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The Plague [Quest | Augusta]

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#1Augusta Rhines 

The Plague [Quest | Augusta] Empty Wed Jan 02, 2019 7:09 pm

Augusta Rhines
It had been quite a bit of time since the last time that Augusta had met with the man. A Rune Knight, one of the few that she had ever encountered who seemed to have been so jaded, whether by his previous years in service or simply due to his age or otherwise outside factors like realizing the futilitiy of a fedu between the Rune Knights and the Holy Knights, that she felt comfortable enough tos ay that if she were to have exposed herself as a member of the Holy Knights herself, it would not have impacted the man’s position towards her. And that was a pure delight, something that she could not have understated just how important and valuable it was that it was the case or not. It was a small comfort, which if there were more people who may have replicated with what he believed, that the reasoning gbehind the idea of resistance is a foolish one that has no valid merit, not that of anything else that may have stood within its way, that was something that while she could have wishe dit as much as she could have possibly, she knew that it was neither feasible, nor something that could have or would have happened. This man, for as many flaws as he may have had, he was an aminority when it came to his positon ont eh whole war, so it was a slight disappointment, though it also meant that she did not have as much of an sisue with the guy when he had called upon her for some aid. It was not the first time that they had worked together, nor did she expect that last time, their second encounter, would have been their last time either. The first time, she had been tasked with cutting down a tree plant that had somehow managed to grow large because of magic, as crazy as that sounded, and then tehe second time she had been asked to go into a forest that had been infused with the very same magic and was tasked with retrieving samples, all the while suffering from them tyring to siphon away her own magical power, as even crazier as that sounded. Point being, the past two tasks that she had helped with were not ones that were convenentiaol, nor things that she would have suspected that she would have helped with the rune kni8ghts in a matter towards, yets that was what she had done, and she had little reason to suspect hat this time around, things would have been any different, but that all the more likely that if they were to again meet for a job, it was very likely that it had something to do with the previous tasks, or in some capacity at least have to do with whatever it was that the scientiests and experts that there were for the second job had manged to discover from the forest that she’d been in.


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Augusta Rhines
Having seen the address of who the letter was from, Augusta had not yet read the contents of it, thereby going into this job with a level of blindness that she typically did not go ahead and carry out. Uusally, she had done more to make sure that there were no questions or things that would otherwise have her worried or wondering whether or not it was something that should have been or would be reasonable to be worried for. Either way, what was important and what mattered was that this was another job, another chance to build ion her repour with the guard and further reinforce what could have been a valuable asset for when she would eventually go ahead and make her siege upon this city. But that could not happen in any time soon, and if she were not to carry out this job, then she was going to have to go ahead and finish out the job as it was needed, and as such, she opened up the contents of the letter finding that was what written on it to be vague, if not inteitonally so, but the reason for that was far from what she might have been made awarea of or otherwise could have known or solved. As such, instead she decided it was better to just head to the address and then from there find out just what it was that was going on, and perhaps if there was some reason to the secrecy, then maybe this had something to do with it, though she had to believe that it had to have been related ot what the previous jobs ahd been about, the large plant and the subsequent forest hat was overflowing with Magical energies. Given how invested the parties seemed to have been during that one, she had to believe that it was releated to that job, and as she hurried along towards the next spot that she was supposed to meet the man at, she found that she was being stopped, or at least she felt like it was, that there was someone following her, though they had been carefl as to keep hidden, but not revealing enough of them for Augusta to be able to see what was going on or if it came to it, using her Millenium Wand to cause a bit of bedlam, so instead she figured she just continue on, and after a short time once she had almost reached the spot that she was supposed to meet the man at, she was a bit surprised to notice that the man had reached out to her first, stopping her midway from the originally intended destination point. He looked faiguted, as though he had been running for a lengthy amount of time, which only lent to the idea that this was going to be something that was far more serious than anyone might have realized at first. Whatever the job would be, it was apparently serious.


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Augusta Rhines
Not surprisingly, it turned out that the man was worried about ht eplan tsubstance that they had run in to twice before, the same plant that had grown large and the same substance that had caused the forest to overgrow to the point of being a biohazard, and yet at the same time, it felt like the forest was far enough out of the way to avoid having to wrroy about it, or at least that the people in the city would dnot have to worry about. As it turned out though, that was not the case at all, as it seemed that the speicmens that had been acquired on the visit to the forest were instead festering and caused a huge infection within the city, or rather, a part of the city that had been cut off from the rest of ht ecity in an effort to quaranteen the city. The people had managed to get out with out there being any significant issues or health effects as far as they could see right now, but that did not mean the same for those hwho may have had pets, particulary the pets themselves. Dogs and cats were going mad, having been ifused with the eneriges of whatever this sort of virus was, growing much larger, having more strength and speed than otherwise, as well as being something in which caused them to go feral, attacking anyone and anthying that might have come into their pathways, including other creatuers. There was a growing concern that these creatures would have been able to spread that through any sort of bite or injury inflicted upon a person, and with how it was affecting them, with humans already having the ability to be affected by Magic, it was likely that this stood to be a form of terrorism in order to uproot and cause rogue mages to go overboard and overloaded in energies that they could not handle, essentially turning them into magic bombs that could have gone off at any point. It was for this reason that Augusta was being called in, hoping that they would have been able to kill off this infection much before that of anyone being affected or otherwise having to suffer such a fate. However, because fo the limited amount of forces that the Rune Knights had, as wella as the lack of experience that they had towards something of this nature, it was enough hof a reason for them to seek out someone like Augusta who had displayed bravery twice over and then they would be better equipped to handle whatever else might have been left after she dealt with the larger amount of the forces. Augusta was not keen on this, not only that she was going in alone in spite of her talen levels or her abilities which wasn’t that of a concern herself, but rather at the fact that she felt like this was going to be the last job she’d be doing.


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Augusta Rhines
She got to the area not too long after meeting with the Rune Knight, and from what she could get out of him, it seemed that there was a lot that was being left in the dark, too much information that was still not entirely clear, thoughs he was certain that he gave her all the information that she could have possibly given, even in spite of it seeming like there might have been more or less information against that of what it at least seemed, and there was no real telling in just how truthful, or not that he was being. In some ways, it wasn’t too far off from what it appeared as she saw that the creatures were large, at least twice if not even three or four times as large as usual, which for a rabbit was not an issue, though when compared to that of say a creature like a large dog, would be a bit more worrisome. However, Augusta was not too worried as it seemed the creatures were not as capable of stopping or moving without there being a delayed reaction, as though their vision had been harmed to permanent levels to the point of being unable to do anything more than just being forced to adjust just as something entered their vision right in front of them. So long as she was out of that sight line, she would be safe, and as such, Augusta began to go through the part of the city, being careful and mindful as to what might have been nearby and where they might have been in relation to her at any given point. Unlike in the forest, she was not feeling weak or fatigued, and was fine, making her believe that the creatures ahd absorbed everything about this sort of virus, and that was something that she could have lived with without there being any real issue, and the longer that she was there, the more she dealt with the animals, using objects like cement blocks and hard metal rods to knock out the animals, being carefult o not only oavoid the blood but also to make sure that they were going to be out of the way. It took a while, but after a long time it didn’t sem like there were many creatures left that could have bene a problem for Augsuta or even the Rune Knights at this point. Augusta felt that she had done enough with these craetures and returned to the rune knight and his men that were waiting for her to return, and as she explaindd things against what they had heard and told her beforehand, theywe re able to go in and deal with the creacrutres themselves, allowing Augusta to take a break and receive a reward for what she had to go through in this, and she took it, happy but knowing that there was going to be another job relating to this at some point in time.


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