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Train With Me [Quest: Augusta]

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#1Augusta Rhines 

Train With Me [Quest: Augusta] Empty Wed Jan 02, 2019 5:46 pm

Augusta Rhines
Augusta had seen more and more of the city of Orchidia, coming to believe that this was a far more expansive place than anything in which she could have predicted. She had been here once before, some two years ago, during the Flower Festival, but even then, there had been a very limited amount of time that she had been there, much of the festival coming to an end, though even then, much of the city had been locked off. She had not taken a greater chance in exploring here, and having ignorantly believing that the city was bound only by its dimensions, she did not realize that it expanded even further than before, its grasp and growth going to that of the forests that surrounded it. It was an impressive sight realy, to know that this was a city that could have easily eclipsed anything of that which she encountered outside of Fiore. For those places, the amount of outer terrain was not nearly an implactful matter as it was with here, as here there were far more ways in which could have been a detrimenetl to her forces when the time would come that she would finally lead her forces against that of anything that this city might have brought against her. The woods were thick, deep, and expanded out for what seemed like miles, making the chance that hse would have been able to goi through and map out anything that may have been of note would be a near challenge, if not an impossible nature. The best alternative to dealing with it would be to raze the forests entirely, leaving it nothing more than a giant pile of smoldering ash and flame, yet even with that there proved to be considerable risk. To expand and develop flames large enough that would wholly engross it while being able ot prevent as much of an offensive as the forces of Fiore would be able to launch from within, even with a limited amount of time. Too that even, with as many ways in and out of the city, and with how expansive and large that this might be, it would mean that if there was nay sort of indication before hand, it would be a perfect place for the resistance against her to stockpile weaposna nd aarmaments to the point where it could be their own secondary command base. It would be a mixed bag, on one hand enabling for them to prolong a fight, but it would also mean that resources form the city and elsewhere would be siphoned there, and to conqeuer and or destroy it, would be a huge blow against the resitsance. To destroy the forests would potentially be a far greater boon that that of what she might have expected it to have be initially, and because of that, it was worthwhile knowing as much as she could in the forest thereby giving her the chance to scope it out before and after.


#2Augusta Rhines 

Train With Me [Quest: Augusta] Empty Wed Jan 02, 2019 5:46 pm

Augusta Rhines
Augusta would get her chance to scope out these forests after agreeing to assist someone with what she described as some sort of training, a simple enough task for her to handle without really worrying about what it might have entailed. To train in the forest, that could have been for a number of reasons, though Augusta did not stress too much about why it was that this person sought to train here. It could have been for the terrain, as training in the forest would be something that many would be struggling to endura and train within, especially given an enemy that may not be adjusted to it, and therefore it would lead to the person who did have training being able to take the fullest advantage, even if the combat skill was not at an equal level. If someone was unable to adapt to the etterain, then they are at a disadavntege, regardless of their ksill level save for a master. A master could compensate for this, but many can not. So it would make sense to be here. Another reason could be a worry of being exposed, whether it was poor technique, an overinflated ego, or something of that effect. Going by the request, Augusta had to assume the later than that of the former. When she met with the woman, it only validated her suspsicion of the woman and why it was that she was in the forest, not out of some desire to better be familiar with uneven terrain, but rather because her skills were so lacking that to be seen in public, and for Augusta even, to be training her in public, would be a huge embarrassment. That she was even able to hold a sword was nothing short of impressive, and as the two trained, Augusta more and more came to believe that she would not be able to succeed or achieve very much, though it was worthwhile appareciating the fact that she was kind of someone who may or may not have been able to survive, or if the expectation that she would have been what was against Augusta when she would have laucnehded her attack, it left the Holy Knight with very little to be concerned with. As far as Augusta was concerned, training this woman would not matter much, it would not have a lasting impact other than peroviding eher with a few extra jewels than what she started out with. There was little hope for her, and everything that she was seeing further proved to Augusta that this would end up being a lost cause, but she persisted on, trying as she could to train her for whatever that might have amounted to. In time, it was sort of seeming like she was beginning to get a good understanding of whatw as going on, though it was very true as well that she was hardly someone who was impressive, but at least she paid Augusta once it was over.


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