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"Oh yeah!!"
"Haha! You go!"

Kyam winked at the women underneath him as he stood on the bar, swinging his shirt around his head and dancing provocatively. The young Savvan smirked as the woman threw their jewels at him only motivating him to dance even more. Free money? Just for showing off his torso? Who wouldn't? The women were all there to have a good time and the prince intended to make their night rememberable. With a joint between his fingers and a mostly empty glass of whiskey he licked his lips with a smirk. The music was groovy, perfect for Kyam to dance to. He walked back and forth on the bar kicking his feet and and winking before turning towards the women and moving his hips in a slow circular motion. The woman kept throwing their money.

The bartender sighed and ignored the little show, tending to his other customers. He knew how Kyam was. At least once a week Kyam made a visit to drink and pick up some ladies worthy of the black thunder. It was surprising that none of the women had met each other, or at least not that he knew of. The dancing Lamia knelt down towards a woman with pink-dyed hair and hazel eyes. She was shaped like an hour glass almost and wore a sleek black dress with Burgundy heels. She was the perfect candidate for the prince to take home.  "You must be the birthday girl." he inquired as his hand gently brushed her face. The woman around him continued to cheer and toss their money before yam stood back up and continued dancing, winking at the woman he touched. She bit her lip, smirking at Kyam.

She knew what she was getting herself into...they always knew.


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This was a pretty big yoinks, and a MASSIVE ruh roh.

Christian had somehow went to the wrong building and found himself at what initially seemed to be some sort of strip club, assuming this considering there was a man dancing around shirtless on the tables. He had certainly gotten into weirder situations, though this was certainly up there.

Sighing, Christian decided to at least go to the bathroom before he left. That being said, there was a large sign in front of it saying "PAYING CUSTOMERS ONLY" with an intimidating bouncer by there. While Christian was sure he would have been able to take the bouncer, he didn't want to cause a hassle or anything. He'd simply very casually buy a small drink, go to the bathroom, and then skedaddle. Easy peasy, right? Well, not quite.

When Christian got to the counter, a fat middle aged man with a moustache approached him. "Ah, you are here, Romeo!" Christian looked confused, perhaps mistaken by someone else. But before he had a chance to speak, Christian was grabbed by the hand into a dressing room.

It seemed the man was missing an employee who jumped ship this night, who also happened to look like Christian: blonde with blue eyes, as well as fond of the color red. Christian was first hesitant of the idea, but thinking of it as a way to possibly earn a quick buck as well as perhaps boost his self confidence, he decided to go for it.

Christian wasn't exactly very toned shirtless: he was a bit thinner than normal, though not to an extreme point. He was sure there was some kinda crowd for guys like that though, so he would go to the other side of the room, and started dancing to the best of his ability. Some women became to flock over to his side, interested in seeing what a new dancer could bring to the table.

"Issa dance off! Winner takes home the bonus!" the owner shouted, as Christian looked over to the other man, as he began to dance more intensely as before. He wasn't fond of losing, and that bonus didn't sound bad either...


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The ladies were definitely feeling Kyam both metaphorically and literally. Some of the women stretched out their hands to touch Kyam's body as he rolled his hips giving seductive winks licking his lips. Nearly all the woman in the bar were paying attention to him now. If he could he'd end up taking every single one of these broads, ugly ones included. Sweat dripped from Kyams face onto his body, merging with the already existing sweat on his body making his body glisten. The woman cheered some more. They were loving the way his body moved so elegantly and masculine like. This is what representing Lamia Scale was, showing off the body he worked so hard for with the guild master. On the other side of the room some random blonde headed man was dancing too...shirtless at that. At first Kyam didn't notice him. He was so involved in the attention he was getting that he hadn't realized there was competition on the other side of the bar. It was only when one of the woman shouted, "Look! There's a not-as-sexy guy dancing over there! He's pretty cute!" that Kyam noticed the blonde headed man dancing. Beside him the prince noticed the owner of the bar who he had only met once or twice. Many of the woman turned away and began flocking over towards him as the owner announced that it was a competition.

Kyam froze for a moment, but when he saw the man dance even harder he decided that he had to step his game. "The show's not over just yet, ladies!" Kyam shouted as he quickly kicked off his boots and unbuckled his pants, pulling them down and stepping out of them to reveal his heart boxers. His print was also pretty much revealed since he did have a rather...healthy body. The woman turned back towards Kyam before shouting in excitement. Kyam glared at the man from across the room, sticking up and a middle finger and thrusting his pelvis. "You like that ladies?!" he asked as they began throwing more money at him.


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Christian glared at the other man. He was trying pretty hard, huh? Well then, he wouldn't lose either! It seemed like the big advantage Christian had in this battle was the fact that he provided a different side of the coin - while the other man was 'sexy', Christian was very much 'cute'. And he was sure that using that difference to his advantage would be the key to victory in this particular case. Now then, if he had to act cute in a way that a lady might like, what would he do? He thought very hard about it.

Christian jumped down from the table and approached one of the ladies. He put on something that would resemble puppy dog eyes, and spoke in a somewhat shy voice. "A-ahem.. listen... I know we just met, but.. but I really like you! Can I buy you a drink? I-if you'll have me, of course..." He said, as the woman in the crowd split into two almost evenly sided groups. The women on his side were all fawning over how cute Christian was, treating him almost like a lost puppy dog. They were all fawning over him, and surprisingly Christian got bought more drinks than he bought for the others.

The competition seemed even. Doing a quick headcount, Christian saw that it was split evenly. However, at that moment, one more lady walked into the room. This would be the decisive moment that would settle it all. Whoever got this one lady, won. Only 10 minutes were left until closing. And only one man would get that sweet, sweet bonus.


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Kyam was putting on quite the show now that he had no pants on. Perhaps going to this extreme was uncalled for but who the fuck cared? This was a competition of looks and crowd dominance with a hint of wits. Kyam licked his lips and and caressed his own body while the thirsty women nearly died just to touch him. The other guy on the other hand had stooped to levels that Kyam could only applaud him for. Admittedly he was a cute guy but that was all he was really, he had no sex appeal and women at a bar during this time of night were looking for sex appeal. Kyam growled as the man offered to buy the women drinks using his cuteness overload attack to help him win exactly half the crowd. Unbeleivable! Kyam remained focused though, he wasn't one to lose so easily. With a smirk he quickly thought of a plan. A woman walked into the bar oblivious as to what caused things to get this far and obviously confused. Kyam smiled at the woman throwing cash at him before dropping leaping down onto the floor, still dancing and moving his hips but now making a bigger scene by moving throughout the bar. Quickly he approached the confused woman with a seductive look in his eyes. Gently he grabbed her hand and spun her, causing her to smile gently with a blush.

"Dance with me, beautiful." was all he said before moving his hips in accordance with the woman who seemed to turn into a dancing beast. She was digging kyams vibe no doubt and the crowd of woman around the two cheered them on still touching the Savvanan and throwing cash at the both of them now. The Lamia mage turned to face his opposition before grinning evily proving to him that out of the two he was the one with more fans. Kyam then turned to the owner before giving him an even wider grin telling him "I just won you stupid son of a gun" with a simple look. Who could match Kyam's sexy level!? Nobody! Who could match his dancing skills!? Nobody! This was the power of Lamia Scale, this was the Prince of Savannah's greatest kingdom, Kyam Malia! The owner glanced down at his watch and rolled his eyes before shouting. "Alright alright! Everyone, two minutes 'till closing! This thing is over.." he then turned towards his newly hired client. "I had faith in you." The crowds around the two began to disperse as the women all searched for their things to leave. Kyam snickered as some of the women approached him to flirt before giving them his apartment address. "Slide through sometime, I'm usually home if I'm not out saving the world." he told them. With his shirt and his pants still off, his Lamia Scale emblem was revealed on his pelvis but only half of the symbol could be seen. The Scale walked over to the owner, holding his hand out before facing his opponent.

"You almost got me there, too bad you took that L. Kyam of Lamia Scale never loses."


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Damn, it seemed like Christian was too late. He had lost, but at least it was a close race at some points. Christian, deciding to put his shirt back on, would approach the man who got the bonus. Shaking the man's hand, Christian would learn that the man's name was Kyam. Interesting, he would remember that one. Christian definitely intended to come back to this bar and beat Kyam one day, but he was worried that his forgetful side would shine through, or he wouldn't have enough motivation. Christian thought of a crazy idea however, one that would be able to give him the motivation he needed to come back.

Christian would take some jewels out of his pocket, placing them in his rival's hand. "Let's both meet back here one day, and when we do, I'll win and take those jewels back." he said, smiling as he walked away. Waving his hand slightly, Christian introduced himself at the very last minute in an attempt to sound cool that may or may not have worked. "Christian of Fairy Tail, by the way. Christian Zane." he said, as he took his last steps outside of the bar. He'd remember this place. One day, he would come back. And when he did, he would take the victory he so well deserved - and the jewels too, for that matter.



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Jewels, oh how he loved them. Money was the root to everything; evil, good, love, sex, power. Everything these days required money so when his rival placed the money into his palm a shiver of happiness wormed through his body- if that made any sense. The blonde haired man began to put his shirt back on and before long he was leaving the bar. He didn't seem to upset about losing the large sum of money but hey! Some people just didn't need it like how he needed it. With a smirk Kyam turned towards the back of the man as he began to exit, waving his hand lightly before stopping and introducing himself as Christian Zane. He was dramatic that was for sure but a good vibe no less. Kyam on the other hand probably wouldn't have given him shit if he lost. Nope. Money was everything as stated before. After the man left Kyam shrugged and nodded towards the owner taking his leave to. He stopped at the door before leaving and turned towards the rest of the bar. "Next time you want to invest in someone, choose a wiser option." Kyam was just too sexy and that was the fact of the matter. Amen, praise to whoever pulled the strings upstairs. With that, he left.

~ EXIT ~

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