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A moth drawn to a flame

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#1Ashe Vermilion 

A moth drawn to a flame Empty Mon Dec 31, 2018 10:48 am

Ashe Vermilion
Ashe was walking through the forest, it had to be done if she were to actually arrive in the town itself. The massive forest stood at the edge of the city of Orchidia and it seemed to be endless. Ashe had only been traveling for an hour or so, alone, before she decided to hunt. Right on time with her stomach, as if mother nature had sent a blessing her way, she saw a wild boar. The boar was wallowing in the dirt and with the snap of her fingers, a small flame was ignited under the Boar. Kicking his feet at the earth, dirt flew over the puny flame and extinguished it. The boar then charged towards his aggressor horns first.

Ashe snapped again, the boar was lit with a brilliant blaze before dropping against a tree, and the fire began to spread. Ashe shook her head as she watched the tree burn, uttering a few words under her breath. Only one thing could come of this, the law. It always seemed to bite her in the butt when she made a mistake like this but was it really a mistake? No. Well yes, it was, but maybe less of one than she actually thought. Ashe craved attention and with her sisters on the outs, she needed it more than ever. So this fire was in a way, a call for help and a desire for action.

A tantrum, one that could end in her being sent to jail. It was a consequence she was willing to face if it meant getting her five seconds of fame with a rune knight. So Ashe watched the forest around her burn, spreading slowly, but surely. And she waited for the moths, the rune knights, drawn to the flames, whose wings would soon burn in anguish under the fire maidens wrath.

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#2Ren Liath 

A moth drawn to a flame Empty Mon Dec 31, 2018 11:10 am

Ren Liath
Sure enough the fire got the attention of the local Rune Knight Faction. Ren was by chance one of the first to see the growing flames within the forest. He had been planning another nature walk when he noticed the red and orange lights dance within the trees, creating a subtly yet growing strong mist of smoke. After telling the other knights about the fire Ren was told that it may very well be a planned fire rather than an accident. Most people rarely camped in the woods since Orchidia was so close by so the possibility of a camp fire gone awry was very unlikely. Despite that the Knights told Ren to pursue that matter by himself. If the fire was let get out of control it could very well destroy the town, so the local Knights needed to calm the people while dealing with the blaze to make sure it didn't ruin any livelihoods. Ren would agree with this order and prepare him self in case of a fight.

As he walked into the forest he noticed that the flames and smoke weren't too prominent and probably wouldn't cause any issue should he need to fight. He also noticed his relic, The Rune Knight Pendant begin to vibrate somewhat. This meant that there was a criminal near by. Although the criminal would also feel the presence of the knight, as the pendant would lower their abilities somewhat. Still Ren kept his eyes peeled and ears listening for anyone around in the forest.

Pendant Info:

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#3Ashe Vermilion 

A moth drawn to a flame Empty Mon Dec 31, 2018 12:38 pm

Ashe Vermilion
Ashe felt a presence, one that seemed to weaken her. A rune knight. So the hunt began. Traveling through the burning brush, she kept low and moved slowly, to avoid making any sounds. This continued for a while before she actually spotted the rune knight, whether the task was so long because he was a distance away or because Ashe had only one eye to spy from, was up for debate. Emerging from the bushes, the fire behind her, she looked like a crazed woman, and due to her appearance, it was almost as if she had emerged from the fire itself, like a phoenix. Her scarred eye and her wicked beast-like arm.

Using the element of surprise, Ashe cast fireball, a red magic circle appearing near her palm as the fiery ball formed in her right hand as she extended it forward, shooting it toward the rune knight. "If you play with fire, you're going to get burn." Ashe said teasingly, letting out a small laugh that could hardly be heard amidst the crackling of flames and the falling of tree limbs behind her. A fire that symbolized many things for Ashe, who had in a way disappeared from the world of crime for a little bit, but now? She was like a phoenix rising from the ashes and she had set her fiery gaze on the rune knight.

(-25 mana, 175 mana remains)

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#4Ren Liath 

A moth drawn to a flame Empty Mon Dec 31, 2018 1:09 pm

Ren Liath
Although Ren had kept his eyes peeled it seemed that his opponent was using the flames around them to their advantage. Still the flames and smoke were not too bad. If there were a lot more Rune Knights would end up in the area. Still, as she came out of the bushes Ren didn't have much chance to act. Her fireball flew fast and hit him in the arm, but now her position was revealed and no more amount of hiding or running would let Ren lose her out of his sight. As he turned around and was hit by the fireball in the arm, Ren would run towards her. The distance between the two was rather short, at about 10 meters. Although he wasn't running at his full speed, he'd still be running fast enough to close the gap faster than a second. As he ran towards her he kept a heavy eye out for any more magic seals that she may be making. Ren's goal was to make the fight an up close and personal one. He had a few ideas on how he could act to do so and even how to go about a close combat fight, but first things were first, he'd need to close the gap.

"Surrender now and I won't hurt you." He said plainly at her as he ran towards her. The criminal seemed to be very concerned on teasing him and not too much on what to do should he survive her fireball. Although the blow landed it did minimal damage to Ren and his clothes were barely singed. He was hoping to attack quick enough to catch her of guard, and judging by how she was acting, it didn't seem like she was planning ahead too much. Hopefully he could apprehend her all the same.


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#5Ashe Vermilion 

A moth drawn to a flame Empty Mon Dec 31, 2018 1:30 pm

Ashe Vermilion
"You Rune Knights are all the same, surrender this, surrender that, I won't hurt you, blah blah blah. You don't know who you are messing with, the full extent of my power. That fireball was a warning shot and my next spell won't be so friendly." Ash said with a hmph. The man charging at her was no surprise, even though she was sort of careless, due to not actually caring how the fight ended, she could tell that he was trying to fight hand to hand, and she was not going to allow it. So instead, Ashe walked closer! Extending her arm, another red magic circle appeared near her palm, fire spewing from her hand like a dragons mighty roar, of course, this only activated when she was close enough to hit meaning around 5 meters. Though, this would hopefully stop the boy's attempts at melee, unless he wanted to be burned.

The boy's lack of magical prowess was shocking, though his endurance was impressive. The fire still spewing from her palm, Ashe prepared a speech of sorts, with her sharp tongue. "Do you have no magic? That is just pathetic. The Rune Knights really will accept anyone nowadays, won't they? But I suppose they are running out of options, what, with all the real heroes in the light guilds, you knights are just the trash that couldn't get accepted, the rejects who couldn't amount to anything so instead you joined the army. Well, I can't say that I blame you, it is a better life than being a homeless good-for-nothing, now you a mindless good-for-nothing." Ashe said with a wicked laugh, befitting of her stature as one of Phantom Lord's maidens.

(130 mana left)


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#6Ren Liath 

A moth drawn to a flame Empty Mon Dec 31, 2018 2:05 pm

Ren Liath
The long speech of the woman would end up being her downfall. Although Ren would be hit head on with the blast, it would not be enough to deter his speed or his endurance meaning that Ashe would be wide open. Although hurt by the flames they did nothing more than cause increased irritation with minor burns on his body. He could even see through the attack since it wasn't aimed directly at his face. Using the woman's long drawn out speech and lack of movement during her attack, Ren would try to come at her with a tackle of sorts. This would happen in less than a second, quicker even than last time (post) since the distance between them was twice as short and Ren was still getting quicker.
As he got in range he would try to grab her wrist with his own hand, that she had extended for her attack and aim it away somewhat. He'd pull that wrist down in front of her should be be able to grab it. If he was successful Ashe's balance would most likely be hindered, making it easier for Ren to get her to the ground. With his other free hand he would try and push her shoulder down hard to make her fall to the ground. Ren would be aided with his feet and legs which would in position at this point to make this maneuver easier. Ren would have caught her wrist with the same hand as Ashe's then use his other hand which would be directly opposite the hand she used for her attack to push at her moved back. If she was gotten to the ground it wouldn't take too much more effort to restrain her. While falling to the ground, Ren would go with her, but falling in a more controlled manner. If the plan worked, as they'd fall he'd move her grabbed arm behind her back to restrain her. Then once they hit  the ground he would grab onto her other hand an pull it behind her back also. At this stage Ren would be on her back, specifically with his leg, kneeling on her back almost, twisting around somewhat as they fell down together to get into the position. Should this plan work both of Ashe's arms would be behind her back and she would end up feeling very uncomfortable. Furthermore if Ashe would try to move or cast a spell Ren could easily make a sudden movement to cause Ashe great pain in her arms and shoulders. Although at the moment he would be applying pressure to them to cause her some damage to get her to pass out.
Ren was confident in this plan for a number of reasons. First of all was the flames that attacked him. Ashe seemed to think that they would be enough to keep him at bay however his constitution and endurance were enough so that the flames would only hurt him slightly and not seriously, deterring him from his attack. Secondly Ashe's position did not seem like she was preparing to make any other sudden movements. Weather that be a punch, kick or even a spell it seemed as though she was relying on her flamethrower spell, meaning that if she tried something it would need a small wind up, giving Ren some time to react if she tried something. Lastly, her long winded speech would only server to distract herself even more since she mainly focused on that and not on the fight. Meanwhile, as Ren ran towards her, she did not attempt to move or change his already deduced plan, meaning that his body and movements would have been in prime position to carry out his plan and ultimately restrain her. That being said there was always the possibility that she could do something to stop his plan, but given how she didn't even move beforehand it would be very unlikely.


#7Ashe Vermilion 

A moth drawn to a flame Empty Mon Dec 31, 2018 3:44 pm

Ashe Vermilion
As the man grabbed her wrist, Ashe's blood boiled. He had only pulled it in front of her a few centimeters Before Ashe lifted her other arm just before he could reach her shoulder and attempted to punch his throat in hopes of knocking him out. No matter how weak she was compared to the man, a well thought out attack would always prevail and for once, Ashe had thought about her actions. Sure she was angry and wanting to escape but the burning forest around her reminded her of home, the village that she lived in was also once lit ablaze by Ashe's magic. An arsonist at heart, she was at home when with hearth.

If that was successful, she would run into the flaming forest in an attempt to flee. Sure, she would receive burns but she didn't care. She liked the warmth of the fire, even as it caressed her skin and tickled her with its violent flickers. Fire was the one thing that never failed to disappoint her, no matter what happened, it would always burn. The falling branches, the burning leaves, and the crackling of the orange/yellow/red only excited her, and she would not look back.

(Exit, if it was successful)

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#8Ren Liath 

A moth drawn to a flame Empty Mon Dec 31, 2018 4:19 pm

Ren Liath
Ren noticed Ashe pull back her hand in an attempt to punch him. She had done this before Ren reached for her shoulder, so instead Akira changed his own attack to a punch to her throat, while holding her wrist tight so she wouldn't get away. Although her attack would strike first, Ren's would hit almost instantly after. Since Ren was already in position he could throw his punch instantaneously since he was in position, switching from a grab to a punch, while Ashe had to pull back somewhat to roll it up for her punch. Although Ashe had the right idea her strength wasn't near enough to put a dent in Ren and only did some dull damage. Ren on the other hand had some more strength than Ashe's endurance so his hit would be vital. Should this change of plans work Ashe would be the one unconscious while Ren would simply have taken some more dull damage. Even if his attack didn't knock her out totally he could continue to attack her while keeping a firm hold onto her and try a different attack.

If he was victorious the other Rune knights would have come shortly after to restrain Ashe and take her away.


#9Ren Liath 

A moth drawn to a flame Empty Wed Jan 02, 2019 5:08 pm

Ren Liath
It was as the knight had hoped. His secondary plan had worked, although not as elegantly as he would have liked. Luckily due to his own quick thinking and his opponent's lack there of he had the upper hand and dealt the finsihing vital blow to her. Ashe would lay on the forest floor as the fire behind her died down. It almost seemed poetic. The fire faded as did her consciousness. It was not long before the other Rune Knights found their fellow member and the Phantom Lord member. Both were taken back to the local Rune Knight barracks. After finding her guild tattoo, Ashe was put into Custody and thrown behind bars for the time being while Ren was sent there to rest and later give a report on what had happened. As Ren walked back he felt somewhat proud of hinself. He had managed to defend Orchidia and take out a criminal, without using a drop of mana or a single spell no less. He would definitely have to tell his fanily this next time they met. Although the attacks Asge did land on him were a slight detriment to his story. All the same the end result was what mattered. It only remained to be seen weather Asge would do the time for her little stunt or not.



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