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Remove the Drunk [Quest: Hatsuharu]

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#1Akira Shimada 

Remove the Drunk [Quest: Hatsuharu] Empty Fri Nov 23, 2018 8:12 am

Akira Shimada
Delivering pizzas was simple enough, mostly uneventful too. What Aki didn't expect, was another request waiting for them as they returned. The poor barkeeper looked positively bereft and kept staring at the clock, almost as though he was expecting doom. Akira tried to avoid his gaze, because she wasn't sure if she had it in her to help with another round of restaurant related stuff. As she tried to inconspicuously slide past him to leave behind the jewels they'd collected he stepped in her way.

'I hate to ask this of you, but I have this friend who is a bit of a loud mouth when he's drunk...' he started. Aki shuffled awkwardly and waited for more details. The man went onto explain how this certain Mitya character always turned up at the bar on busy evenings and created some sort of a spectacle. Aki listened carefully as the poor man explained that he didn't really mind it all that much, but patrons were quite disturbed and he'd lost some loyal clients.

Only when the rugged man added that Mitya owned the bar across the street, did Akira's sceptical side start suspecting foul play. This sort of a strategy probably truly needed the intervention of a Rune Knight... However, she kept her reservations to herself, and nodded slowly. She flopped onto a bar chair and explained the situation to her partner.


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Haru had been running around town delivering pizzas all day long. He couldn’t believe the number of people who craved pizzas at the oddest of times during the day; the place was busy all the time. Finally, when all the deliveries were done, he sat down at the bar as he waited for his partner to drop the jewels they collected during the deliveries. When she got back, he thought they were done and it was time to head back to the quarters. However, instead, she sat down next to him and explained the situation. Just like Akira, he too suspected that this man was causing a ruckus here just so the patrons would leave this bar and go to his. The thought of stopping such an unruly man brought back some energy into the Knight.

It wasn’t until he laid his eyes upon Mitya did he realize it was the same man who had requested their help to take care of his mother. Haru frowned and almost jumped to his feet, thinking of confronting the man right then and there. But Enil had asked them not to bother the man until he actually gets rowdy. So, the healer grit his teeth and waited impatiently, almost wishing the guy loses it so that he can drag him out of there. “So, this is what he is doing while asking others to take care of his mother?” he muttered angrily to his partner.


#3Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
'This and runs his own bar I guess...' she muttered softly as she kept a wary eye on the man. 'And of course trying to convince his mother to go to a nursing home, so someone else could permanently take care of her...' she added, recalling Rynah mentioning that while they waited for their cookies.

Initially, Mitya remained quite contained, while he browsed the menu, occasionally he'd scoff with derision and make some small snide comment about the ingredients and options but nothing enough to warrant the Knights to have to step in. Akira was quite curious as to what his intentions were, so she decided to set up a little test to see exactly how things were. She slid off her chair and went into the kitchens, quickly donning an apron before emerging with a notepad and sashaying towards Mitya.

'Oh! We meet again.' she said politely, but it seemed he'd forgotten her. Probably she was one among many who took care of his poor mother. 'I work here and I'd like to recommend our special drink.' Like she thought, he relished the chance of being able to criticise a their special and jumped on the chance. She returned to the pantry but made a brew sans any form of alcohol, setting it on a tray she served Mitya swiftly, and yet he managed to complain about the slow service.


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Haru expressed extreme impatience as he waited for the guy to do something so that he could pounce. Maybe Akira noticed that, as she took matters into her own hands. He watched as she walked into the kitchen with an apron on and then approach Mitya to take his order. The healer didn’t wish to brandish his weapon amidst the crowd and make them feel threatened; that would be counterproductive considering Enil hired them to ensure his patrons aren’t bothered. But if the guy made one wrong move against Akira, he was ready to forget all that and bump it up a notch. There it was again; his disproportionate anger. He sat there tapping his foot, almost wanting the guy to try something.

Luckily, he didn’t do anything that bad. He just complained about how slow the service was even though Akira had brought in the drink in less than a minute. Haru was done waiting. He walked up to the man and spoke menacingly, “Is there a problem here, Sir?” The last word was more of a mockery than that of respect. “Uh… Who are you?! You got goons in here, huh Enil?” he began. “You don’t even remember us,” Haru said softly, mostly to himself, before grabbing the guy by the collar and dragging him out through the door. The entire bar fell silent as they watched the scene in shock. Enil looked like he wanted to stop Haru, but didn’t wish to prolong the encounter any further.


#5Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Something about the way Mitya looked at her, set her on an edge, however she maintained her role and smiled a saccharine sweet, toothy grin, it didn't entirely hide the way her jaw was set, as her teeth ground against each other. Ignoring the way his gaze scanned her form was definitely difficult.  She'd probably been a victim of a lecherous gaze before, but she'd just never taken note of it, it made her feel small, especially because Mitya's variety was mixed with a patronising sort of note. She refrained from lashing out at him relatively unprompted or without evidence, especially not with Tsuru around.

The Knight had been going out of her way to outline that she's thorough with her due process, hoping that if and when Tsuru ever finds out what happened, he'd at least give her the benefit of doubt. But all her plans were squandered in one surprising motion. She backed away, eyeing the healer warily as he literally took matters into his own hands.

She sent an apologetic look towards Emil, having never intended for him to suffer any more losses because of their aggression. She just hoped that the drama would entice people rather than have them leave. She rushed along following after just a moment of fearful hesitation.


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Haru had no idea of the way Mitya had been looking at his partner. If he did, the man’s eyes would have been gauged out by then. The healer fumed in anger as the drunk man tried retaliating once they were outside. “This is outrageous. You can’t-” he stopped to hiccup, “You can’t do this. I’ll call the Knights. KNIGHTS!” he yelled into the empty streets. Haru stood there with folded hands, as if he was daring him to shout again, all the while the frown deepening.

“You ask others to take care of your mom while you go out drinking and causing a ruckus at another bar, wrecking your competition?” he spat as though he was addressing something worse than filth. “Maybe if you can’t move, you will stay home with your mom,” he added casually, as his right hand inched towards his sabre.

Mitya looked positively scared, but the liquor in his blood has given him foolish courage. He put his hands in front of him sloppily and got ready to fight. Looking at the man’s pathetic unarmed state calmed Haru down a little bit. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. There was no way he was going to attack an unarmed citizen, as dishonourable as he may be. “The owner reserves the right to deny service and you aren’t welcome here until you decide to behave,” he said sternly, standing in front of the door.


#7Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
The Shimada had never quite witnessed this side of Tsuru and frankly it scared her just a tad. Of course, she didn't let any expressions or changes in stance betray that emotion. It was imperative that the two Knights maintained a united front. She leaned against the door, watching warily and remaining relatively impassive. She chose to not to interrupt her partner as he dealt with Mitya, pretending as though there was nothing new about this. Her mind tried to figure out what had caused such a radical change in the pacifist...

When the man threatened to call the Knights Aki couldn't help but scoff. With Rynah's knack for repeating things she surely would've told him about them, had he bothered to listen. The only time that the Lunar mage considered stepping in, was when she noticed Tsuru's hands reach for his saber, but luckily she didn't need to as the healer collected himself in time. She merely stepped between them regardless, in case things heated up again.

'Enil thinks of you as a friend, don't make a bad mab out of him, because in a fight, he'd knock you out in one punch' she warned evenly. She added for the record that they were Knights and apart from aiding Enil in keeping his bar drama-free, they had the right to arrest Mitya for being a public nuisance. With that, she turned to return to the bar, pausing briefly to rest a calming hand on Tsuru shoulder.


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Mitya didn’t seem to be bothered by the prospect of Enil knocking him out. Clearly, the man was well aware of the fact that the beefy bar owner had a soft corner for him and would never do that. He was, in fact, taking advantage of that. What did scare him was the fact that the two of them were Knights themselves. At that point, the man’s feet began wobbling just a bit and he reconsidered doing anything rash. “Alright, you bullies,” he mumbled, before waddling off in the opposite direction.

Enil had been watching this from the entrance and he shook his head disapprovingly once Mitya was out of earshot. “Didn’t look like you had so much anger in you, kid. You should get that under control… being a Rune Knight and all,” he said, before returning to attend to his customers. Akira’s hand calmed him further and he just slouched, ashamed at how he had let himself behave like a lunatic. It was just a drunk man, after all.

He knew the right thing to do would be to go back inside the bar and apologize to Enil. However, he couldn’t find the strength. At that moment, all he wanted was to walk as swiftly as he could back to his room, lie down in his bed and stare at the ceiling as he reflected on his actions.


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