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Just a nibble [Judi]

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The night air was supposed to be good for him, but all it did was make him cold. The colder he got the more irritated he was, without anywhere to live for the night he was trying his hand at staying up all night but that was to no avail. Without his magic the werewolf inside of him had taken over completely, every corner he turned he was looking for a fight, he could smell out rats, thieves and thugs and every time he had found them he had tried to kill them. Some had gotten away lucky, especially when he tried to bite them.

He was going wild, eventually he heard someone call for a Rune Knight to be called and that only drove him up the wall further. Even while attacking another thug he had lost it, eventually the thought of the coming knight vanished as he listened to the man’s wail of pain as Baron held his collar and stood over him. He hadn’t killed anyone, he hadn’t hunt in a long while but now he had a free reign to make a sacrifice to the god of the hunt.

He raised his fist to end the male’s suffering and make a worthy sacrifice only to hear a footstep break the built silence. Turning around he’d notice a figure, “Oh uh, hello... it’s not what it looks like.”

Just a nibble [Judi] MJmwSQc
"Hey Guest, wanna train with me? No worries, I'll start soft and get harder as we go."
#2Judina † 

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Judina †
Why is it evening during winter time just annoyed Judina more then most times of day. But nonetheless it was back to that very open to just pass the time to mediate. The night was start even if anything just starting and the one thing Judina could not get rid of is this feeling like something was amiss, Vastly amiss.

So going off that feeling she would continue to explore to what was to her the bitter cold. The good thing even if the look of this armor and it's style wasn't the only thing good about it. During these long winter times it did help keep Judina warm because it built up the heat she would normally give off, Back to what was possibly going on around her she figure she needed to listen carefully. So far her ears did not really much around her so he would continue walking quietly.

It was not until she was almost close to that clearing she wanted to be at to mediate at did she pick up something was a mission, that or her will was grating and she was paranoid and did not know it anymore. Both were an option.

But the sounds she picked up so not wanting to take any noise she figure would be a but more important.Took off in a jog towards where the noise could be only because she had unanswered questions.

So upon arriving and hearing a greeting and it isn't what it looks like Judina only really had one things to mention in the moment."If it isn't then let him go."Judina started by mentioning to him right away.

"Take a total of five steps back, Let me investigate the situation and learn what is going on here."Judina waiting to see what would happen what this made would do. What the other person would do as well, Would these people listen to her?"And after you let him go, I am going to need the both of you to stand right where you both are and not move."Or would one of them make a break for it, Or something else could happen, She was more curious at this point than anything else for answer.

Just a nibble [Judi] Alexss10

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Baron narrowed his eyes and out of the darkness came a rather tantalizing creature. She looked stone in the face and fit the bill of the typical rune knight, though there was something much more interesting about her than any grunt. She seemed to be the authoritative type, no stutter in get voice, no fear she merely gave orders to him as if he wasn’t pummeling someone to a pulp. He had to see more.

Listening to the command he’d drop the man and his victim would crawl away as fast as he could garnering a chuckle from the werewolf, “Well, looks like as I lose one play thing.... I gain another.” his smile was wide as he looked at the Rune knight, he raised his hands and smiled, “I think he disobeyed orders.” he took his five steps forward.

“Shouldn’t you pat me down? Better yet, I’ll pet you down!” with those words he charged at the Runeknight full speed, he didn’t have a fast tightened to punch nor a kick ready but instead if he got close enough he’d stop in tracks and look down at her allowing her to do anything she pleased. There was no doubt she was the strong type.

Just a nibble [Judi] MJmwSQc
"Hey Guest, wanna train with me? No worries, I'll start soft and get harder as we go."
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Judina †
There something about this that Judina really seemed more almost unimpressed about what was happening in front of her. Judina had the look of being extremely unimpressed and wondering if she was just trying to distract her at this point or it was an ambush.

So she would take a step to the side from this person who."I will warn you that they are your considered steps back and to stay there." Judina said but they way she spoke it like she was starting show signs she was still in the work mode that was her warning to him who knows how many she would give people after all she was not known to keep her temper in line.

Judina simply when over to the other person in the situation well the only other one and what it seemed like in a moment she then crated out of metal a quite heavy ball and chain, with a cuff to lock it around the wrist who this man seemed to be in a fight with before he simply chose for go at Judina.

She would try to change it around to keep her mind and temper in control. Since this person was not under control Judina could turn her attention to some one else.

"Alright so, What exactly was going on here."Judina started with asking the one person she just Walked away from. Yet again it was a test of her temper currently in her mind, She wanted too prove she could keep herself in control before anything else."And who are you?" There was no manual on order of questions, nor would she remember care to follow it currently, So she would ask him. Also lightly tap the man she just put in shackles and ask him the same."Why are you here and who are you as well?"

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