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Crocus to Baska [Travel|Walking]

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Crocus to Baska [Travel|Walking] Empty Fri Nov 23, 2018 12:29 am

Sage †
He was walking through the city of Crocus, looking around and wonder of what he would do that day. He was thinking of doing a quest but he was too lazy to that for now. After having lunch at a restaurant near the motel he was staying in he went to his room. He looked around and it was quite a mess because he had been there for quite a while now. He moved towards the window peeking the capital city behind the curtains. He could see the amazing garden from there, it was quite a sight actually. He then jumped onto his bed and grabbed a novel book he was reading and read it through the evening. The next day, he woke up early. Very early. He noticed that the sky was still dark a little but the orange sky could be seen from the distance. He jumped back to his bed and tried to sleep, but he couldn't. He took a cold warm shower and dressed for the day. He took another look at the city through his windows. He decided to travel again.

He started to pack his stuff, cleaning the mess he made throughout his stay, when everything was packed inside his backpack, he grabbed the room's keys and locked the door hence moving down the stairs with enthusiasm as he would move towards another new place. He went to the front desk and returned the key smiling at the register whilst doing so. He stepped out of the motel and he set the direction of his travel by using his instincts, who knows where he would land next?

After a few hours, he reached Orichidia, he was so familiar with that place he didn't even bother staying there but instead he kept moving on. When the sun was at its zenith, he reached the biggest forest known in Fiore, the Worth Woodsea forest. But having the perks of being an elf, he easily get through the trees and before long he reached the end of it. He then reached a city, that he wasn't familiar with. But one thing for sure, he knows that the city is very white and the sun rays that the buildings reflect was too much for him to take. He looked up and it would be a few hours before sunset, and so he decided to stop travelling once the sun has set.

As he traveled he wondered of what was about to happen in the relationship between him and his magic, he had quite a grasp at it, but not enough to be a master magician. He then decided that wherever he would stop next he would train his magic there. He reached Baska not long after, and seeing the sun is about to set he decided to stay and train there, plus all the people there are very friendly.

WC: 481/450
Note: Rune Knights get 10% off when travelling. ;)

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