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An Eye in The Public(open)

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An Eye in The Public(open) Empty Tue Jan 01, 2019 1:56 pm

So many times a lady disappears she then eventually would reappear with in a small period of time later. But it was a small period of time to Priscilla anyway. A lady like her situations and time came as quick as she changed names around people she did not know.

So back in Orchidia she was one of the many spots she could just stay in for a while and not be bothered by much and peacefully move around. The one eyed lady seemed to finally for the moment be in what manner she could happy and at ease for a while.

The streets seemed to be normal and average it was what such a person would enjoy the most in her eyes, She wanted to be not noticed and she could keep her mind normal. So what did a lady like her now after all there was not much catching her only eye.

So like the normal quiet watch she was, she would looking around at what was going on with the people around her, So far the quiet and simply day she would continue on her way looking around every once and a while but taking her time missing en eye would make her take a bit more time.

What had changed in the many times she travel different areas seemed to be something she would never pick up upon right away. She was trying to exist in day time when she often just traveled at night alone and stalked every once and a while people who felt would either be a problem....or if it was something she lacked control over something easy to get rid of so the feeling would just go away quickly, Maybe one day if she did not fear getting help she actually would.

#2Theo Kaguya 

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Theo Kaguya
The Knight was on a patrol when he noticed a woman walking down the street Is that the lady from a few days ago? he asked himself as he rushed over to her "Miss! Wait I up can I ask you something?" he shouted from afar waving at her. Wait no she had a horse didn't she? oh well, guess I'll find out if it is her. he thought. Once he closer to her something felt off about her though she seemed normal enough well as normal as things can get that is, though he would quickly realize that she was not the women he was searching for.

Though she was a beauty "Umm my uhh my name is what was my name? Oh ya my name is Theo it's really nice to meet you!" he tried to play off his nervousness the best he could it was clear that he getting nervous. Not really sure as to what to do with himself TK started thinking back to what he read in a book on how to talk to attractive women Okay TK you can do this just break and relax its not like your talking to Alice, she's just a normal woman that looks really nice today. he told himself as he took a deep breath to relax.

After two deep breaths Tk wasn't as nervous but with his luck, it wouldn't last very long knowing him, His patrol could wait a few minutes wasn't like anyone was getting robbed at that moment.


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It seemed like so far these moment would slowly change for her at least in a manner she did not expected. Well Priscilla did not expected a lot now days anyway, It was not good for her really to be like that, It built up a pretty dangerous feeling she never wanted to show.

But nonetheless Priscilla has some one talking to her, Some one for the most part who seemed to have most like better intentions then she assumed most people generally do. Having some one trying to get her attention he would have it now so he would turn around to look upon this person.

"Yes my dear, What do you need?" Priscilla mentioned speaking in the normal manner she did. So these are the times now to see what a person like him would intend, He did not seem to type for actually know Priscilla or anything about the many things she could have been seen doing before, So she would have to figure out what this man intended before piecing together who she wanted to come off to him. Because how many people wanted to know they where standing in front of a possible dangerous monster, Then again they both did not really know one another so far.

He seemed nervous where Priscilla was not at well. Letting the man take a moment to breath and collect himself, It was almost entertaining Priscilla could easily laugh about it with seeing this because she seemed to find it entertaining. But she had manners and understand everyone has their problems too."Good day Theo."

She took a moment to think about what name she wanted to say to try to stick too. it would come together in mere moments."My name is Micaiah, It is nice to meet you too Darling." Priscilla said to him crossing her arms and giving him, Currently her full attention even making sure to keep eye contact well just one eye."Is there something you need?" Priscilla just waited for the moment so far this seemed like a harmless situation over all, even innocent.

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Theo Kaguya
You can do this just ask to walk with you or something he "Yes I wanted to know if you would like to...umm get something to eat?" a harmless suggestion that could lead to the start of a good friendship. TK slicked back his hair in an attempt to look cool just like the book instructed him to do, Okay now what was the next step in book after getting their attention? he asked himself thinking back to early today. He tried not to make too much eye contact with her just out of nervousness I'm so happy this worked I don't think I could've made a better plan B. he thought to himself with a sigh of relief. Though if she didn't agree to getting something to eat he would simple asker her "So umm Ms.Micaiah what brings you to Orchidia today?" she didn't seem like the type to go have an ulterior motive or anything like that but then again looks can be very deceiving. The knight saw all this as a way to improve his social skills and have more confidence in himself.

The real question was if he was going to finish his patrol before the afternoon or would he have to have a talk with one of the higher-ups about messing around while on duty.


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Priscilla did not know if she should consider this man: A clueless fool, Brave Soul or Some one who was just an honest man interested in her. She could tell he was just simply trying at something and hoping for the best, Priscilla could see it was most likely the third thought she had at this point, Needless to say it has options it could go, What way it was she had no idea as well, being harmless with asking and him being nice Priscilla would at least give him and answer.

So the kind of settling smiles she could give changed, something a bit more friendly and like she was warming up to some one."I do not see why I would refuse such a kind offer darling, Do you have a place in mind you would like to go?"She would ask, After all it is not all that common...at least for her anyway to have some one else just be upfront like this."I was only simply here because often work at night time and happen to just be awake at this time currently." It was not really a lie but nor was it the truth either.

But Priscilla would have to figure out if this went more then a one time interaction what she would do to make up for covering up her name around him and continue the life she was doing know, How to control anything she was risk doing too, many pieces to a puzzle left unanswered to Priscilla. She would be taking as much of a risk as he would be here at this point, Both in different ways."Given you are also so formal and polite, It seems harmless as well to join you as well." She said so casually, like it was almost a relief to her.

#6Theo Kaguya 

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Theo Kaguya
Okay she said yes! Okay okay keep it cool we got this, he took a deep breath as he thought of a place that they could go "I know this nice little pastry place that makes the best shortcakes!"  he took her to the shop he strikes up some more conversation with Priscilla "What kind of work do you do? Are you part of a guild?" Seeing how she was dressed it didn't seem like she was in a guild but maybe she did freelance work of some kind. TK had started to notice that she paused before answering him Could it be her just humoring me with all this or was it just something else.. he thought to himself.

Once they arrived at the shop he would allow her to where they sit and enjoy their meal She really seems nice I'm sure Bella would love to meet her he thought as he waited for to make the choice. "I've heard a lot of good things about this place." This place was one of the main places that he was told to stop by if he ever visited again through a shop in Magnolia was always being talked about when he was back in Crocus.


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This was kind of cute in her eyes now that it continued on."I haven't been in a pastry shop for almost a year or so." A small mention she did enjoy baked goods, not the largest of sweet tooth kind but nonetheless she did enjoy it."A good Red Velvet Cake is always welcome."it was her giving him an a small piece of something she seems to enjoy. Something small for him to keep in mind like she was giving him notes of things she like to hold on to or to keep in mind the small things to take to heart.

So the wonderful part Priscilla would not lie to Theo here, She would tell the truth just very very bluntly."I am a guildless freelancer who often walks to different parts of lanes for work." There was no lie there."I just often travel and work at night hence why my skin is a bit more pale." Priscilla also mentioned to make it seem like a normal conversation to him."What do you for a living?" She said with a friendly smile on her face, After all  she had manners, really good manners better then most people.

Priscilla seeing that he was waiting for her to choose a spot to sit slowly over walked to a spot that happen to have  two chairs, one by a window but one spot was in front of the window, The other was just after the window and had no light by it. Priscilla would take the window spot, being the opposite of where she would normally sit just to see what would happen, she was not annoyed but where she sat. But before she sat down she took off that long purple scarf and folded it up and placed it on the table, Then taking her spot she would sit with one or her legs on top of the other sitting cross legged.

#8Theo Kaguya 

An Eye in The Public(open) Empty Sun Jan 06, 2019 7:36 pm

Theo Kaguya
His interest in Perscilla has peeked even more with the addition to her being a freelancer "That's so cool I've never meat a freelancer before that must nice making your own rules."  he always found it interesting when others tell him about their line of work. Red Velvet cake sounds really good! he thought to himself adding it to the list of other sweets that he needs to try.

The question of what he does for a living soon came up "Oh well I'm a Rune Knight so work is I hardly ever have time for myself he paused for a moment before finishing I don't mind it at all so long the people are safe." something that he strongly believed in which showed with the confidence that was in his voice as he said it. Once they arrived she chose to sit at a table by the windows with a great view out outside the shop. "Don't worry about paying for the food I can cover it Mr. Prescilla," he told her as they sat down. The menu was filled with a number of things that TK had never even heard of before, so like your average male and pointed at the picture of he wanted and his choice was like a waffle cake named Fragelité.


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In reality if she ever told the truth it would be a much different conversation if this man learned of some of the things she did at night but then again for the moment Priscilla felt rather okay and find for the moment so far she might not be much of risk until later if it became too much for her, that feeling had been dulled for a fair amount of time, Priscilla hoped it would stay that way as well, after all she in reality doesn't really actually wish to harm anyone in the manner she does, She has no control of it.

Priscilla almost panicked when she heard he was a rune knight, It gave her the thought of feeling and hopefully never been seen by this man at this every moment."There is always something to admire of the normal servers of the land."Priscilla mentioned to her current lunch date. It was not her being honest about it. Why mention she would sacred of the rune knights in case of anyone actually picked up anything she did that happen to be against the law, It was common but she often tried to mask herself when she did.

"Take it to heart you do not work in the evenings my dear, Life is much better when the darkness is you day and the light is your night."Priscilla mentioned to him, it almost sounded like a harmless thought off changing when people are active. "For watch for things that go bump in the day. I work in case things go bump in the night." Priscilla also said to continue on with the topic they had going. Wondering if being called miss Prescilla if she should go along with in some manner and mention it was her last name to him, She did tell him her name was Micaiah, maybe she would keep in mind to possibly correct him later.

#10Theo Kaguya 

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Theo Kaguya
TK Wasn't sure if exactly what she was talking about but it sounded like she was warning him of some kind or maybe it was just all the work getting to him "I've never seen most of these sweets before, what about you?" the list seemed endless even if he wanted to put the menu down he would find something else that would catch his eye. The view was great the sky was in full view so he could enjoy this little bit of freedom he's made for the day. She seems to be enjoying herself, Awesome now if I could just remember the rest of that book, he thought while looking through the menu again.

"Why don't you tell me about some of the jobs you've done?" a harmless suggestion in all honesty and if she chooses to answer he would gladly tell her some of the jobs that he had to do during his time as a Rune Knight and before that. TK rested his head on the palm of his hand as he looked out the window Today wasn't all that bad seeing as he had to stop three robbers and mugger yesterday today was a nice W though that is if no one does something later on.


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It seemed so....oddly casual between them now it was almost a nice peaceful moment to this monster's slightly dark mannered heart."I barely see a lot of sweets, I often just cook and look after my self rather then go to places." She mentioned to him while she looked at the menu."That is why I am use to simple things."She continued to carry on a conversation."Mostly simply breads, cheeses, Water and on an off time something that isn't water."It is true she did not eat that much she got by and that was mostly it.

Priscilla did not feel nervous anymore when these things came up, she figured out and pieced together how she could explain things."I generally for the most part watch over caravans that travel in the night and protect them in case anyone tries to rob them."Priscilla has done that before it was one of the many tasks."It been, interesting." She mentioned quietly while."A few various other jobs here and there but mostly that." Hopefully she could get by on that, after all the worst thing Priscilla could mention is the fact she just kills people every once and a while.

Even if she often times kills other criminals she knew it was still wrong, Because she also did kill people who had not done much wrong as well. A lot of them were pretty regrettable, She would not really mention it after all. It would be bad if she did"I have gotten into a few fights, Gotten a few marks." That one is truth mixed there, just to make things a bit more believable."Not as most likely as many fights or as often as you may get into fights." She mention after all that was true too.

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Theo Kaguya
The more that they talked the less he had to think about what so it was like the words just came mto him magically "Well it's a good thing that I brought you here then." he replied with a slight chuckle at the end. TK really couldn't have pictured a better day than this, eating with a beautiful girl having fun in the prosses and from what she told him about some of the jobs that come her way it seemed like they had some similarities all be it slight ones.

Soon it was his turn to share work stories "Okay now its time for me to share, Before I was a knight I helped my parents with the Church in Crocus" he went on to tell her about all the nights he spent cleaning the place from top to bottom "Once I became a night I... he paused for a second then continued had to arrest my brother.." his normal smile slowly turned into a blank expression. Theo quickly realized that he brought the mood down with that and tried to change the topic to the menu "SO did you find something you like?" his smile repaired right after he asked the question Nice save. Now we can keep the fun train going, he hoped the trick worked.


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Priscilla then realized maybe there was something to be had in these moments, The settled feeling was odd after all you could only deal with so many things for so long before if anything you just want it all to slow down to breath."I will admit the change is a bit interesting and new."Maybe Priscilla mind was a numb to all of thing to the things she does in her life.

Priscilla had a moment of empathy for him, Sure these kind of things were things she disliked a lot because it was getting attached to people but some times these things helped, when a monster like her could actually do something that was horrible. So she would string it along to shortly how to maybe just empathize with that feeling of hardship.

"I have found a few things, It might be interesting taste that is bread and cheese." She said like she was slightly entertained by this, Internally she was starting to get on edge about the how this was going, but this for the most part always left eventually, She could hope it was the same case.

"We all suffer in some way Theo."
Priscilla mentioned to him. This part in any shape could have been a release, she could get help if that very problem she was always dealing with she feared help. That would not happen not here....not now not ever if she had a say in it.

So She then moved the hair that covered up her missing eye and the scar with it and said."Having my eye torn out in a fight was painful...maybe not as emotionally as having to arrest your own family but in this degree I can empathize with you." With her pale skin, the dark red scar seemed to almost contrast so much it was easily seen it was almost predictable why she covered it up with her hair. It was a minor but simple thing that she was trying just help in some way.

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Theo Kaguya
Theo tried buried his face in his menu in an attempt to avoid any eye contact with Oh man I really messed up I just know it! he thought to himself, even though they had been enjoying their time together just one line derailed everything he worked so hard for but couldn't let it show that to her.

Must have been rough adjusting to the use of one eye he thought not wanting to say something that offends her by any chance. From the way that she sounded it was something from the heart, "I'm sorry I killed the fun." the time was cutting into the afternoon but they couldn't leave without eating something. "After we finish up here would like to come with me on the rest of my patrol?" something that needed to be finished soon if he wanted to have some form of a game night with some of the other knights. TK didn't want to rush her or anything he just wanted to spend more time with her and maybe get some contact information when they finished. "Do you have any siblings by the way?" he asked glancing out the window to see someone that reminded him of his sister Isabella.


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Maybe her empathy did not go as far as she thought it would but she would be find with how far it went anyway it proved a point and she was not trying to hang anything over his head."Do not linger on it for so long, It will only hurt If you do." Maybe it was just more honest advice from some one he just met.

She wanted to say something else. Something else slightly confusing in nature, mannerism speech yet again but unsure if it was needed beyond this awkward moment. But it was not super awkward to Priscilla just the quiet was nice that could just be her enjoying the quiet herself.

It would be interesting for her to go on such a thing. More wondering if he would get some kind of trouble if she did but nonetheless."I do not see the harm of me tagging along."She would mention it anyway.

Now the interesting part the one thing felt weird, How if you don't remember willingly, But she kept that in mind.She had an ideal way to just mention it."I don't really have family to speak of, Not like any of them would enjoy a daughter or sister as I."She mentioned that like she felt uneasy about it. So long she doesn't remember their names or faces...she feared that day when that could happen.

She would continue with a made up story...she had to make up something for a family she no longer knows."No one wanted Micaiah Selviant to be a the lady she is now, wanted her to married off and just be a sight to everyone's joy."She started to sound like that with her tone of voice she was actually slightly bitter and angry, there was a taste of hard truth there almost like she couldn't cover that lie as well as she thought."But wanting her own freedom left all that life behind."This turned into a different kind of story one she never expected to happen."I am sorry...that was unneeded."

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Theo Kaguya
Percilla was right if he kept looking back to the past then he could never truly move and to something greater, I'm sure everything will work out for the better he thought looking at her she had agreed to tag along with him on his patrol which was good cause then they could hang out more. Her words were so kind and filled with honesty which was rare to come by now a days Its good to know their are good people out there he thought to himself.

"Well I think they missed out on something great with you I mean look at all the good that you do," he said in a cheerful tone as he placed the menu on the table, "Oh you can call me TK if you want." it was like they became friends within such a short period of time. If only it was this easy with all the others then this would be no problem and saying the right words wouldn't be so hard. At last, it came time for them to order their goods it felt like they been sitting around chitchatting for hours now. His feelings towards her were still up in the air though maybe if they meet up again it would be clear as to how he feels about her.


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Priscilla was unsure really if she should be considered great but, She would deal with said thought about it eventually later she had her self own doubt about being considered great but it would only really matter if everything she ever did ever came to reality to anyone that knew her face now and eventually maybe the names attached to the darker things she had done that was another time and day eventually later rather then sooner.

"We would have to see, If they would know if i look like now if I would even be called a member of family. But I gave up caring a long time a go."
Her view of it seemed like she was use to it and jaded far beyond her willing mind to change it back either."I have given up on family for a reason and don't plan to return to them. Even if they still exist." It showed how little she did care about that thought."Maybe just being as long as I have been a lot of things seem jaded." Or she was running away from her feeling that was something that was not something she considered at all.

"Tk huh? sounds adorable dear."
She mentioned slightly and casually. But Priscilla was really more stuck in her habits of formalities and manners it was seemed that she may if encountered him again to try and figure out if she would remember that as well.

But she knew what she wanted to order."Have you figured out what you wanted darling?"Priscilla asked him waiting slightly to say what he wanted or if He would want her to go first it. She was raised for him to first first unless mentioned it was odd considering how Priscilla let herself be shown as.

#18Theo Kaguya 

An Eye in The Public(open) Empty Fri Jan 18, 2019 5:33 pm

Theo Kaguya
It seemed like the two had really hit off even though their conversation had a few details they made it through alright if he didn't think about it too much. She's really had it rough but despite her hardship, it made her better something that he has yet to fully experience in full but only time could really tell.

Sounds adorable its suppose to sound manly, The only reason that he goes by TK was that he thought it was manlier than Theo. "Oh the lady always goes first I'll go after." his parents would be so proud of their little boy. As he waited for her to go first he gave the menu one more quick look over before he saying his order "I'll have the triple lava cake." his mind went blank after ordering like he was gonna say something but then forgot what it was. Once the server had left he remembered the second part of the order Guess I'll have to wait till they come back to as...k he thought looking at Priscilla "This was a great time I really enjoyed it a lot." smiling as he tapped his foot under the table so he doesn't make a bigger fool of himself.


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This is where the oddity of Priscilla same in."I would like a cup of mint green tea." She seemed to break her entire normal way of speaking to something rather and very well mannered and formal like it was almost nature when she broke that manner she normally speak and kept in character."A piece of Red Velvet cake as well." It showed there was still much to learn. How much of her work could evolve around her speaking differently.

She hope that did not giver her any wrong ideas, It was Priscilla not realizing her act was not there and she was showing in some manner something she use to know that she assumed she forgot but slowly the manners and almost super normal speak went away as quickly as she spoke it, the regal and formal tone seemed a but weird for her she did not realize she spoke it for a moment.

She would turn into the lady he seemed to be enjoying right in that moment, the slightly regal and formal sounding charm was gone from Priscilla voice."Maybe it is enjoyable because I am not a hard lady to entertain my dear." Which was true.

It was then she could not be entertained by simple thing and other problems happen could she be a worry to others."I just hope with that, I do not seem so boring." In reality she did not care if she was boring if it was a problems she just was not rude about it. These were the days she would spend time learning about people in the around here for the moment but also see if maybe she had hope to change her own life around as well, she needed the right person to put her small amount of remaining faith.

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