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Remove The Drunk [Quest: Amen'ra]

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Remove The Drunk [Quest: Amen'ra] Empty Wed Jan 02, 2019 2:31 pm


Sitting in a bar waiting for someone to come wasn't exactly how Amen'ra liked to spend his time, but when money was involved he didn't exactly mind. Especially for a task as easy as this one, he wouldn't need armor or anything of the sort to handle his associate Mitya. After all, he was only here because of Enil and his own concern for the sanity of his customers with Mitya not being able to handle his liquor.

So with his own glass of water he would run his finger around the rim while sitting at the bar, taking a cool refreshing sip every so often. Letting the cold liquor quench his thirst, even if he wished he was drinking something with a little more... kick. Too bad, he had a job to do and he wasn't going to end up drunk brawling with anyone. Sober brawling was still acceptable though.

As if his prayers were answered it seemed Mitya had finally showed up, sitting at the bar beside the spellsword and ordering drinks. He seemed pretty pissed, Amen'ra could tell, but he wasn't going to allow anything besides a bad attitude to start coming from the man but he looked fine.

Amen'ra sighed in wait, his leg crossing over the other and laying flat while he placed on hand on his knee and the other on his ankle. Twisting back and forth on the bar stool silently while watching Mitya from the corner of his eye every so often, seeing the man doing just fine. He didn't even seem to really feel like expressing his anger and instead was ordering shots of patron silver, tequila and glasses of of rum and coke.

Which might not have seemed like an issue for some but for the warrior mage he'd already known that things were going to go south, fast. No one besides a special breed could possibly mix all three of those and leave peacefully and so he began to stretch, cracking his neck and back while taking more sips of his water.

That's when he saw Mitya get bumped by a passerby-er and drunken slurs and profanity started to fill the room. Just great, it was definitely time for him to do exactly what he'd come there for. The man had to go and so he slowly stood, black boots firm to the ground and blue jeans fitted to his form, and stepped up to the drunken man. His red sweater flexing when he moved his arm to grip the charging drunks shoulders and stop him from attacking the man.

"You and I, outside, right now Mitya."

Amen'ra spoke and while the man protested at first he clearly hadn't expected the other man to be as strong as he was, forcing the drunkard to walk beside him like a parent dragging away their child. If it came down to it Amen'ra wasn't against spanking him like a parent would, it was what he was paid to do after all.


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Watching the man wobble behind him like a new born deer was almost sad, if not for the fact that he was an adult and could make his own decisions. It still didn't do him any favors to act like a plastered moron because of his own repressed feelings but Amen'ra wasn't here to judge him, more so to do his job. All while keeping the peace which didn't seem to be the case anymore.

Stepping through the crowd of people, with Mitya in hand, he could feel the drunk man attempting to pull himself away from his grip but it was to no avail. Eventually they would make their way out of the door and Amen'ra would plant Mitya in front of himself, almost like a child. His face was stern and his voice even more so, just so that he could let the man know that he was not here to play with him.

While he might of taken a mission before from the man and didn't find him to be completely unbearable, he was no fool to the effects of alcohol. It could turn the most tranquil of figures into raging beats of war, an annoying quality true, but one to be expected.

"You need to calm yourself or you will not be welcomed back in."

His words of course were met with profanity and ab attempt to shove past the Holy Knight, of course he didn't move an inch. Like a tree he stood firm and it caused Mitya to nearly lose his balance from stumbling into what likely felt like a brick wall. Another attempt and now Amen'ra was bringing up a finger to perfectly jab the man in his pectoral pressure point when he tried to come forward, sending him lurching back away from the finger.

"Mitya, I don't want to hurt you, but you're making a scene and Enil has made it very clear that he isn't having it today."

Amen'ra was as monotone as he'd ever been, it was if he was bored with the situation but more so he was tired of trying to keep the man from getting in. After all, several minutes had passed now and the two of them continued to struggle against one another. Mitya drunkenly trying his best to get around the bars impromptu bouncer and the holy Knight simply rolling his eyes at the trouble maker.

It didn't take long for Amen'ra to finally lift his hand and aim it at the man, the limb beginning to spark with multi colored light almost light electricity. He would zap the man if he didn't leave and he made that very clear to which Mitya finally lifted his hands in defeat and began to stumble away. Perfect, just in time for Enil to come out of the bar and pat Amen'ra on the shoulder to symbolize a job well done.

It might not have been the most exciting mission, but the reward was appreciated all the same.


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