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Do Her Will (Red|Pyre)

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Aglestus Van Cinder
Aglestus knelt down on his knees and closed his eyes. He clasped his hands together with his pinkies sticking out, flattened against each other. "Daemona, goddess of laws, eldest of the sorcerion gods. The one who was wrongfully banished, my mistress. It is I, your faithful Judge, I stand here ready to be your follower. I am ready to walk in your footsteps once more. Last night you came to me here, as I slept and showed me someone who could be a key for you, their blood, once poured out on your scared altar could crack the door that holds you open, you would be close to your freedom. As your faithful judge, I ask for you to show me where this person lies, and I will execute them under your name and help you. Your family has brought chaos to the world when the locked you up, but if you become free, you can help restore the law and order that once existed within the world. I pray for you to show me, I will always be your faithful servant." Aglestus prayed.

With what felt like a painful blow to the head Aglestus passed out on the cold ground. His mind was swept up into a black abyss where he floated for a moment. Then, a body less voice echoed through the abyss. "Aglestus Van Cinder, my Judge, you have accepted my call, I will show you how to help your mistress. Clear your mind and come close to my voice." Aglestus followed his mistresses commands. He took a breath, he pressed out his small financial worries, his life, all he wanted was his goddess and to be close to her. What felt like a chain wrapped around his soul dragged him through the abyss, coming closer to the presence of his goddess. "Daemona?" Aglestus called out. There was still silence for the moment. "Do not fret my Judge, You and I will be close soon and then you can help me on this important mission. We will soon be a step closer to exacting our revenge on my family." Daemona's voice called. Aglestus relaxed and let himself be dragged through the void.

Whatever abyss his soul existed in right now was one of a prison. Maybe one of the other gods had created it. Aglestus did not know the exact rules of the prison that had been created for Daemona by the other sorcerion gods, all he knew was that it was extremely unfair and threatened his wonderful goddess.

Daemona's voice reached out one more time, "My Judge Aglestus, can you feel my presence. We are as close as we can be now." Aglestus closed his eyes and felt the warmth of his goddess' magic. "I do! I can feel your presence. Please, show me the person who will help you free yourself from this terrible prison that has been created for you as a trap." Aglestus called out. He so desperately wanted to help his goddess. He had killed before in her name. He himself did not consider it death, he consider it the ability to move on to somewhere knew. They had debt, the judge had collected it. As was his duty. This man must have debt, the man will pay it in full and he will help Daemona in collecting the blood she needed. "Here." Daemona beckoned, opening up a vision for the two to share and look into.

A small light opened up in the abyss revealed a man walking down the street. "This man took the liberty away from others. That is his crime, my decree, as goddess of law, is that he must face your execution. He will be killed and you must collect a vile of his blood to help me." Daemona whispered. Aglestus nodded, "His crime has been noted by your judge. He has been judged by your high mind and I will execute his punishment. Please take me to his location so I may end this quickly. It will be my slight show of innocence." Aglestus said. "Thus your wish is granted. Walk well my Judge, execute your duty to me." Daemona whispered. A resounding crackle whipped around the abyss and light flooded back into Aglestus' mind. He was outside in a bush. Peeking up through the bushes he saw the white haired men.

Aglestus stood and adjusted his robes. He would make this quick. He had no Idea how strong this man was so he would deliver any judgement quickly. Aglestus dipped down and brabbed a large rock. He then walked over to the man. "In The decree of Daemona, you, have been declared guilty of violation of other's liberty. Your punishment is death and your body will be used as a donation to Daemona's cause." Aglestus yelled. He likely startled the man, But before he could have ever reacted, Aglestus smashed his head in with the rock in his head.

The man fell onto the dirt, blood leaking out of the laceration in his head. Aglestus leaned down quickly and produced a small glass needle. He placed it in the cut for a few seconds before it began to glow a dark purple. Daemona was now present, she was using this man's last breath of life to crack her prison walls ever so much. With each punishment declared she was closer to escaping her unfair prison. This would be giving her one step closer to freedom. Aglestus closed his eyes and squeezed the needle, giving some of his mana to the process. The faster it was the less that would get loss to the entropy of the universe. Slowly, the man's heart stopped beating, his head leaked less blood now. He was dead. Aglestus stood once more and corrected his robes, He had done his job, he was done here.


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Pyre stood in the woods, he knew what was going to happen him today. He would not resist, he knew it would be painful, and it would not end as quickly as he had wished. How did he know? Glorielle. She had appeared to him in the night, she explained what awaited him. She had stated that she felt an ancient and powerful presence make a move in his area. She had explained that his soul was sought after and he stood very little chance of making a change. But what she offered in the future was worth it. He might not be able to live on in this life, but he would be able to live as a Seraphim, along Glorielle. He could take a new name, he could continue on his quest to better the lives of those around him.

He was strolling through the woods one more time, he had no idea how this was going to feel, he had never died before, and he was scared to admit that he did not exactly want to die. He enjoyed his humanity. He knew what waited for him was worth it, but he was not sure if he was ready to take such a drastic step in his existence in the universe.

Part of him had known that his life had drawn to a close after that night in Magnolia. He felt a twitch in the workings of the universe. He had ignored it, working hard to make other people's lives better. He had done so much in the past few weeks, supplying people with new ways to live. In the deepest part of his soul, he was a tad excited. In general his body was a true mess of emotions. He was truly human in this moment and it was very beautiful.

"Hi Pyre. How are you doing honey. My brethren await your arrival soon. You have done quite a lot of good in the past few days and they are excited to meet you." Glorielle said. She had mysteriously appeared in the woods with Pyre. Pyre could not get words out of his voice. "Glorielle, I'm scared. I'm scared that it is going to hurt, I have guilt, even though I know I can trust you. I'm scared of moving on. This is all so frightening Glorielle." Pyre whispered. Tears streamed down his face. Glorielle paused for a moment, before giving a simple smile and reaching out and embracing pyre. "Do not fret. Being scared is human, even seraphim experience it. I do not want you to worry. Every experience is scary, and this is by far one of the worst. Your time in the compound was traumatic, it changed who you are. This experience will change you for the better as well. You have wanted to help people so badly recently, and now you will be able to. I will be waiting for you when your soul has abandoned your human body. And I will be waiting to show you your new gifts." Glorielle explained. She wiped away the tears that had streaked down Pyre's face. "I have to leave now. YOu have to be by yourself for this moment. Just know that I wait and you are strong enough to come out of this as the winner in the long run." She reminded him. Pyre smiled and whispered goodbye as her body dissipated into the air as little bits of life. He whispered a thank you under his breath. Now all he had to do was wait.

Pyre had heard the crunch of leaves, He knew his assailant was here now. He resisted the urge to leave now and run all the way away. But that was fleeing away from his problems, but he was not going to do that. He had made a promise and he was going to stick to it. He heard the man walk over. The old Pyre would have turned around and gave it to this man, he was the opposite of sneaky. The man declared himself in the name of a goddess and called Pyre guilty. Pyre waited, and in a swift movement Pyre felt a painful and sharp movement to the side of his head. He didn't feel the ground connect with his body. Slowly he could feel himself get colder and his mind growing foggy as a constant pressure grew in his chest. Suddenly, with a snap Pyre could see himself, the man, the woods, and a glowing Glorielle crying and smiling as she floated above the trees. She opened her arms and beckoned him over.

Her seraphim wings could be seen around her. When he came close she hugged him close. Their hug felt like a light was growing inside of him. The light spread throughout his body and he could feel new things extending out his body. "Welcome to the next stage Korien." She said. Korien Pyre thought. That was his new name, he was Korien now. Korien was someone who would protect everyone.

The two gripped hands as they floated over Orchidia. Korien could see small bright lights everywhere, the souls of people and their natural light. He could see magic essence floating around in the air. He could see other Seraphim watching over people. He could see that there were people who were glowing strongly. Korien was impressed. He was not scared anymore. He was going to do his best now. He had GLorielle with him, all the knew seraphim he would meet soon. He was going to protect everyone he could do. Even if that meant he had to spread himself so thin that the universe could barely put him together. His new law was that everyone came before him. Life was more important than his. He would save everyone and he would do it proudly. He had changed so much. He had changed for the better.

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