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Lost and No Direction [Open]

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#1Varjo Ozoulf 

Lost and No Direction [Open] Empty Thu Jan 03, 2019 9:59 pm

Varjo Ozoulf
Many times before, she had walked these streets endlessly. Her feet were aching and sore from all the wandering about this jungle of a city. This was nothing like Iceberg. At least the towns were smaller, Fiore is full of large cities and impossible navigation. How could the natives get around here? Ghost grew more aggitated with the lack of landmarks here in this city. At least a street sign or something, nothing was standing out to her. Natives of Orchida could easily tell my her attire and looks, she was not from here. The pale-ghostly complex was her Varjo gotten her name Ghost.

Ghost had just arrived to Fiore not even a few days ago. Her father said to meet here in Orchida. she lacked the knowledge of the language. She knew some words that her father taught her when she was young, but she did not retain some of it. So when she spoke in the native Fiorian language, it was a bit broken. Most people could not understand her unless they spoke Icebergian, which was always a relief. A bench was nearby for her to sit on. Hold a piece of paper with the map of Fiore and Orchida circled. Everything was in Icebergian, so most people could not dis-cipher from the different language. "I hope someone will help me" she spoke in Icebergian. To other's ears, she spoke gibberish and quickly.

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#2Odin † 

Lost and No Direction [Open] Empty Fri Jan 04, 2019 4:29 am

Odin †

There were many things Odin had gotten used to in the human world. The first, and most obvious, was that it was full of humans, just as Odin desired, as SHE wished for human blood. Orchidia was one of the best places for this, especially since the flower festival. All year round, humans would flock to this town to see the flowers, to enjoy the natural beauty of Orchidia. This meant that, for Odin, there would be a plentiful selection for the harvest. All he had to do was find the first human to catch his eye. Or, in this case, ear.

Many things Odin had come to expect, but the language of his homeland was not one of them. It was a cry for help, but a cry in Icebergian. It caught Odin's attention almost instantly, as he translated it without hesitation. It was a language almost like from a long forgotten dream, words Odin had not heard for many years, a lifetime.

She was sitting on a bench, her pale complexion betraying her origins. She hadn't just learned the language, she was a native. Spear on his back, Odin stood in front of her, towering over her with his skeletal form.

"What do you need?"

#3Varjo Ozoulf 

Lost and No Direction [Open] Empty Fri Jan 04, 2019 7:56 am

Varjo Ozoulf
Looking at the map, she was trying to find the cafe that her father spoke they would meet. Ghost was just frustrated was all. No one here could speak Icebergian. At least one soul, just to make her feel right at home. That would make her day. Not paying attention to someone coming up to her. She heard her native tongue. Catching her off guard, she looked up to see a lich. Surprisingly, she was not scared of him, but in fact was interested in some way. Varjo lowered her map a little looking a little surprised. She blinked a few times and snapped out of her trance.

"i am try to find a cafe by the name of Parjo's Coffee. No one here can understand me. I guess your a native from Iceberg?" she asked. A bit relieved from trying to learn another language. That would take a lot of time especially trying to speak it. It was mostly broken. She knew a few words, but that was not enough to get by. The white haired woman was quite curious about this person or lich in front of her. He was not at all human, but rather bone? Energy?

She could not quite place her finger on it, but she found it cool. Never seen a lich before, she was just in aw. "I don't want to sound rude, but are you made of bone or energy? I have never seen one of your kind before" she asked, still vergy curious about this perosn in front of her.

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#4Odin † 

Lost and No Direction [Open] Empty Sat Jan 05, 2019 10:21 am

Odin †

The girl didn't run in terror at the sight of Odin, bringing a slight sense of relief in the Lich. This way, he would be able to take her wherever he wanted, and extract as much blood as he required. It seemed she wished to find a place known as Parjo's Coffee, a café by the sounds of things, although one Odin had never encountered himself. A plan started to form in his head, even as he spoke to the woman, easing her concerns as he brought her ever closer to danger.

"My parent's were from Iceberg, however I was born and lived here. I don't know where Parjo's Coffee is, but I'm sure I can ask someone and they'll tell me, and I can take you there."

Not waiting for a response, Odin approached a nearby local to Orchidia: one of the many people who had stopped in the street to stare at the Lich in their town. A woman, single mother by the stroller she pushed in front of her and clearly terrified by the Lich, told Odin everything he wanted to know. All it took was a little threat about harming her child and she gave up the information. Their destination was east, and that is exactly where Odin was planning on taking her.

He gestured for her to follow him, answering her question as they walked, "I am a creature of magic, but my form is bone. It's difficult to explain, but I am rather unique in that regard. My name is Odin, you?" Getting closer to the location, Odin ducked the woman down a side street, as it was the quickest way to get there. Whether she followed him into the empty street or chose to stand in view of bystanders, Odin would take his spear, and toss it into the air, where it would hover for a few seconds: the runic markings lighting illuminating the dark alleyway. He'd give the girl a chance to know the mistake she had made before attacking, that'd give her a chance to run if she wished. Although, she would not be able to outrun Odin's spear.


#5Varjo Ozoulf 

Lost and No Direction [Open] Empty Sat Jan 05, 2019 12:20 pm

Varjo Ozoulf
There was something off about this. Varjo knew that people in Fiore had their own issues like any other country. Everywhere had those issues and some really similar. She was new to Fioriam culture and knew only a few words. Hearing that his parents were from Iceberg but grew up here. It made her feel a little bit more alone. She moved her hair out of her eyes and followed him in where civilians were. It was common sense to be in with crowd a. She felt a bit over whelmed with huge amounts of people due to culture shock but she would have to get used to it.

"I see. It would be nice to meet others who speak the same language though" she spoke. She watched as he 'got directions' from a woman with a child. Of course, she felt a little nervous be the sight. Did not say anything. Ghost started to follow him but got the sense he was hiding something. Once she saw that she was leading him to a dark alley way with the spear. She stopped getting a dreadful feeling like on the day she lost her whole village. Immediately, she started to run the other direction.

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#6Odin † 

Lost and No Direction [Open] Empty Sun Jan 06, 2019 12:20 pm

Odin †

A deep, hollow laugh echoed through the alleyway, full of malice and vile intent. Odin did enjoy it when they tried to run, it made things so much more exciting for him. The moment he saw the girl turn, he sent the spear after her. There couldn't have been more than three or four meters between the two, a distance Gungnir could cross in an instant. And it did. The girl, who's name Odin hadn't actually caught before this altercation, had turned around and tried to run away from Odin in the other direction. She wasn't even looking at the Lich, too concerned about getting away, but this was why there was no way for her to move. She barely got one step before the spear buried itself in her shoulder. The force of the blow was so great that, coupled with the girl's attempted forward motion, the momentum would carry her straight down onto the ground.

Odin would approach her as the spear made contact, ignoring the horrified gasps of the townspeople. The girl would be on the ground, or perhaps she would be struggling to get up, but the pain in her shoulder would be great, not to mention the weight of the spear leaving her off balance.

"Now, what compelled you to think that was a good idea?"

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#7Varjo Ozoulf 

Lost and No Direction [Open] Empty Mon Jan 07, 2019 6:13 pm

Varjo Ozoulf
The Icebergian struggled to run, but she was forced to the ground. A spear pierced into her shoulder, digging into it. The pain was too much for her to bare. Looking back on her 'guide', she gave a glare. Not knowing what to say or do. The only thing she knew was to run. Being a low rank mage, she knew she could not do much nor escape.

"Instincts! What else would you expect"

She spoke. She struggled to stand, but yet again she fell down. Blood was staining her white shirt and covered her hand as she tried to stop the bleeding. There was not much she could do, but just take whatever may come her way. Ghost knew that she would live through this and would want to see her father again. The first impression of fiore was already something she regretted. Why did she even come here? What makes her father think this place would be any safer?

"Tell me...why are YOU doing this?" she would asked the Lich. Hoping he would at least spare her life, She felt like helpless prey that was wounded and waiting for them to end it.

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Lost and No Direction [Open] Empty Mon Jan 07, 2019 7:00 pm


Kyam roamed the streets of Orchidia with an unusual smirk on his face. This smirk wasn't the ordinary "I just did something amazing smirk", this smirk was the "I'm about to fuck shit up" smirk. The young Savannan was comfortable in his new plan, it involved him taking over both Fiore and Savannah so that he could be the king of two great countries. The confidence could be smelled from his skin as he walked with Ubuthi in his right hand, anxious for more power so that he could start his plan to change the world. Suddenly he saw a woman running away from an alleyway. The look in her eyes spoke loudly of a danger behind her. The woman couldn't get far though because just as she moved a spear went straight through her shoulder, pinning her down to the ground. The attack nearly surprised Kyam. It was rare for him to run into anyone who used spears.

"That looks like fun..." he said as he raised an eyebrow. It was evening, around 6:PM, the sun was setting beautifully and to compliment the sunset was fresh violence up ahead. Violence was always such a beautiful sight. Death, destruction, fire, he loved it all. Unfortunately The civilians didn't enjoy chaos. Multiple gasps came from the crowds of citizens. They all began to run as the man behind the spear attack revealed himself; A Lich. Normally the lamia scale mage would have just sat back and watched considering he enjoyed violence and chaos but there were too many people around for him to just do nothing, that could jeopardize his reputation as one of the "Good guys". Excitement was evident in the Prince's eyes when the skeleton man emerged from the shadows. There was a Lich...right in front of him. No doubt this was a being with secrets to great power.

The people of the crowds would make it near impossible for the Lich to notice Kyam. There were so many people running away from the creature of darkness that Kyam easily blended in with the blur of people running. Besides that, the Lich seemed to not even care about the crowd anyway. As the people ran for their lives, Kyam pointed his fingers upward creating small magic circles around the tips of them before a pair of red and gold magic circles would appear on the ground under the Lich. Immediately as the magic circles appeared from under him, harmless flames would engulf his body to slow his speed unless of course he was able to move from the surprise attack. The Prince wanted to ask the Lich some things to hopefully find a way to obtain power but the Lich would have to let that girl go first. If it didn't want to leave the girl alone then Kyam would simply have no choice but to fight him- not that he didn't want to anyway. After the fire would erupt from the magic circles only then would the crowd finally have disappeared, revealing Kyam. "Why would you try to kill someone at this time? It's far too early for this. Next time I suggest you do something like this around midnight. Trust me, tons of stupid people around here at that time." He'd say ready to reach to anything the Lich did.


#9Odin † 

Lost and No Direction [Open] Empty Tue Jan 08, 2019 1:41 am

Odin †

The spear embedded itself into the girl, sending her to the ground just as planned. Still she spoke, with more fire in her than Odin would have expected. If anything, the girl made him proud to be Icebergian. Never surrendering, and following her instincts, she was a good sort, and not someone Odin felt particularly strong about killing. As she tried to stand, the pain grew too much and she fell. The tip of Odin's spear would likely be soaked in the girl's blood, so really he was finished now. He walked over to her as he spoke, by which point he saw the crowd run in terror, expecting the final blow to come down.

"Why? I was ordered to and I saw the opportunity. I just needed a little bit of your blood. If you'd like, I'll happily help you find where it is you're trying to get to now."

Before he was able to hear an answer, he heard another voice speak up, this time in Fioran. Odin felt himself come under the effect of magic too, clearly an intervention from this new individual, who asked why Odin was trying to murder someone in broad daylight, instead of picking a better time like midnight. A deep, hollow chuckle reverberated through Odin as it escaped his skull, "Attacking in the night is something people do if they don't want to be found. Attacking in daylight, however, that's a power play. Killing in the middle of the day, in full view of everyone, that's what sends a message: 'Here I am, see what I am capable of, know you can't stop me'. Besides", Odin now pulled his spear out of the girl's shoulder, holding out a glass vial as he allowed her blood to trickle from the spear's tip into it, "I had no intention of killing her. I am actually still willing to lend her a hand if she needs one." Odin reached down to the girl, offering a bony hand to aid in helping her to her feet. Whether she took it or not was her choice.

"Wait, who are you anyway? Because really this is none of your business."

#10Varjo Ozoulf 

Lost and No Direction [Open] Empty Tue Jan 08, 2019 8:12 pm

Varjo Ozoulf
It was clear that he had not intent to hurt her. That was relief to her. She guess by being a fellow Icebergian, that spared her life. The Lich only wanted her blood. She was just glad that he did not want to kill her. Towards other races, she was more understanding and not angry. If that's all he wanted, she would rather have that than a limb or a life. She had to live on for Lydia no matter how hard it was. "If that's all you want, you could of just asked. I guess you need some entertainment" she spoke in her native language. Her emerald eyes glanced and caught her eye. She could understand bits and pieces what he was saying. It was in Fiorian of course. All she could make out as "Kill someone" and "stupid people".

Something did not sit right with her as she felt more comfortable with someone who could speak her langauge rather than someone who could not. Limited in Fiorian, she looked up at the Lich. Unsure of what to say or think, he offered his bony hand to her. Taking it, she was lifted up and looked at the horrfied crowd. Now, she really wished she never came to Fiore. Where could her father be? This was one hell of the first impression for the young Icebegian. "Whats going on? What does he want" she spoke to the Lich in Icebergian. Staring at Kyam, she was unsure and scared of what to do or think. Even with the Lich, she did not know these people. Odin was the most comfortable person at the moment since she lacked the ability to talk Fiorian.

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Lost and No Direction [Open] Empty Wed Jan 09, 2019 4:11 am

Kyam watched as the Lich spoke, the girl still on the ground struggling for her life. Kyam truly didn't care about the woman. To be quite frank her skin was pale and she was rather hideous. In fact, it probably would have been better if she was dead in the first place but alas he was a mage of a light guild and it was his duty to protect any weak ass individual who couldn't defend themselves. The Lich gave off an eerie vibe but for a second Kyam couldn't tell if he was actually evil or not. Through his skull the Lich began to talk, echoing words as he responded to the Savannan. Apparently he believed that killing people during the night was for people who didn't have balls as big as his- if he even had balls- and he was merely sending out a message by attacking in broad daylight. The fire that had engulfed the Lich vanished and now Kyam had a magical grip on him. The only reason he slowed his speed was to make sure that if he did have to fight the Lich he'd be exceptionally faster than him. However, the skeleton man assured the Lamia Scale mage that he didn't have intentions of hurting the woman. He took out a vial after ripping his spear from the girls shoulder, putting the blood from the spearhead into the container. The woman was then helped up by the Lich before she did something rather odd.

"Hey lady, are you stupid or something? I'm trying to save your dumbass..." he simply stated with an eyebrow raised. As if she no longer was afraid of the Lich for some weird reason that logically made no sense considering she was fearing for her life only a few moments ago, she stood beside the Lich calmly while giving Kyam an odd look as if he was the one who posed a threat. The Lich then asked him what his business was but the truth was that he really had no business here after all, sorta. "As a mage of Lamia Scale it's my duty to protect the people of Orchidia. Despite the hideous creature you have become, I doubt that I couldn't defeat you." He said with a creepy smirk. "Anyway, I saw that woman beside you running and then speared, so like any sane person would have assumed, I thought she was in trouble...but I guess not." He began as he slowly stepped forward towards the man, holding his spear down so the Lich wouldn't feel threatened. "However, I'm curious to know what secrets you may have." He stopped 3 meters away from the Lich.

"Kyam! Thank Illumin I ran into you" a voice called to him as he turned towards a boy. The boy was none other than a Neko apart of Lamia Scale known as Roger. Kyam turned towards the boy curiously wondering what the hell he could have wanted from him at this very moment. "Roger? What is it, Kid?" "It's Zena! W-we were trying to stop a group of bandits! We followed them to the forest but they blew our cover and-and they took Zena!" Kyam sighed with a slight frown. His eyes glared into the soul of the little Neko boy angrily before his expression quickly changed. Now he was smiling warmly with a fake worried look on his face. "You two have to be more careful, take me to her." He said as the boy trembled at yam's eyes before nodding when he realized Kyam wasn't mad at all. The boy smiled with relief. "Okay! come on!" He shouted as he began running towards the forest. "Unfortunately for me I have to cut this short." he said as he turned towards the Lich with a nod before following the boy.

~ EXIT ~

#12Odin † 

Lost and No Direction [Open] Empty Thu Jan 10, 2019 6:45 am

Odin †

To be honest, it was funny how this was working out for Odin. Despite having seemed like he was going to kill her mere moments ago, the Icebergian girl seemed more concerned about the man that had approached the two of them. Odin had, by some miracle of chance, actually become the good guy in this scenario, for reasons he couldn't quite fathom. Regardless, when the woman asked what the other guy wanted, Odin had no real reason not to answer, "He's asking why I haven't just killed you myself, and even said that, if I won't do it, he will. Just friendly banter." Odin had no reason to lie to the girl, but that didn't mean he wouldn't. This was an impressionable young woman, who could speak in a language only Odin could understand. The Lich had complete control over what she knew, and he fully intended to have fun with that knowledge.

The man, on the other hand, posed a much more interesting threat. He was a mage, which explained why he was so eager to help out, from Lamia Scale. One of the good guys in the world. He had acted as someone in his position should have, trying to save the damsel in distress, before Odin messed about with the situation. Now, the male wasn't so sure what was happening, which was fair considering the exchange that had just occurred. He started to move closer, spear in hand, as he asked about the 'secrets' Odin may hold.

However, whatever was going to happen next was interrupted by the appearance of some random Neko, which caused the male to leave as he was needed to assist in some kind of bandit encounter. "Duty calls", was all Odin said as the man left, before he turned towards the girl once more. The crowd had followed suit with the male and had all run away by this point, "Right, now what were we doing again?"

#13Varjo Ozoulf 

Lost and No Direction [Open] Empty Tue Jan 15, 2019 9:26 pm

Varjo Ozoulf
The man that looked from a forgien country had left. She could understand a little bit more that he saw her on the ground. A small boy was looking for Kyam and he had to leave. It was a little relieving to the young woman, but more alarming that she was with the Lich again. Yes. She felt a bit comfortable with him since they spoke the same language. It still did not mean she fully trusted him. After she had hasked her question, he was simple speaking truth. She nodded. "I see. Why are people in Fiore so...different from Icebergs? At least, we have a small family-like village. Here bigger cities with a lot more people. The life here seems a lot more difficult" she asked. She wanted to know more about the culture.

As the crowd faded, it brought more relief to Varjo. The large amounts of people really did not give her the welcoming she had so thought. Being a pale skinned white haired woman, it was obvious she was not from here. Silver hair was rare to come by after all. Odin had asked where they were going again. "Pargo's cafe. I need to meet someone there" she replied to his question.

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#14Odin † 

Lost and No Direction [Open] Empty Wed Jan 16, 2019 9:29 am

Odin †

A parallel was drawn that Odin hadn't considered for some time: the differences between the two nations. While Iceberg was a nation of tribal, nomadic people that stuck together and wandered through the wastelands that was their nation. Fiore was much more settled, people living in bustling towns and cities instead. Perhaps that was why many people in Fiore viewed those of the foreign nations as 'savages'. It was a different way of life, not necessarily better than any other, and yet the people would always find something different to scrutinise. It was one of the reasons Odin enjoyed being unrecognisable to any. He was no longer from any land, he was a being of magic.

"Every land, every people are different. Fiore and Iceberg are just two countries in a vast nation. It takes time to get used to one way of life when you're used to another." Dusting himself off, Odin then remembered what it was that he was doing here, and the girl confirmed his thoughts by mentioning the café, "Ah yes, now I remember. I wasn't actually lying about it before, this is the way to where you want to go. What is your name by the way?"

Heading through the alleyway would take them to a grand street, where Pargo's café would be on the other side.

"There we go, what did I say?"

It wouldn't take long before Odin would take the girl to where she wanted to be, and afterwards he would bid her farewell.


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