name is Judina  Charlotte Karlinius. You were raised along side me from a young age."She started off by mentioning hopefully this would not be too much information for her. She was not sure how to deal with something like this possible situation. No one gave her a hand book on how to deal with some one with memory loss and how to talk to them about it .

"Along with my younger brother Waylon and my older brother Regis."
Was it time too to start mentioning? She was unsure."my mother Judith and my father Anders adopted you, You in my family eyes are considered a sister to me, as well as a daughter to my parents."This all the shortest way to mention it, She had a feeling it would be mostly confusing for her so Judina wanted to see what else could happen here.

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#6Káilètte † 

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Kai looked at the woman with a clueless expression still as none of this made sense. Maybe she didn't want to believe or perhaps it was like some story about some lost girl living in someone else's shoes. Her hands took a long strand of her own hair and played with it. Her fingers twirled with the golden hair as she then looks away as she listened to Judina speak about how they knew each other. 'Judina  Charlotte Karlinius' That was her name. She supposedly had family other than her family in Minstrel. Why was she adopted if her family loved her? She knew her birth mother loved her as well as her huge family so why was this woman telling her there was another?!

She kept her peaceful facial expression, but her hands started to clench tightly and stopped playing with her hair. There was no tugging or anything, just a stop. 'She must be mistaken, right?'. Her eyes gazed back at Judina as she scanned her face. There didn't seem to be any bad intentions so why was this woman lying? If she was... ''I don't know if I am this person... but alas I don't think I am. '' She stopped and paused for a moment and then took a deep breather. ''But... there has been some questionable feelings. Like, my heart.'' She spoke as her hands stopped clenching her hair and had her right hand against where her heart was. Her facial expression turned into distraught.

''It feels like it is trying to find someone. Half of it being gone, but one still trying to find the other. Is it because the one who owned half of it went up missing and now I must find this other?! I feel...''
Her lips trembled as her golden hues that were mirrors teared up. Her legs wobbled as she felt like her mind was going to break. ''This body doesn't feel like me, this heart isn't mine, but my mind is.'' She spoke ghostly soft. Her hands rested by her side as if she was in defeat. 'What if you were experimented on?'. The voice of darkness spoke as she could hear a chuckle echo in the back of her mind. It was as if she was her own storm. 'Am I just a freak?'. She didn't quite know, but she did know that there was a woman here who claimed to know her or what was left of the person they knew; the heart and body. 'I'll make it my mission then to find out more on this... But no matter what I'll find who this heart belongs to.'. Slowly, she stood up and dusted herself off. Her facial expression turned serious with a sweet smile though. ''Alright, Judina. Say I do believe you, but I still feel like I am just half of the person you think I am.''. It was the cold truth. That was it.

#7Judina † 

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Judina †
This seemed to be almost like a situation to scare her mind a lot more then just slightly and between a lot. But she did not know what to do."I am....I am sorry." She seemed to say like she almost felt like she did something horrible like this hurt even more to her to see that happen, In fact these kind of things Judina would almost start having a panic attack over internally, She had too much pride to show that was going on with her currently, But her heart and mind felt something it did not for years.

A small sense of despair and almost personal shattering guilt that this point felt she like she might have mixed some one else up with her sister but it seemed too close and like it was not anyone else. For once the strong willed woman was actually unsure how to deal with this she was left speechless and seeking and answer in her thoughts. So she just slightly said."Forgive....I have done something, I do not know what...." What did she do, the feeling of panic was on her face and she could not hide it anymore that was the reality in front of her.

When she heard something she could logically answer too she simply said."My heart still feels heavy at least for the moment, If you do believe I do not know what else I could do but mention a few things."Maybe these pieces of recent times would help here."I have not seen you in two years, I assumed you where living with you daughter and son quietly some where to raise the. We had just gone to a festival where I won a make over which is my current appearence now."She started off with that."You had just, met who you would mention be your biological family." Judina was unsure if that would be true if this current situation was going how it was going. She was being left with more questions."That was two years a go and my last memory,If you wish for any other pieces of information do please ask." She was start to tremble slightly a nervous twitch would be hiding some where with in her hands but she would attempt to hide this nervous feeling and acting like her hands were cold and hiding them in her sleeves.

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#8Káilètte † 

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Please. Stop.
Why... Why?

This woman, Judina had to be lying about all the information she was saying, but who in the Holy rights would say such things? Her mind was confusing itself by the ideas and thoughts that were popping up. Her head felt a shock of pain as she felt a slice of pain going downward in the middle of her heart as she hard what all she had to say. Kai stood there silently with an expressionless face while her body just became a statue-like figure. Judina started to freak out in her own manner it seemed as she was shaking a little and it seemed sort of chaotic.

Haunting words escaped her lips, ''Daughter? ... Son?''. Her soft whispers were ghostly as cold puffs of air left her mouth. Her golden eyes shut till half way as she didn't know why it made her think of them. Her arms unknowingly wrapped themselves around herself as if hugging her children, the children Arisa had, but Kai doesn't know. Her head tilted upward to look at Judina after looking at the ground. It was silent for a few moments till she tilted her head. ''I have children? But...'' She started to think and then her brain started to her once more, making her hands swiftly slap against her head as her fingers twined with her blonde hair. ''I can't, I couldn't have had children! I-I waited to be married to someone before I took one to bed... That's impossible.'' She gritted her teeth and cried out. ''No! Enough! Stop this!'' She cried out as she then felt numb.
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#9Judina † 

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Judina †
This stung her a lot more then Judina ever would assume at this point. She even took a few steps back from what was going on with her, the distress The person before her even confused Judina to levels that if she ever reflected. It not only got her scared but fearful enough that she did something to family that what happen next would only be a rare site to these two to happen.

The one of short temper, Judina had this a large fear she never expected to happen. She did not realize in her steps back so much she actually backed into a tree and while trying to gain her footing Judina also fell on her back.

It was in that free fall she just kind of let herself fall to focus on it to get her mind off of what she just did, for other to suffer and her to almost be rude when she thought she was helping actually was a bit more cruel on her then she first assumed, Anyone else but This woman before her she should not be dealing with these varying emotions now.

So she would just stay there laying in the snow for a moment and tuned out for a moment. Collecting her thoughts. After all she wanted to hug her sister or what thought it was her sister and turns out at this point when her gut told her she was right was reacting so badly, She wanted to say sorry...but that was something else she felt like she did not need to.

So being tune out and slowly start picking herself up by at least just sitting on the ground, starting to think over her action being unsure what else she wanted to say her do, It all felt right for her and like she was being lied to, but not at the same time.

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#10Káilètte † 

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This information was fake. Yes, it had to be as Kai could feel the wholesome of having her 'innocence'. She knew that she was waiting for whomever she felt love for to take her on the wedding day. Her eyes closed as she put her hands on her stomach. He would not forgive her if she violated the code. She gritted her teeth, her eyes were wet with bloodshot eyes as the strands of her golden blonde hair were everywhere and out of place. She saw Judina step back and hit against a tree and felt unknown about it.

Her mind was splitting and Kai slowly backed away herself. She had to leave, to go and so slowly she backed away from the opposite direction that Judina was. Once she was a several meters away, she turned and ran off after shaking her head with disbelief. The wind was frostbiting her face as she ran far away from where the two were and left behind everything she had. This seemed too perfect for some picnic, and it twas as for the animals ate it instead. Technically, she had no where to hide or run off to since she didn't have her own home... she was lost. Completely.


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Judina †
So as she sat there Judina felt for once lost, unsure what to do. This impact was much greater on her emotions then she ever trained for and felt ready for, so as her mind blanked out she was unsure what else was going on around her, Her mind tuned out still.

It felt like hours until a voice, one she did not know kind of snapped her back into reality asking her if she was okay, So unsure about it Judina would finally pick herself up and slowly fix up her mind like she needed too, dust the snow off of herself.

Picking up her pieces and getting them to go back on with her magic Judina was kind of still unsure, What else would she do? did she mess up that much? She would arrive to where she was staying eventually, Since after all she had nothing else at this point.

So as soon as she arrived there she would find a moment to mediate, After all it helped her it went on for a while while she did, it was fixing up her mind she was able to deal with things now as her felt her mind when into it's normal place.

It wouldn't be until the next morning Judina was really active, it not much would be heard from her until she heard a knock on her door, Walking over to a mailman at her door, Some one had gotten back to her finally.

With plans more detail then she first assumed, By that means a full on meeting with her mother and it was arranged and mention of set up, What exactly was going on Judina was unsure. But she assumed she would figure out tomorrow when she arrived to that very meeting.


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