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YuMMY DEAD CORPSE [RED] Empty Sun Nov 11, 2018 1:19 am

He just couldn't help it. The taste of human meat was far too superior for him to just give up the habit. There the young boy was, using his fangs and pointed nails to tear through an innocent man. With each bite he could only feel his urge to want more rise. Mmm, human meat. The child sat in the forest of Orchidia, it was late night, close to midnight and the moon was full. Everyone was probably sleep by now. The long festival had finally ended and finally there was enough silence for him to enjoy his meal in peace. Believe me, if Quami could stop his addiction to human meat he would but he couldn't. *crunch* *slurp* *chew* *tear*. In that exact order he continued to eat. The boy was far from full and actually planned on eating this entire human. One again he felt abandoned by the people who promised to protect him, hell he even forgot their names already but it wasn't that big of a deal. Quami had survived in Fiore this long despite his age, he could easily continue to survive.  For a moment he lifted his head to breath, his fingers and mouth fully covered in red liquid. "I know this is wrong, but it feels so right." he said as he quickly planted his face back onto the corpse. It wasn't hard hunting for this meal either. All he did was stand just outside the forest and wait for someone to walk past and boom, he found a business man. They were pretty evil anyway so he didn't feel too bad.

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Odin †

Ahh midnight, what a fun time for the devious individual. It was always at midnight, or at least close to it, that the worst things occurred. Murders, rapes, they weren't really daytime activities after all, and it seemed that feasting on human flesh was another to add to the list.

The forest outskirts of Orchidia had become a place of peace for Odin. The flower festival had finally come to a close, and people had begun to leave the town to return to their homes, but Odin had not departed yet, choosing to remain there for a while longer, and he was glad he did, as things were starting to get interesting.

About ten meters in front of him, in a small clearing, was a small child and a dying man. It wasn't the first time Odin had seen such a sight, it was common enough in Dahlia, but usually the lycans were in their transformed state, and didn't look like little children. This kid was an interesting one, but unfortunately he had to be killed. Part of Odin wanted to know more about him, but he wouldn't have that luxury, perhaps next time.

The dying man, who by this point had no chance to survive, had been Odin's target, the reason he was in the forests. Today's client had contracted Odin to find out whether or not this businessman was embezzling his company's money, and now they'd never know, and Odin had failed his quest.

It wouldn't be painless for the poor lycan as Odin raised his hand, cursing the boy and sending the evil spirits of the dead into his mind. There, they would feast on him, devouring the man's mind and soul, leaving his body an empty shell. He would be unable to scream, unable to act. He would only be able to do one thing: die.

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YuMMY DEAD CORPSE [RED] Empty Sun Nov 11, 2018 9:27 am

One minute Quami was feasting on his corpse, enjoying every bite. It wasn't often that he fed on a. human so he had to savor it to be sure. His nose, his mouth and his hands were covered in blood. The blood from his corpse made it harder for his nose to pick up the scent of anyone, not that he could even pick up the scent of a skeleton anyway. Still, the young lycan had no idea what was in store for him. Quami was young and alone, abandoned once again by the very people who promised to protect him, this was their fault. Had he been supplied with the proper meals he probably wouldn't have to go through this but a child like him didn't have a huge grasp on the world, so now he was committing crimes without truly thinking about the possible consequences. After all, he survived for so long how could he get caught now? As Quami planted his face back into the chest of the corpse, a sharp pain struck his brain. Suddenly he could hear voices and suddenly the world went dark. He couldn't move, he couldn't scream, hell he couldn't even see yet. The werewolf clenches his jaw and balled his fists, straining his muscles as his veins bulged from the side of his head. And just like that the Lycan had faced Karma. This...this was really it. These voices, did they mean that he was going to hell?? The Lycan fell on his side, taking his last breath as the voices began to vanish. Everything vanished.


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YuMMY DEAD CORPSE [RED] Empty Tue Nov 13, 2018 12:43 pm

Odin †

The lycan fell to the side, dying almost instantly but in terrible pain from the curse placed upon him. There were now two corpses lying side by side on the forest floor. One: Odin's target the businessman, who he would never be able to get another lead on and had thus failed the mission he had been tasked with. The other: that lycan who stopped him, and suffered the consequences.

Odin didn't enjoy taking a life, something many could find ironic considering he himself had taken his own not too long ago, but it was true. This lycan had been an interesting creature, if for no other reason than he had been away from Dahlia and the rest of his kind. He had been in Orchidia, arguably the most populated place in Fiore due to the flower festival that had been going on, and yet he'd had the audacity to hunt. Sure it was night time, but that didn't lower his chances of being detected by much. People still moved through the night, not just lycans but also vampires, their arch enemies. In Dahlia, there were always enough of each race to stop the other from outright attacking, but that wasn't the case here. A lone lycan was a target to anyone, monster hunter or vampire. Unfortunately it had been neither that had eventually taken this young child's life. It had been Odin, who left the bodies, proceeding back into the town, to report his failure.


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