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Investigate the Weed [Quest | Augusta]

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#1Augusta Rhines 

Investigate the Weed [Quest | Augusta] Empty Tue Jan 01, 2019 11:48 am

Augusta Rhines
Augusta would have figured that her task that she had been asked to carry out for the man, the veteran Rune Knight who did not seem in the slightest to care about what was a growing conflict between the Holy Knights and the Rune Knights, one that stood on the precipice of bursting out into what could only be described as an utter moment of dispassion and carnage upon the people of Fiore, would have been a singular task with no chance of the two of them working together. That were not the case, and rather it seemed that that success of the prior mission was more than enough to warrant another job between the two of them, something to which she was not opposed to carrying out, so long as the pay would be met adequately, and based on their past transaction for Augusta clearing the way of some overgrown plant, it would appear as exactly that. Augusta again met with the man on some outskirt of the forest just near Orchidia, and accompanying the man were multiple people dressed in a variety of clothing, all of which meant to notate intellectuals of some degree.

Though she herself could not see just what the disuccsions between the people were, it was clear that there was no consensus between them, arguments seeming to stem and persist throughout, with no apparent end in sight, eventually getting os frustrating for the Ruen Knight that he found himself excusing himself from the group in order to meet with Augusta and perhaps provide some level of information and detail as to just what it might have been that was going on and that would require her aid. It would be exactly that, the man actually going ahead to tell her that the people were all gathered as a result of what she had previously helped them with, the large lplant that had formed within he center of the town only a few days before, the same one that Augusta had been instrumental in helping to remove. As ti turned out, or at least how the man had come to explain it to Augusta, that the origins of the plant seemed to stem from somewhere in the forest. APparenlty there was some sort of abuse of magic which occurred within it, something that was hyperaccelerating everything whtin it, the growth of the plant life, the aggressiveness of the animals within it, and something else that left the people there a bit hestitatnt to go in and try to acquire any sort of evidence to support these claims. At the moment, it was nothing more than something seems to be wrong but nobody was either in a position to check for themselves or otherwise willing to go in and look on their own. As such, it put everyone in a hyper mood, one that as much as intrigued by what was going on, and fearful of what might exist within the area. So Augusta was needed.


#2Augusta Rhines 

Investigate the Weed [Quest | Augusta] Empty Tue Jan 01, 2019 11:48 am

Augusta Rhines
Augusta had been tasked with something that seemed simple, but at the same time like that of the previous job that she had carried out for the man, it felt as though there was something that the Rune Knights could hav, and perhaps should have, been able to do on their own. That they were not, it was similar to before, that either there was information that was not told to her, or otherwise there was something else about it that prevented them from being able to carry it out. Whether it was their lack of talent or skill, the risk to their men due to limited resources or something, that was unclear, but all the same, Augusta was sent withi the woods, expected to have obtained these samples for the scientists in order to help them determine what it was that they would be needed for, what was causing it, and perhaps even what to do to stop it. It was also something that was worthwhile for Augusta to go ahead and find out what she could, using it as a means to go ahead and find something that may be of value to her down the line. If this could have been weaponized, then it was something that the Hly Knights would be incenvitized in acquiring, mastering, and to allow Augusta with another toy to play with in her future crusades, both in and out of Fiore.

Dweling into the forest, it was clear that whatever was there was clearly putting an impact upon the forest. Plants were growing rapidly fast, much larger already than that of what she might have seen anywhere else. Even in the more exotic locations that she had been to in her travels throughout the outside of Fiore, these plants were far larger than that even, and because of that, it was clear that this was something interesting. It made Augusta all the more intrigued in how this could be applied to something that may have produced a poison or something to that effect, but for the time being, she was instead focused on just getting the famples that she needed and getting out of there. For whatever reason, there was a level of weakness she found herself seeling while she was in there, as though something was draining out her energy, right as she was there. It wasn’t long to tell that this was because of whatever was affecting these plants had turned them into what appeared like some magic drain, siphoning away everything that they could. As such, she hurried about, going ahead and grabbing what samples she felt was needed and then wasting little time into having to go ahead and leaving there. She was a little tired, though not exactly drained to the point that she was suffering any real effect, but as she gave the samples to the people there, she made usre to hide that detail. The value was far greater kept as a secret than known.


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