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Pizza Delivery [Quest: Hatsuharu]

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#1Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
The man sweeping the street in the wee hours of the morning had elicited her pity this time, apart from just the healers. Having spotted him first, the young Knight idly made her way to him, out of curiosity, almost as if to deem how hard everybody worked to make their living. Perhaps it was her way to stop feeling like a victim, to remind herself that everyone had their own little battles to fight, however seemingly small. 'Need something? We open in another hour.' the man said, a little brusquely.

Aki was at a loss of words, she wasn't usually the one who dealt with offering help and such. 'Er, just wondering if you needed something...' she asked, her voice trailing off as she turned towards her partner, like she wanted to be rescued. 'You mean that? Because I really could use a set of extra hands.' the man barked, almost as though he was belittling her offer.  'Yeah, what can we do?' she asked, narrowing her eyes, feeling the need to validate the intent behind her words.

The man went onto explain how his assistance had taken the day off, he sounded warily empathetic, as though the benefit of doubt he'd been extending was running thin now. He added that he needed someone to help him make the orders for delivery and if possible deliver them too. She nodded at Tsuru to confirm that this would be their mission for the day.


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Was it the third day now? Or the fourth? Haru had lost count. “When is this nightmare going to end? Orchidia doesn’t even have any organized criminal activity,” the healer whined as they began their patrol early in the morning. For the first time, the red-headed swordsman was feeling stupid for agreeing to help. “An entire week?! What were we smoking when we agreed to that?” he asked, shaking his head in disbelief.

It was probably his incessant complaining or maybe she was feeling particularly philanthropic that morning, Akira decided to go help out at the local pizza take-away. Haru didn’t complain. This was far better than walking around town aimlessly; and maybe, just maybe, he could end up getting a decent pizza out of this.

That last part of his dream was squashed almost immediately as Enil mentioned they were the cooks for the day. “Ugh! You are gonna have some seriously bad reviews if you let me cook,” Haru muttered. “You… Do not touch the ingredients. Girl, you are in-charge of the kitchen. Can you at least read a map, boy? You can deliver,” he said, frowning at Haru. The healer shrugged. That would mean he had to be back on the streets again, but at least this time, he would be out there with purpose. “Alright! I can do that,” he agreed.


#3Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Though she'd been keeping her distance and had been rather tight-lipped around the healer, he spared no opportunity to slip in a little whine about the work they were doing. She'd not expected this from him, for some reason it amused her to no end. She kept any expression or reaction that might betray her intrigue to herself of course, she was quite similar when they'd started out. Besides, this was better, this was quiet and non-violent the Shimada could use more time like this.

However, even her expression soured when Tsuru left all the kitchen work to her. In all fairness, while she was sure that she wouldn't be too bad, the girl had no real experience in the kitchen other than the time they'd helped in making cupcakes... Which felt like eons ago, though it couldn't have been more than a year. She didn't argue, it meant that there would be no awkward moments where possibly uncomfortable conversations could transpire. She did make her disgruntled attitude known though and was rather dramatic in turning up the dial to preheat the oven, following which she collected the ingredients. Finally, the girl pulled up a stool by the platform of the kitchen and began slowly working on the dough, finding the process oddly and mind-numblingly therapeutic.


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Haru enjoyed the little free time he had as he sat there while Akira made the pizzas. The guy had no idea how busy he was going to get soon. If he had, he wouldn’t have sat there like a prince right in front of Akira while she did all the work in the kitchen, almost mocking her. The first order was a pizza with pineapple and ham. Haru frowned at that, thoroughly judging the person who ordered that to be someone with terrible taste in pizzas. “Pineapple?!” he exclaimed, his voice clearly expressing the disgust. “Please refrain from using that tone in front of the customer,” Enil said, looking sharply at the red-headed Knight. “Of course not…” Haru replied, rather unconvincingly.

Once the pizza was ready and packed in a box, Haru took the address from Enil and began following the map to find the place. It was just ten minutes away. When he reached the location, the healer was extremely curious as to who ordered a pizza that early in the morning; that too, a pizza with pineapple in it. He knocked on the door and cried ‘PIZZA!’. For almost a minute, there was no response. Haru was in half a mind to just dump the box and walk back. Finally, when he was about to leave, the door opened and an old man peeked out. “Ah yes… My love!” he said, taking the box from Haru and handing him the jewels. “Was my wife’s favourite…” he mumbled as he closed the door. The healer felt extremely guilty for judging the man so carelessly. If he is willing to eat pineapple pizza in her memory, he must have really loved her, he thought, as he walked back.


#5Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
By the time she was done with the dough, there was a thin layer of flour all over the floor and several flecks and marks of it on her face, some of it had managed to find itself in her hair. An itch caused her to rub her nose and she left yet another trace of it across the bridge. Sighing softly she narrowed her eyes at Tsuru. She was rather amused at the ingredients of the very first order.

Pineapple did not belong on pizza, there were no two ways about that, however, this wasn't her pizzeria and so she had no say in the matter. However, in her head she refused to refer to the dish as pizza. Once the cheese had melted and the crust had risen enough she slid it out of the oven carefully and placed it into the box.

She trotted over to wear Tsuru sat, like he owned the place and dumped it on the table, her passive aggression evident in her manner. She even chuckled when the healer recieved an earful from the owner. But her peace was short-lived, there were more pizzas to be made, she hoped her technique improved her efficiency as the day went on.


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It was apparent that his partner wasn’t pleased with the fact that she had to do everything at the kitchen while Haru sat around. But nothing was going to make him cook. The last time he attempted it at Batra’s kitchen, it was a disaster. The first delivery went slow, but he was glad he didn’t dump the pizza. Immediately after, he rushed back to the pizzeria. Had he known he would be doing this all day long non-stop, he would have preserved some energy on the return trips.

The moment he stepped back in, Enil stacked two boxes on his hand along with a large bucket of chicken. “These are the addresses,” he said, leaving a paper on top of the pizza boxes. “How am I supposed to carry all this and also see the road ahead?” Haru exclaimed. “Take the mana scooter. Don’t ride too fast and don’t sit on the pizza box,” Enil said pointedly before handing him the keys to the scooter. He didn’t like how the beefy man treated him like a kid, but his excitement about riding a scooter was too much for him to bother confronting him about it. With a stupid grin on his face, he winked at Akira and motored away to the deliver the next batch.


#7Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Like she'd expected, the second and third attempt at making pizza went better than the first. She'd realised that using too much of the dry dough made it too tough and not using enough made it too sticky, but she was no closer to perfecting the balance. She did succeed in estimating the force required to correctly and evenly flatten the dough. The assortment of meat was less revolting than the pineapple and then it was solely about letting the heat do its magic in the oven. Making the chicken wasn't too difficult the batter was already ready, though dealing with the hot, sputtering oil was certainly no piece of cake.

When Tsuru returned he was handed the orders she prepared. The Shimada was seething with jealousy, when the boy was offered the vehicle and she was just tasked with making more food. He even had the temerity to mock her yet again. The owner did take notice and let her know she looked far too young... She was tempted to let him know Tsuru was much more of a baby than she was, given his memory issues, she wondered if he could even handle the scooter...

Sure enough he didn't return by the time she finished the last of the orders. Enil pushed matters by requesting her to go deliver them on foot, because apparently they were near enough. She didn't see the point of arguing, he didn't have another scooter anyways, not to mention it would seem he wasn't lying about the distance... She and the healer returned to the bar at about the same times and were offered their compensation...little did they know that their ordeal wasn't done yet.


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Delivering the meat pizzas to the couple that had ordered them went without a hitch, except that they were situated quite far out in the outskirts. Haru was thankful that Enil lent the scooter. The walk to that street would have taken at least an hour or maybe more. Once the pizzas were delivered and he collected the Jewels, next stop was… very close to the restaurant. He felt a little stupid for not noting both the addresses before leaving and delivering the closer one first. Now, the chicken must have become colder than ideal. Hoping to salvage the situation, he drove as fast as he could through the crowded streets and reached the address about ten minutes later.

The guy opened the door and looked at him as though he was sizing him up for a wrestling match. “You are late!” he declared. “I’m sor-” Haru began, but was stopped immediately. “Don’t waste any more time and give me the chicken already,” he bellowed. “Of course,” Haru said, handing him the bucket full of flavoured chicken. “Hmm… Not as hot as it usually is,” he complained, picking up a piece of the chicken and biting into it. “Also tastes different…” he added. The healer was worried that the guy was going to be extremely disappointed and refuse to pay, leaving him to cover up the cost. “But good different,” he said, beaming.

Haru let out a sigh and smiled. The guy paid up and he left almost immediately, as though he was worried he would stopped and asked to return the money. From there, the drive back to Enil’s bar was short. He noticed Akira was entering at the same time as he was and reckoned she must have gone for a delivery while he was away. He handed the Jewels he collected to her and told her that her flavoured chicken was a hit. Enil seemed happy to hear that and paid them for their troubles.


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