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Welcoming Committee [Quest | Augusta]

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#1Augusta Rhines 

Welcoming Committee [Quest | Augusta] Empty Wed Jan 02, 2019 1:12 pm

Augusta Rhines
She ahd ben around all thoughout Orhcidia at this oint, having seen much fo the city, still having to see more, but something hat did not iinitially come to her that she was kicking herself over was the fact that she had so blindly and foolishly assumed was that there had only been one way in or out of the city. There were no shortage of fortresses that she had managed to attack outside of Fiore that had been confined to a single entrance way, a chokepoint if she needed it to be, or even that of a place to simply bolster and assault until the end of whatever sort of resistance they might have put up against her. That was not always the case though, and typically enough there were reasons why she brought scouts with her, giving her a better way to map out her attack plans. More often than not, if such a scenario where she had the option of multiple entrances, it was a perfect way to isolate and wipe out the forces sooner. Set up a main force to assault from one area, and then have other forces set up in other areas that would either push there as well, pincering forces, and then leaving another force in what might at least appear to be a safe escape for the people, only for whomever was stupid enough to go out that route to be wiped out and massacred in bulk. Those were among some of her favorite options, though too it meant that there were those who would be willing to be forcibly converted who would be slaughtered as a result, so while there was a benefit to that option, it came with a cost. It also meant that there stood a greater chance for her forces to be lost, though she found that the losses were usually lower than that of when it was aisngular point in whichs he had to charge her forces through it. The fact that she had not given any respect to this philosoph to Orhcidia until now was something that she found herself kicking herself over. The sooner she addressed that, the better, but to her dismay, the city was too large for her to conveneinetly locate and figure out just what might have been the best routes. She knew there was one in which was heavily travelled by the farmers and peasants to work in the fields, and that would have been a great one to strike at, but there were probably more than enough ways to escape, and with it being a route that was so populated and heavily trafficked, it would be as hard if not harder to ensure that the city was not locked dodwn with someone or something coming from the original route. Because of that, it became a case of not just wanting to know how lese to enter or escape the city, but rather instead it was now a much greater priority.


#2Augusta Rhines 

Welcoming Committee [Quest | Augusta] Empty Wed Jan 02, 2019 1:12 pm

Augusta Rhines
IT did not take her very long before she was able to find what looked at least to be another entrance in and out of the city, arguably one in which was used more by travelers than that of the initial route in which had entered the city the first time. There were plenty of people who were there, both coming and going in and out of the city as fast and as frequently as someone might have done something like taking ab reath. It was a bit impressive, but made her worry that there may have been other ways getting in and out of the icty in such an amount of time. As she walked along, she was stopped by someone who seemed to be in need of some help whatever it was that did not matter to aAugsta at all, but at the same time, it was something that would at the least enable her to get a better feel for who was coming in and out of the city. She was handed a stack of fliers and asked to give them out to people and it felt like it was a job that was dumb, too dubm to believe that someone of her caliber was forced to do, but it would be a good esxucse for her to get some more information on the city, whether in the fliers or by people who were coming and going. It wasn’t long though until someone had come by and the man who had given Augsuta the fliers found himself leaving, thereby depriving her of the information she was hoping to siphon out of him, leaving her to her own with all of these fliers which was dubm and yet she was still there doing the job, as requested. She gave out the fliers as needed and it did not seem like it was going to be much of a valuable process, until she looked athe fliers. The fact ath they had a map and she didn’t realize this until now was something that nnoyed her, more for the fact that she didn’t think of doing something like this before, even if it was just taking a flier for the sake fo it. After a short time, the guy returned and things seemed to go back to normal, though after a short time, he departed again with someone else, which made Augusta wonder what she was even doing there. This continued on for quite a while and she began to realy just want to tkill the man for forcing her to waste away a day doing this stupid little task, regardless or not if she was getting paid for it, and honestly that was perhaps the only reasons why she stuck around. Jewels were not the easiest thing to come by without it being funded to her and she needed what she could get. After what seemed like forever, the man finally finished his tours and she was finally paid.


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