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Uprooted and Freshly Potted [Social/LS]

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#1Fibi Hoenheim 

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Fibi Hoenheim
It was a long road, well, that was a bit of a misnomer. It was hard to say it was a long road when it was more than a road. It was more of a trek through mountains, cliffs, valleys, forests, and towns. And then several train rides, before it was a winding road of smuggling oneself under the dead of night to make sure you safely crossed the borders undetected by the mafiosos that were looking to claim your head for some debt you owed. What's a little debt to someone that was forced to inherit it? Right? It's not like it was anything major. Just a few, hundred, million upon million jewels. Dammit grandpa.

Anyways, Fibi Hoenheim, the green haired girl from Bosco was fresh in to Fiore, and, she needed to find a place she could set up shop so to speak. Someplace where she could earn her keep, find some safety and a roof over her head, someplace she could use her skills as a merchant. So, naturally, she would become a glorified mercenary in a guild when all of her natural choices were declined outright. The concept of a guild was ideal for her. A group of people she could rely on, but, she was afraid of that attachment for the most part. From everything she had heard about guilds, she got the impression that most were out for themselves and the guild's best interest. In the back of her mind, she had to consider, what if she wasn't the one that would be the guild's best interest, but selling her off to the Bosco Mafia?

It's a thought that nagged at the paranoid mind of the wood make mage who found herself in Orchidia's streets, biting on to her thumb while her other hand clutched the elbow that belonged to the thumb that she was nibbling on while she paced up and down the winding streets. Somehow, some of these streets made no sense.

You could go up an incline, and be over a street you were just walking on, like the street had looped around itself and swung back around instead of branching off in to different streets. And then there were dead ends that ended in fine tapered points. Not to mention the various salesmen that were trying to push off cheap wares to her. Fibi just brushed them off, ignoring them out of the merchant's eye that she had. She knew cheap stuff when she saw it. Besides, she needed all the jewels she had to begin with.

After several hours of exploring the streets of Orchidia, Fibi came to a succinct realization, she had managed to get herself lost. Welp, time to meander about until she found someone that could help her out, and help her clear her head.


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It must have been forever since the Prince of Malia, the Lamia Scale mage known as Kyam, had a smoke. Today was different though. He was feeling much better ever since Konstantin had successfully rid his body of the demonic power that was possessing him. No more headaches, no more unwanted pain (because in certain instances pain proved to be enjoyable) and no more chaotic temptations... okay so maybe that part was untrue, still he felt fine. He decided later he'd give the Church of Illumin a visit but at the moment he just wanted to relax and enjoy the day. His spear was on his back being held by a carrier whilst he strolled through the streets of Orchidia, not a worry in the world at the moment. The marijuana was definitely helping him. Kyam pulled from the marijuana cigarette, inhaling all the fumes before closing his eyes for a split second to exhale. "Ahh." Although his body felt a little off, it was nothing that he couldn't shrug off. The streets of this town were always filled with merchants and the like, much of which he ignored because of their ability to annoy the hell out of you, but as of late their items seemed to worsen. Kyam was a man of class, he would buy nothing but the best so these workers hadn't a single chance.

It was midday; the sun was was shining- but not annoyingly so- and the breezes were gentle. The Lamia Scale mage had still been in a suit and tie, nothing too fancy but one that could convince the people around him that he was a businessman. As he continued walking he could see a green haired girl strolling through the streets as well, nothing unordinary...except...well...her. Kyam raised an eyebrow when he noticed the girl. She stood out like a sore thumb with that leafy green head of hers. The space between them began to shrink as they both walked towards each other. He noticed that she was biting her thumb. Nervous maybe? Still, he didn't intend on bothering her. "She's cute though." he said to himself as he dragged from his joint once more.

#3Fibi Hoenheim 

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Fibi Hoenheim
Well, when you are so deep in thought, you tend to lose touch with the world, if only for a little while. She was in her own world. Distracted, easily approached. Fellow merchants and pawning fencers being brushed off as second nature, the girl acting on instinct to keep them away. But, for anyone else that wanted to approach her, Fibi was easily sneaked up on like a master ninja that grew up mute and had the innate ability to hover, at least, that's a good analogy describing how she was approached by Kyam. And when he got close enough for her to smell that earthy aroma of that cigarette, she looked up, and turned around to see the man approaching her.

Deer. Headlights. Shock. Awe. A startled squeak, and a girl jumping backwards, Fibi landed on her ass, and promptly scrambled backwards. She was not wearing any dress or skirt today thankfully. She was in an orange jacket with a fur lined collar, and fur fringed sleeves. Black shorts on her legs with knee high socks coming up from her shoes. Those red glass goggles on her head falling so one goggle covered one eye. Fibi just sat there for a moment, staring at the man.

If nothing was said or done, the staring contest would continue, with her heart starting to race while she just sat there, astonished, a little more than surprised. In the back of her mind, on first looks alone with all the thinking she was doing, she was thinking this was a professional hit man sent her way to take her life, that this was the end, that she had defaulted on her debt, that she was about to, oh god this was too much for her to consider! She was about to go light headed just from thinking about it!

Though, if Kyam stepped forward, or tried to say anything, Fibi would roll backwards and get in to a crouched position, before she crossed her arms in front of her chest, only to clap her hands together, with a green magic circle showing up behind her back, Holz Machen: Blatt!" She called out in a Boscosi accent before she spread her hands, creating a cloud of wood chips that formed in to a wood carving of a large leaf in the air. Something she would use to jump up on to, grabbing and climbing on to. From which she would leap to a nearby window, looking to try and climb her way out of here.

Which, would just look sad as Fibi was not strong in the upper body, or any body, so it looked like the weakling in P.E. trying to do their first pull up on the bars. Kicking and flailing and everything, while she muttered about how bothersome this was in her Boscosi dialect.

Spell used:

175/200 mp


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At first Kyam hadn't planned on interacting with the green haired girl. Why would he? Besides the fact that she was the odd one out amongst the otherwise "normal" people of Orchidia, he didn't need to interact with her but obviously she was quite the frightened one. The Lamia Scale mage took a mother pull from his joint as he was directly in front of her, causing her to be startled and jump back with a squeak. "Hm?" he raised a brow at her reaction. That had never happened before, nobody had ever been afraid of Kyam from just simply looking at him. Was she like...racist or something? Kyam stared blankly at her goggles fall onto her face. She was awkward and for a moment the two made eye contact. Both just...staring at one another. Kyam was rather confused whilst the green-headed girl was obviously afraid. After a moment of both of them awkwardly gazing upon each other, the prince decided to speak. He stepped forward to reach with his hand but all that caused her to do was go into full protection mode.

"Hey kid-" he began. She, however, would not wait for him to finish speaking. Instead she crossed her arms shouting some weird words with a heavy accent of some sorts, and summoning what appeared to be a leaf made of wooden chips? "A nature mage?" he asked himself. Her accent gave away that she wasn't from Fiore so perhaps this was her first time here and she didn't know what to expect. Even so, she was a mage so there was little to no reason for her to have so much fear, unless she wasn't the best at protecting herself. Quickly the girl climbed onto the wooden leaf then scurried into a window about 2 stories high. Kyam was interested. "Hmmm..."

The royal man turned to one of the food vendors beside him grabbing an apple before turning back and lifting it so that the woman could see it. "Hey! That's 30 jewels!" With a grunt Kyam placed the spliff between his lips and quickly fished out about 100 jewels before throwing it at the vendor with a fake smile. Then he turned back towards the frightened girl."Hey don't be afraid, I assure you I won't hurt you..." he began as the crowd walked around whatever was happening only glancing at them as they walked by. "You aren't from this country are you?" he asked matter-of-factedly "Me neither, I'm also not from this country. Plus...I bought an apple for you. Do you like apples?" he asked warmly with a genuine smile. His eyes though...they were daunting almost always, but that couldn't be helped.

#5Fibi Hoenheim 

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Fibi Hoenheim
Dangling, dangling, just idly dangling. Fibi continued to mutter and grumble before she felt her fingers starting to quake, the grip strength she had starting to wane. She tried one more time to try and pull herself up, but, only slipped backwards, and landed on the ground harmlessly as she did with a bit of a thud. Okay, maybe not harmlessly. She wasn't maimed, or horribly and irrevocably disfigured or anything. But, she landed on her posterior rather firmly.

More concerned with her immediate physical health, she rubbed the top of her head, while another hand reached back to rub her lower back. "That's going to leave a bruise." She said in Boscosi before the man approached her again. Not in a threatening manner. So, maybe he wasn't an assassin, or working for the Bosco Mafia. Mostly because he didn't seem to understand some of the words she said. What was so hard to understand about Holz Machen? That was Wood Make. Like, as a hard translation. ANd she just made wood!

The two would share one more staring contest as the apple was offered to her, before she would reach up to gingerly take it, and reeled backwards to take a firm bite out of it with both hands holding its back. The look of satisfaction on her face was a tell. A tell she hadn't had much to eat recently. When your whole life gets uprooted, and you have to make a run from your home country, you can't afford many meals. So, anything fresh was welcome to the girl.

A few loud crunches of her masticating in to the skin of the fruit, followed by her savoring the build up of juices on the bitten out cusp of the edible thing through an audible slurp, and she was sitting back, sighing to herself as her stomach would calm down, for now. When she was hungry, she tended to get a bit more actively paranoid.

Fibi would look back to Kyam, answering his question, "No, I am not from Fiore. But, I came here, to try and make a new life? Thank you for the apple, and I am sorry about freaking out. I thought you were someone else." The girl said, pulling her knees up to her chest, pressing her face in to them while mumbling a bit in to them.


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Kyam raised his hand in the air only to see the girl struggling to hold herself up. He was too high to realize that she was slipping so before he could even help her she fell. With his arm still raised in the air with the apple towards the window, his head turned to face her. The joint between his gloved fingers was no more than a simple bud now so he threw it away. Kyam wasn't very good when it came to dealing with things while he was under the influence, this whole situation just seemed to have so much going on at one time it was kinda draining. Only when the girl finally took the apple, he decided that he'd at least give her some direction.

For someone who was mainly interested in helping himself he always seemed to invest time in other people too. He knelt down in front of her as she took a large chunk from the fruit. A light smile sat upon his lips as his suns of eyes gazed at the apple- then at her while she ate. If he was being honest; she did seem a little young but, nevertheless, a woman who could be capable of fulfilling his fantasies if he decided that's what the goal was. How did foreign woman taste? He had only ever had Fiorian women and his fair share of Neko's but never one with an accent like hers.

Finally the girl was done and began speaking in Fiorian. So the common tongue was understood, this was perfect. It'd be so time draining to have to figure out what she was saying. The girl kind of reminded Kyam of himself when he first came here. He was nervous walking through Orchidia alone but eventually it became easy. Sure enough if this girl needed a place to stay then Orchidia was the perfect town. "No worries it's nothing. You did put on a rather entertaining show." He chuckled. "Who could I have possibly been that frightened you that much?" Trying to make a new life? freaking out like that because she thought he was someone else? She sounded like she was tryin to escape something.

#7Fibi Hoenheim 

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Fibi Hoenheim
Fibi just looked to the side when Kyam came closer and asked her about what it was she was so scared of that she freaked out at his presence. She just coughed it off and waved her hand to dismiss it off to the side. She didn't really want to talk about it, "Oh it's just, you know. One of those things where you think you see someone else in the eyes of another person. You know, that thing?" She said with a nervous chuckle before looking back at the apple.

She brought it back to her mouth and continued to voraciously eat at it. She ate like someone that had never been given a good meal, or any meal at all. She looked healthy enough. How the hell would someone like her look so healthy if she ate so hungrily?

"Thank you by the way," She said, finishing the apple, "I'm Fibi, Fibi Hoenheim. It's nice to meet someone that can be nice." She smiled, the town was rather scary, or, at least these winding back alleys of paths like gnarled tree roots were scary.

But, at least she was getting some of her bearings. Fibi looked away from the man, and off down the street. If he was keen enough, he might just see that bar code printed on the back of her neck. Of course, asking someone you just met about that, may not have the best results. Fibi wasn't really thinking about if it was showing or not, she was more concerned with finding a place to stay.


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Kyam raised an eyebrow at the girls response. It was obvious she didn't want him in her business which reminded him a lot of himself. The girl then began to eat that apple, nearly finishing it in a few bites. The way she ravaged it made it evident that she was pretty hungry. Kyam stood up and placed both his hands in his pockets, his eyes lowering and reddening from the effects of the marijuana. The world seemed so perfect in this moment, especially now that he was faced with such a soft soul. His heart was so darkened and nearly frozen so it felt good to see someone who was nearly his exact opposite- or so it seemed.

Fibi was her name. She mentioned so after thanking him saying that it was nice to meet someone as nice as him. "Fiorians are rather mean aren't they? Haha, I'm Kyam, nice to meet you Fibi." Fibi turned for a moment and revealed what looked like some sort of code on her neck. A runaway slave? He thought. He wasn't sure if illegal slavery existed anywhere in Fiore but it sure as hell did exist legally in other countries. With a warm smile he began to speak. "I've got to get going now Fibi, but listen..." he began. Seeing that she was a mage and obviously lost maybe she needed a new home? "I'm from a guild known as Lamia Scale. it's a pretty popular guild with lots of nice people. A lot of them are a bit weird looking, but they're all pretty strong mages. If you need a home or a way to make some money, stop by Lamia Scale and tell them Kyam sent you." He said with a smile before slowly walking past the girl, shouting towards her as he left.

"You look like you could use a shower too!"

~ EXIT ~

#9Fibi Hoenheim 

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Fibi Hoenheim
Kyam, a name she wouldn't forget, someone that was kind enough to give her something without asking for anything in return, Fiorians were quite mean, "yeah, the other day, three people just came up and tried to take every Jewel I had left...But, someone helped me catch them, I think that was, a week ago? It's--hard to remember when you kind of fall asleep when you are hungry." She said with a smile that said she was nervous, or, scared? Either way, it was nice to have someone else that was so happy to help her.

Lamia Scale, she had heard about guilds, being much nicer than mercenary corps back in Bosco, and MUCH MUCH nicer than any mafia, but, there were dark guilds too, Lamia Scale, however, was certainly a nice guild, judging by how nice Kyam was to her. She slowly stood up and smiled, finishing off the top and bottom of the apple, where a lot of the sugar was, the small mushroom cap section around both ends until the core remained, a perfect cylinder with its seeds showing.

"Yeah, I'll go over there right now, and see if I can join them. Thank you, thank you so much!" She called back, hand at the side of her mouth while she declared her intent to join Lamia Scale, "And you need to stop smoking those things! You big jerk!" SHe blurted out in response to being told she needed a shower, how rude.


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