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Train With Me [Quest: Hatsuharu]

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#1Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Despite, or perhaps because of the amount of time she'd spent amidst the trees, Aki's affinity for forests had only peaked. Although, she definitely did prefer them empty and peaceful as opposed to the crowded camping for the spring festival. She'd been seeking time by herself alone, despite having grown fond of the healer's company, things felt a little strained ever since the impending conversation about her nightly duties at the festival, became an imminent possibility.

It felt a little like deja vu, since the trustee healer hadn't given up on her even as she recoiled into herself yet again, all the progress made towards their friendship seemingly wasting away... He kept her company from a wary distance, offering space but not too much... She sat propped against a tree, watching the sun dip into the river, lazily she glanced at him and even offered a rare and endearing smile. Her gaze was interrupted though, by a figure jogging on the slightly worn path that stretched between them.

Aki found her eyes following the girl as she trotted along. Perhaps it was the woman's sixth sense that caused her to pause by Aki, her eyes riveted on the Rune Knight badge. 'Are you a Knight?' she asked, her eyes wide with high levels of admiration and hopes, the kind that the Shimada definitely wasn't used to. 'Yeah, we are...' she responded her chin indicating Tsuru's presence.


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The lone moments between the two Knights had become more and more awkward as the days went by. The tension only intensified, but this was not anything aggressive like what they had when they first met. Akira began walking ahead of him during their patrols and he just followed a few feet behind. This time, he didn’t mind the distance actually as he feared any kind of conversation would only make him look stupid. The healer had no idea the Lunar mage was avoiding him because she was afraid the topic of her killing a demon would surface again. Haru had actually believed her when she said it was just a lie to engage the old Leis.

Now that they were Lieutenants, they were no longer required to do these patrols, but Haru did it out of habit. To him, at least, these ranks didn’t change things much. He loved being out in the field and helping the citizens first hand; somehow, sitting behind a desk all day ordering others around didn’t give him the same satisfaction. So, the duo had just finished their rather eventless morning patrol and had made their way to the forest outskirts. He didn’t intend on going there, but simply followed his partner.

The healer walked up to the banks of the river as Akira sat under the tree. He found the flowing water and its crashing sound on the rocks calming and was so lost in it that he didn’t notice the jogging girl until she approached them and spoke. He then turned towards the two girls just as Akira nodded towards him and confirmed that the two were Knights indeed. “Is there something wrong, ma’am?” he asked concernedly, worried that she may be in danger.


#3Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Before the lady had a chance to respond, Tsuru piped up with his own query. Aki couldn't blame him, people had a knack for needing help, these were perilous times. However, she did have a better view of her face and from what the young Knight could glean from her expressions, that didn't seem to be the case. She only noticed hesitation and some sort of yearning. The woman's face however turned a rather deep shade of crimson upon being addressed by Tsuru, eliciting a soft sigh from Akira. 'Oh, no I'm quite alright, I think...' she seemed so lost as she gazed upon the scarlet haired Knight, her words or perhaps thoughts seemed to be failing her. Akira cleared her throat, which was to no avail, thinly veiled attempts at breaking the reverie this woman had entered didn't really work.

The Shimada had to resort to verbally interrupting the moment. 'So... did you need something else from us?' Akira asked, dryly. She couldn't place the source of her ire, but it probably had something to do with the way the lady was fawning over the healer. Her tone, or perhaps the words themselves sent a visible jolt through the woman, who suddenly jumped backwards. 'Oh, I'm sorry... I suppose I should've realised you'll are together.' It was Aki's turn to go just a little pink as she avoided both the woman and Tsuru's eyes. 'I'm Seheda I didn't mean to be any trouble, but I've heard that the Knights have to train very hard... and I- I'd like to train like you all!' she exclaimed, her eyes nervously darting between the two.


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The young girl said she was fine but seemed to go all red at the same time. Haru couldn’t understand why, but he was glad to hear she was in no trouble. People seldom approached Rune Knights unless they needed help; otherwise, they were happy keeping their distance and complaining or joking about them. The awkward silence persevered further even though there was a third person there and Haru had no idea how to break it. Akira did, rather bluntly as per usual, prompting the girl to assume she was barging into a tender moment. Haru went as red as his hair along with his partner at that comment but did not deny it like he used to in the past. Instead, he chose to jump the topic and focus on the training part.

“Oh yes! We train hard. Have to go toe to toe with the creative miscreants every day, after all,” he said, enthusiastically. For once, he was glad to hear someone thought highly of the Rune Knights. He figured he should use this opportunity and establish that not all Rune Knights are lazy sods who shirk duty. Although, them sitting by the river doing nothing would not particularly be effective advertisement. Luckily, the girl gave them a chance to prove their worth. “Do you think you could give me tips on how to train, please? I’ve been trying to enter the combat academy, but I always fail,” she pleaded, hurrying up to Haru’s side, making her best puppy-dog face. Haru instinctively took a step behind to put some distance between them and then scratched his head. “Uh… Sure, I guess. Akira here is a great combatant. Have fought off several demons unscathed,” he said, pointing towards his partner. “I’m sure she would love to share some of her secrets,” he added, suppressing his chuckles, which proved to be extremely difficult.


#5Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
The lunar mage was expecting the usual jumpy denial from Tsuru. Ironically, despite being pleased that while neither of them accepted, neither denied either, the feeling was bittersweet and bought with it an aching discomfort. It made her want to clarify for some reason, but before she could the woman had already gone onto make her request. She raised her eyebrows and rolled her eyes at the wide eyes and the slightly girlish pout that adorned her charming features and accompanied the words. They probably weren't necessary, she knew Tsuru would've aided her either way, but that doe-eyed face only served to irk Aki some more.

She felt the warmth radiating from her face yet again as Tsuru decided to praise her abilities in battle, she was hoping the extension would be something to highlight her knack for being the strategist... Instead he went on to mention her victories over demons. At the mention of the dark race, the colour drained from her face and she uncharacteristically jumped in, still betraying her slightly shrewd attitude. 'How fast are you?' she asked, testily. The woman seemed to experience a rather intense amount of chagrin before she responded with a guilty 'Not very.' Akira ran her fingers through her hair exasperatedly. 'Well, that's something we could probably work on then, we have to usually remain fairly swift if we hope to catch criminals... Let us all get a lap in and we'll see how you do?'


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“An obstacle race then!” Haru chimed in merrily, looking around at the perfect natural course they had. The ground was uneven with several stumps and fallen logs. Besides, it’s been a while since he actually ran and improved his stamina; recently, his focus has been mostly on building up some muscle so that he could put that sabre of his to use. Haru then removed his black cloak, folded it and placed it next to where Aki was sitting under the tree. He also put the hilt of his sabre on top of the folded cloak; if at all he fell, he didn’t want that to break.

“Ready whenever you two are,” he said, grinning and stretching.

Once everyone was at the ready, Haru would point out the turns they could take to finish a lap and begin the count. At three, he would dash forward to begin the race and immediately notice that the girl was far slower than both the Knights. The healer immediately paced himself so that he wasn’t too ahead of her. She asked for help; it surely wouldn’t help if all they did was show off their speed and crush her already weakened spirit. “Come on! It’s all in the breathing. You gotto give enough oxygen to your muscles so that you can keep running,” he said, exaggerating his breathing while he ran to show her how.

The girl mimicked his breathing, and soon enough found her rhythm. It would seem she was a quick learner but just lacked guidance. Half way through the course, just when they were about to take a turn, Seheda tripped on a log when trying to jump over it and fell to her knees. Since Haru was moving ahead at a decent speed, he couldn’t halt immediately and stop her from falling even though he tried. The healer helped her up and found that she was almost in tears. “I don’t think I can do this…” she said, sobbing. Haru had no clue how to handle this and looked towards Akira.

#7Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Aki smirked and scanned the girl's form, already convinced that there was no way that Seheda was faster than the Knights were, she allowed a smirk to play on her lips. She hand't recognised the competitive instinct that had already ensnared her, and perhaps given everything that had transpired between them up until now, she was gripped with the urge to particularly beat the girl. Her competitive spirit was one that usually remained rather suppressed, given that they were often pegged against mages and fighters a significantly stronger. The moment the race commenced she streaked past the duo and only slowed when she noticed that Tsuru had used the moment to linger with the mercenary. She grunted softly and turned, running slower and backwards as she waited for them to catch up.

They never did. The one they were helping train fell over. Aki rolled her eyes at what she perceived to be a damsel in distress act and jogged towards the healer as the other found her feet again. 'You're right, you certainly can't this way.' The Shimada said, in cold honesty. From the corner of her eyes she noticed Tsuru's aghast expression and realised just how much her words cut the girl. Aki merely shrugged and with a soft sigh she added. 'But that is no reason to stop trying.' she added half-halfheartedly. Somehow, just that was enough and the woman nodded earnestly. 'You're right, thank you so much for your help! I'm sorry if I took you away from your duties, I hope this compensates, I'll be on my way now.' she said and thrust a bag of jewels for Aki to collect.


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