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Crocus to Magnolia [Walking]

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#1Elise Smirnov 

Crocus to Magnolia [Walking] Empty Sat Nov 17, 2018 7:50 am

Elise Smirnov
Elise did not know what to expect when her father wanted her to help him deliver some sort of message in a sealed scroll to one of his contacts in Magnolia. She wouldn't refuse the request as this contact was a family friend. So, the girl would set off, finding herself going out of the elaborate manor and onto the streets of the capital city of Crocus. Normally, such a request seemed to be a bit too dangerous given that there seemed to be thieves on the road who would do anything to rob someone, whether they had little money to spare or even a wealthy person who had a lot of money on their person. She kept a rapier on her person which was the symbol of her family and its heirloom as well.

Magnolia seemed to be a long way from where she called home, so there was the problem of travelling by foot which would take days due to passing through Era as well. However, all was not lost, there seemed to be a travelling cart that was seemingly left alone and was loaded partially. Without hesitating, she began to lift herself towards the cart's back which already had some goods inside. As the sun would set slowly, she would scoot inside one of the darkened areas which would hopefully hide herself from plain view. The heiress would hear a man talking and then there was silence except for the sounds of the townsfolk closing up shop for the day.

Night would soon come in as she felt the travelling cart move from the lit streets of Crocus and off to the countryside. The white haired girl would close her eyes in order to sleep during the night. She would always think it was important to sleep early and not when it was late at night.

The next morning, she woke up and looked outside where there was entirely a new place that she hadn't been to before. The town had very medieval-style buildings and most of the shopkeepers here were asking outsiders to pay for goods. When the cart came to a stop, she would quickly jump out and make her way across the bustling streets. Either way, this was a wholly new experience for the heiress. She was happy that she could go outside into the world and help out her grieving father with whatever connections he might have.

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