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Lie, cheat, steal!

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#1Ashe Vermilion 

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Ashe Vermilion
It was an ordinary summer day in Orchidia, the sun beaming down on the innocent citizens parading through the lively bustling streets, they were also busy in this hour. However, one street, specifically an alley-way particularly stood out. Despite the hot weather, the alley was cold, dark, and damp. Rats squeaked and swiftly scurried into the holes of the brick walls they called home as if they knew a dangerous event was about to transpire. A cat followed in pursuit of its delicious prey but it too ran at the feeling of possible danger. The alley fell silent for a brief moment but this silence soon faded and was replaced with the heavy footsteps of a man running. Emerging from the shadows of the once seemingly lifeless alley was Ashe, her leg extended outward, the man tripped, falling to the ground.

"What did I tell you about running?" Ashe said with a malicious smile, her amber eyes appearing to glow in the dark as she stepped out from the shadows of the alley into the openness which was still only dimly lit with the skies sun. Ashe walked towards the man who had not conjured the strength to pick himself back up; he was petrified by fear. The lights exposing her facial expressions of wicked intent. The taps of her heels echoing through the alley, marking his inevitable doom. Once she arrived at the man Ashe pinned a single heel against his back, he begged for mercy, crying out to his god, clawing the ground as if he could actually get up. Ashe only dug her heel deeper, the man screamed in pain as the heel broke skin. The maiden let out a wicked cackle, lifting her heel from the man who then attempted to crawl away, Ashe delivered a kick to his groin which was followed by another groan from the man.

"That's the thing with men, they never learn. Now, are you going to give me what I want, or are you going to be difficult?" Ashe said, the man responding with a mumble before receiving another kick, this one with enough force that he was rolled onto his back, he faced upward, looking toward the sky. "Don't think, obey." Ashe demanded. The man then got up and began to run away from the alley, screaming for help.

Ashe did not go after him, for she knew what he had waiting for him at the end of the path.

#2Brunhilde De Rouvroy 

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Brunhilde De Rouvroy
Cool winds streamed through they alley, chilling anyone unfortunate enough to be in their path and unfortunate they were because they were running straight into a storm, blindsided. The man that had been in the alley was almost free. Almost. But lady luck was not smiling down upon him because when he reached the alley's exit, well, what was on the other end was his worst nightmare and he wouldn't be waking up from this one. Working in perfect unison with her sister, she was seemingly invisible before due to her hiding place, but hide and seek was over, Brunhilde revealed herself and blocking the exit of the alley, she smiled a mischevious grin. Her hair whipped around behind her as the winds exited the alley making his hairs stand up on end.

Halting a few inches from her face, the man was surprised believing he had escaped the brunt of it. But oh boy was he wrong, so very wrong. Even towering above someone like he towered above her didn't make them brave, nor strong. She made three clicks with her tongue, symbolizing that the man had made a miscalculation, a grave mistake on his part. "You have three seconds," she said in chastisement, but she never specified what for. Though, for he would soon find out as she kicked her foot up, almost as fast as her hair was whipping behind her, and kicked him in the crotch, causing him to fall to the ground in pain.

Stepping over his curled up body, she grabbed his shirt collar and began dragging him deeper into the alley. She and her sister locked eyes as she walked further and further, closer and closer, their gazes never wavering. Brunhilde's piercing crimson eyes and her sister's sinister amber eyes seemed to glow, menacingly. "I hope you didn't save all the fun for yourself. Playtime is more fun in three's." a hauntingly amused tone bounced from her words and echoed on the damp bricks and her cruel sense of humor making itself known as she made another one of her mischievous grins.

Silence befell them and only the tapping of her heels and his whimpers broke the silence. The man opened his mouth as if he were trying to form words, but nothing came out except for frightened whimpers and cries as his back dragged along the brick underneath them. His refusal to talk was only adding irritation to her already annoyed mood and she was sure her sister felt the same. But their interrogation hadn't even begun yet and he was already begging for mercy.

The Maiden threw him to her sister's feet, both of them right in front of him and right behind him. He was at the mercy of the Maidens, now.

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#3Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Both she and Tsuru had recently received the news about their promotion, they truly were blazing through the ranks and Aki had a sinking suspicion as to why... And so, she had already expected this, after their little charade against Dante. It was a given that whoever was in charge would attempt dangling the rank-up in front of them to keep them from spilling the beans about the mission against the dark guild. It sure was wiser to just accept their gratitude and to bide her time. Lest they find a more permanent way to assure her silence, she had no idea how powerful they truly were. She did wondered if this was a general policy of some sort...

They were told they could act as Lieutenants although they were meant to return to Era eventually for the usual paper-pushing shebang. So, she had not really expected patrolling to be on their docket anymore, considering the higher ranking officials were usually summoned for bigger fish... But Inspector Nilan was so thrilled at the idea of working with Lieutenants again and she and her partner were touched enough by his story to oblige. He believed, having Lieutenants walk about would truly boost the morale of the Orchidian citizens.

Tsuru had taken his job quite seriously and was parading about amidst the bustle of the main roads, she took to the darker alleys and chose silence, solitude and peace. Less visible, but crimes were more likely to happen in such places, she'd argued to appease the poor inspector. However, she hadn't expected much to come of this, until she heard the shout for help that shattered everything she'd chosen this for. It was a from the alley beside the one she was in, going around the block would take too long... So she looked up, the building between the two alleys seemed short enough, about three floors high... It'd be faster just to climb. She used the maintenance ladder to get on top of the structure and squinted into the dank passage below, it took a moment for her eyes to adjust, but having been friends with the darkness for so long, it wasn't too tough to make out the silhouettes of the three figures.

A whimpering man was being dragged by the scruff of his neck by a small feminine figure, that wasn't built much differently than Aki herself. Her eyes quickly scanned the path to notice the other girl, a gust of cool wind channelled through the narrow path, causing her breath to hitch. Something about their manner was unnerving and chilly, like they were exuding some sort of menacing aura, perhaps it was the way she man-handled the guy, which was downright cruel. She hardened her heart and plucked out her gun, this definitely required intervention. Levelling it at the girl who seemed to be waiting for her meal to be dragged to her, she cleared her throat and offered her warning. ''STOP! Explain yourselves.' '

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#4Ashe Vermilion 

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Ashe Vermilion
Ashe smirked thinking of the devious torture plans she had intricately planned out for the man, "So utterly pathetic..." Ashe said as her 'sister' dragged him toward her. It was when he was laid out in front of them that Ashe heard a voice demanding that they stop and explain themselves; naturally, Ashe would have attacked without hesitation but upon seeing the distinctive Rune Knight coat, Ashe decided to be cautious. She could not afford to be arrested. Ashe raised her hands at the sight of the gun, putting one foot in front of another as she approached the Rune Knight, she radiated beauty, grace, and femininity. She walked perfectly in her heels, she carried herself with poise and had a certain elegance about her, Ashe's beauty was supernatural and unordinary, the kind that draws your attention from across a room, you would think this would be a good thing but something about her seemed... wicked.

"My oh my!? What unfortunate timing!" Ashe exclaimed this was followed by a giggle. "Allow me to explain the situation," Ashe's tone was gentle and smooth yet demanded respect despite appearing as an ordinary citizen. "My sister and I were being harassed by this..." Ashe scoffed, pointing towards the man. "He is a filthy mongrel for what he attempted with us and for that he deserves far worse than what we did with him." Ashe explained, her tone matched the story, somber.

Ashe then looked back towards her sister whom she was very controlling of, this symbolized for her to come forward and tell her side of the story. She was sure the Rune Knight would believe her, manipulation was not just a hobby for her, but a lifestyle, an art, and she was skilled in it. Ashe had done her part, it was up to Brunhilde now, and if she dared fail her well... she knew the consequences that come with failure and they weren't pretty.

#5Brunhilde De Rouvroy 

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Brunhilde De Rouvroy
Startled out of her malicious thoughts by demands from both her 'sister' and a new voice, Brunhilde regarded her sisters 'civility' as a sign of manipulation and deception. Something they did very well. So, Brunhilde threw on the best victim face she could muster and turn she turned around, frightened. Her brows furrowed, her eyes welled up with tears that would slide down her cheeks at any moment and her bottom lip quivered. Given her dainty frame and innocent appearance, anyone could believe it was the man's fault if they were in the woman's place. Though Brunhilde wasn't done, the show had just begun and it was a wicked double act.

Ashe looked like she doubted Brunhilde, no, she DID doubt, Brunhilde. She always has and always would no matter how much Brunhilde proved herself capable. Ashe doubted her skills so much that she had even started to doubt herself and whatever confidence Brunhilde had was torn apart when Ashe's look seeped into her, revealing the true meaning. 'Don't fail or you will regret it.' There was no mistake about it because was very clear and unforgiving, something Brunhilde knew all too well but she had no room to falter because if she did they would both lose.

A malevolent smile flashed across her face, it was meant to show wicked intent but showed no trace of such. She was an actress and a good one at that. "He," She spat with venom, "He was trying to prey on a girl that couldn't fend for herself, and I happened to be that girl." it was hard to tell her exact intentions and emotions, but she looked and sounded shaken up. Her mind probably seemed amess and jumbled amidst all of what had conspired before she'd shown up. Careful planning on Brunhilde's part, the acting she wasn't so worried about, It was flawless, but the approach she'd taken would tell if it was the right one, soon.

Tears that had been welling up in her eyes slid down her cheeks because she'd gone and brought out the waterworks. Brunhilde didn't want to disappoint Ashe, she didn't want to fail, and most importantly, she didn't want to get locked up because she longed for her freedom and, finally, had gotten it. If she were to lose it right now, right here, Illumin would have truly turned his back on her, and she would be left in the dark.

#6Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
She stood rather still, her hands steady so her aim didn't falter. The sun gleamed behind her, and she cast a long shadow over the building in front of her. Perhaps she embodied the silhouette of some champion with that halo behind her. Her blue Rune Knight coat flapped at her ankles, she rarely chose to don that particular garb, but at the request of the inspector, just to keep up appearances, she'd agreed for the day. It did save her from having to justify what allowed her to make such demands under the threat of a gun.

There was a moment of eerie silence before the girl in red raised her hands turned and walked a few steps towards the wall, Aki inched a little closer to the edge and craned her neck downward to keep her eyes on the target. Ever so occasional her gaze flitted to the other one and her poor victim, that was until she was offered the explanation she'd demanded. 'What?' the word was a dark whisper, softly sighed to herself. Her eyes widened, the glance coldly fixated on the man, who began protesting in soft pathetic whimpers. Her eyes narrowed as his suffering cast doubt on the girl's story, but almost on cue the one holding the victim piped up.  

The way she displayed all that pain, had Aki siding with them yet again. Perhaps her belief was cemented by a bias, it was much easier for her to put herself in their shoes, than in the man's. While fortunately for her she'd never been a victim of anything exploiting, she had lived her life in fear of the possibility. Especially since she loved her long late night walks and that had always put a strain on her relationship with her mother, because she was convinced it was a recipe for disaster. Perhaps her wisdom as a parent was justified and Aki had just been lucky.. She bit her lip, the more she contemplated the circumstance and witnessed the sorrow of the victim, the darker her feelings grew towards the man. Suddenly, the way he'd been treated felt justified. She lowered her gun, her free hand balling in a sort of rage.

She cleared her throat yet again, there was a job to be done. A tough one though. 'He clearly picked the wrong girls to mess with.' she said, betraying a dark sort of pride in favour of the females. 'I can't fault you for taking matters into you own hand,' she started, her teeth grit her tone slightly venomous. 'I'm almost compelled to turn the other way to let you vent a little more...' she hissed softly, most likely inaudibly. Aki then took a deep breath. Just pausing for a moment to consider how this would hinder thing long term, if everyone was allowed to take matters into their own hands. For some reason, Tsuru's disappointed face swam through her head.

She exhaled long before allowing the note of her words to become more even, but still a little reluctant. 'But... since he's already subdued, I'll escort you two to the Rune Knight quarters.' the blandness barely translated her conviction. While she was usually one of few words, she believed this situation demanded more. 'Rest assured, I'll lead the investigation and write out the report myself. I promise, justice will be served.' she finished, hoping her determination was convincing enough. Her offer probably didn't seem like much, but to anyone who knew her, if she was willing to waste her time with paperwork, she truly was invested. 'Can I have your names?' She still stood atop the building awaiting their choice, wondering whether she'd have it in her to stop them, if they continued serving justice their own way, when a part of her almost wanted to join them.'

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#7Ashe Vermilion 

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Ashe Vermilion
It came of no surprise that the Rune Knight fell for their lie. Cases like these were very difficult to prove and even harder to stomach. Ashe looked toward the man she had brutally beat, she only smirked. "Sometimes you have to take action into your own hands, if you do not protect yourself, no one will do it for you. This world will take you out of it just as quickly as you were brought in and there is nothing we can do about it. To survive in this world... All you can do is get stronger." Ashe sounded serious and it was clear she felt strongly about her rather powerful and meaningful statement.

Hearing the girls words, Ashe suddenly felt trapped but she had to think quick, there was no room for failure; there never was, it was unacceptable. A million thoughts raced through her head, plans resembling intricately weaved spider webs; most of the said plans quickly ruled out with the realization that it would not just be the rune knight being entangled in the silk-sewn web of lies. No. Ashe had a much better idea, something believable, something that would strike fear into anyone with common sense. After all, you can always make people fear you.

Ashe flipped her hair, it then rested on her shoulder as she turned, the alley lit up just enough to see the black phantom lord insignia located in the keyhole of her dress; on her upper back. "I don't know what authority you think to possess but I believe the magic council lost it's grip on Phantom Lord long ago, but I suppose someone such as you would still attempt to fight the inevitable battle between good and evil in hopes of spreading goodness, but where is the fun in that? The scales of fate need both good and bad and those scales are not meant to be tipped by the likes of you." Ashe's voice changed from seriousness to arrogance. It was clear she thought so highly of herself as if she was not even a human but a goddess among man. She was talking down to the rune knight. "He was right, the council and their pawns have become arrogant." Ashe then spit out, knowing very well the hypocricy of her statement but ignoring such a thing, it was different when she did it; she was a goddess. "Brunhilde I can not guarantee that we will make it to Master Dante tonight, I am sure he will miss us terribly, we are his mistresses after all. But if that was to happen I know he would come for us and then release his lust-filled rage upon this poverty-stricken town." Dante was the guild master of Phantom Lord and an opponent to be feared, considered incredibly strong as all guild leaders are, no one would wish for his wraith to be upon them, especially in a town as old as Orchidia. Poverty-stricken might not have been the right word choice, but it helped get Ashe's views across. Nothing was good enough for her. Ever.

Ashe then turned to face the rune knight, a malevolent look on her face. "That would just be dreadful for your reputation. Absolutely horrendous." The way Ashe said this was sarcastic as if it was actually good and for her, it was. She relished in the downfall of others. Ashe spoke with arrogance, as if she had already won, which in her mind she already had before the rune knight even approached.

She would never allow herself to lose so easily and her lie was not far from the truth, and given the reputation of Phantom Lord, it was highly believable which made the threat that much more terrifying. Ashe stood with absolute confidence, not a single sign of fear or worry, now looking towards her sister, as if allowing Brunhilde to give her opinion on such a matter.

#8Brunhilde De Rouvroy 

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Brunhilde De Rouvroy
Once again, Ashe looked to her as if she really wanted to hear her opinion as if she even had a say in the matter. But Brunhilde was obliged to abide by her command, even if it was a subtle one. She knew all of her facial expressions and gestures, but also what they meant. Brunhilde was just an attack hound in Ashe's eyes, someone she could order around and knew she would abide. All her life she's been taken advantage of, used, tossed around from one to another. When one owner doesn't want her, she's off to another and they put a collar around her, training her their way. She doesn't think anything of it because its all she's ever known she can't break the cycle. She hasn't the confidence nor power to do so, or so she thought. In her own eyes, she was weak, useless, she would never make it without Ashe; her 'sister'.

Brunhilde put her hand on her hip and flicked her wrist, whipping her pigtail off of her shoulder. She looked up at the woman, her eyes shone a stunning shade of crimson. Ruby red, or maybe Blood-red, reminiscent of the blood dripping from that bruised and beaten man that lay on the ground. "I don't know if you know this, but, you're exactly like an attack hound. You take orders from anyone who is above you," once frightened and wavering, her voice was lined with disgust that was visible on her face. "Come to think of it," she bit her nail as her brow furrowed for a moment before continuing, "That's everyone... Considering, well, you are just a lowly Rune Knight." her words were like a weapon, well, they were just that; filled with hate and laced with poison. Sure, she was directing her own insecurities back at the woman, but it was her only outlet, her only relief, and a way to channel her hate into something that would progress their case.

So insecure, Brunhilde valued herself so little that she was always scared she was not strong, that she would never live up to the expectations of those of Ashe's. She uses those insecurities as fuel to the flames, redirecting them at someone else. And well, this woman was a Rune Knight. She deserved whatever Brunhilde had to throw at her. Darkness and light, good and bad, wrong and right, all of it is subjective, and here they are, trying to enforce their laws upon the land, obstructing freedom, and this world is destined to fail under this leadership and Brunhilde WILL be there to fan the flames when it all burns down.

When it was time for her to speak again, Brunhilde was all blown up and ready to burst. "A mindless follower, following orders, for what?" she stopped and let the question sink in. "Just because they are ranked higher than you! Laughable and embarrassing." her words were cruel, but she stood by every word because that's what Rune Knights deserved for their 'service'. A look of disgust crossed her face and she narrowed her eyes up at the woman. "They are using you to save their own asses, someone so young especially... manipulation at its finest." venomous was that of her tone as she scoffed. "Fiore is corrupt, it is time for it to be reformed. By us." her gaze was unwavering and lingered on the woman a few more moments before she tilted her head back down. She put on a show, a display of how deep their egotism ran. Ashe and Brunhilde both stood by what they said and their views would never change.

As one last display, Brunhilde looked back up at the woman and blew a kiss to her before flicking her pigtail back off of her shoulder. "What's wrong? Did I strike a nerve?" she smirked at the woman, tauntingly.

#9Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
It was almost like something suddenly changed, like that moment when something starts going mouldy or a body starts to decay... Like the air shifted and the scene which had been coloured with hues of empathy and bold streaks of impending justice, now sat quite in contrast. It started with just the way she spoke of taking matters into her own hand. Initially Aki continued to empathise, but eventually it made Aki stand on edge, now mentally, apart from physically. The one with the crimson eyes had made a rather compelling case, but the sharp words and demeanour of the one with the crimson clothes, now sliced through the charade.

She turned casually, perhaps no longer deeming Aki to be a threat, the Knight scanned her form. It took her a moment to notice the insignia through the dress, especially in the dimly lit alley. Was this just a unhappy coincidence? Almost as though to signify their rivalry, the woman decided to not mince her words about the council. It hardly bothered Akira, she'd questioned the power and the motivations of those leaders herself.  In a way, this was the harsh truth, simply by virtue of their existence it was apparent that the Knights had not yet found a way to regulate or in any manner curb the Phantoms. This also wasn't her first time being on the receiving end of such slander, nor the first time someone talked down to her, but back then she had nothing to show to the contrary... Now, she did.

It was tough to determine if she truly deserved the recognition, that the fame of her acts and the infamy of her magic had earned her. But in her mind, she definitely had had a crash course through her stint with the Rune Knights, One situation after another had stockpiled experience on her, perhaps the kind that she wasn't even entirely ready for, but possessed nonetheless. This woman was of many words, Aki chose her silence once again. Her grip on the gun tightened again and her balled up fist relaxed and reached for the wrist of the gun-wielding hand to offer the stability as she aimed at the one talking yet again, pointedly clicking at the safety.

This gesture elicited yet another revelation. Had the Shimada not been steady and still already, her frozen state would've perhaps been more noticeable. Dante's mistresses...? This was as plausible as it was not. She shifted her weight from one leg to another and licked her lips to bolster her courage. He'd spared their lives and asked them to stay out of Oak, but what was she to do if she'd caught his people on neutral land? Could she find it in herself to risk it? Fighting against him would be impossible... She had more to lose than to gain. She chewed the inside of her cheek while the other girl changed her tones to match that of the first, piping up yet again, on cue, much like the first time. Being acutely and practically aware of her role as a pawn, really blunted their insults. She took the time to observe and deduce instead. If anything, it sounded like the pig-tailed girl's words against the Knights were a projection.

If the girl in red was the stone thrown into water, the girl with the red eyes, was the ripple. The dynamic was intriguing, they worked in tandem, like her and Tsuru, maybe even better. However, they were hardly as equal as she and the healer were. Aki was perceptive and while she'd not seen through a lot earlier, things were beginning to crystallise slowly. She was well acquainted with cloaked insecurities and saw a possible exploit. She scoffed softly at the taunting kiss 'Oh, hardly. All this talk is rich coming from you... You pretty much act like her puppy really, I hope the leash is at least as long as mine.'  she retorted coldly. Without breaking eye contact with blood-hued eyes, she aimed at the ground between the girls and a warning shot was fired, merely with the intent to startle and to hopefully attract Tsuru's attention should he be around, regardless of what she did, being outnumbered definitely didn't help.

She used the moment to embolden her following words, still holding the pig-tailed girl's attention. 'Besides, I wonder how lowly you think I really am-' she had offered just enough attention to the second girl to let her feel dismissed when midway through her sentence as she turned back to her original target. The gun's muzzle followed her attention, as though the second girl was unworthy even of the threat. If mind games was what this came down to, Aki was not exactly a stranger, given enough of a push. '-if you're already hypothesising your defeat and the alleged revenge your Master will take.' she said, emphasising master to imply that they too were victims of a chain of command, just like everyone indeed.

The Shimada had stolen the arrogant lilt in their voices. Dante wasn't here for them right now, and neither party had harmed the other. All Aki had to determine was whether a chargeable crime was committed, or not. The man's guilt or innocence definitely had a part to play and it was still left to be determined. Their arrogance had left her empathy was squandered. It did beg the question: Did they deserve justice, or not... Was she entitled to protect or help them, or not? Especially after the way they were treating her and their affiliations. 'At this point, I'm just wondering, if he is guilty or did you make it all up... ' she asked, her chin angling towards the semi-conscious man who was still being hauled by the other girl, her head cocked like her gun. Boy was she glad she'd chosen the climb the building, she had to admit there was a satisfaction in being able to look down at them. 'I mean, why would you lie? Unless... You're scared.' she finished sardonically, taking a well-aimed shot at their pride.

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#10Ashe Vermilion 

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Ashe Vermilion
A noticeable feature of Ashe was that she almost never lost her temper, no, emotions such as anger were a weakness and weakness she would never show. However, at this particular moment, she felt trapped inside a maze, but it was not inescapable. The gallant knight had caught onto their dynamic double act, she targeted the obvious weaker link. This is what was to be expected, they might work in harmony but that never meant there was not a leader behind the operation and of course the leader was Ashe for a multitude of reasons. She was fearless, bold and brave, cunning and courageous and above all, POWERFUL.

The knight's words were not painful, they were true. Ashe never understood the motto 'the truth hurts' because why should it? The truth is always revealed, that was true, but the truth had never hurt Ashe. Now, seeing the knight aim toward the ground she prepared herself for a gunshot, something she was familiar with being in a dark guild. Thus, when it was fired she hardly flinched but instead gave three slow claps. "You have a lot of bark for someone with little to no authority. But you claim your leash is long? Then why didn't you shoot us? I am sure you could have... but then again I suppose you value your life, as you should." Ashe had a facial expression that beyond wicked, she was referencing Dante's rage upon the town if they were to die. "So young, so much to lose."

"Shoot her, shoot me, someone who plays with and threatens the lives of others so easily shouldn't be a protector of Fiore, considered a hero. You call yourself a Rune Knight? What makes you different from us. You are enforcing the laws you believe to be good and we are doing what we believe is right. So shoot us, Rune Knight. Take our lives, will that make you feel powerful? Useful? stronger?" Ashe let out a heinous laugh. She was not afraid of this Rune Knight and she knew very well that she would die today, she was fated for great things, she was going to be strong, feared, powerful, this was just a test along the way.

Ashe knew what to say next, another lie that was meant to intimidate. "Of course Phantom Lord doesn't just let anyone in, it isn't the Rune Knights." Ashe scoffed, the arrogance in her voice was clear and concise. "So if you want to pick a fight, you should know about the enemy." Ashe was ignoring her other words as if they weren't worth responding too. "You asked our names? I am Ember, this is Wendy." Ashe was not sure if what she would say next would work but she had high hopes. "We are the rather new twin slayers of the Phantom Lord guild." Another lie but also not too unrealistic or bizarre. The title of slayer struck fear into many, Ashe only hoped it worked on the knight.

They had lied about their names, their positions, and now their magic. She was certain that their lies are what has allowed their survival thus far but Ashe now had to protect Brunhilde. Similar to a dragon guarding a princess, Ashe would not allow her sister to be spoken to like this any longer, only she could talk to her in that manner, never anyone else. "I would stop while your ahead or you just might find yourself in a world of hurt."

#11Brunhilde De Rouvroy 

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Brunhilde De Rouvroy
Unlike Ashe, Brunhilde wasn't in control of her own emotions- the ones she did have; envy, anger, and sadness were not always kind to her. In fact, they escaped her control a long time ago and have run rampant ever since but Brunhilde is complicated. At times the simplest would be to say what she is feeling but she doesn't really do that because in telling the truth she is showing how vulnerable she really is. So she hides in Ashe's shadow but in doing so, she is throwing herself into an endless pit and each time she emerges from it, her own shadow is cast away by Ashe's flames.

The Knight's words bitterly stung her. For Brunhilde to hear someone actually tell her she was just at Ashe's beck and call like she didn't have a mind of her own, it hurt her. Deep down she already knew it was true it was the only reason Ashe kept her around why anyone kept her around but hearing the knight say it, finally pushed her over the edge and a war raged within Brunhilde's head, she was conflicted but all she knew was that she wouldn't let the knight get to her anymore. She was an actress after all, lies and deception are what she does best. So she threw on her best stoic face and went in and her words were packed with the force of a tornado.

"If you keep barking, your leash WILL retract." her smirk was nothing but something plastered on a face, something to hide the conflict raging inside of her. This was no longer a show, but a game; it was survival of the fittest, and they were ruthless. Lies and deception are the foundations of this world, without them, there would be no success. And well, Ashe and Brunhilde were the masters of masquerade. Waltzing around the ballroom of trickery and deception like skilled dancers, it was hard to distinguish what was real and what was a trick.

Guilty until proven innocent, Brunhilde walked to the man probably internally bleeding, those were pretty powerful kicks they both did. Two delicate taps of her heels and she was standing right in front of his body, leaning over, examining him. With a sudden dive of her hand, she pulled him up to his feet. "Guilty as charged by us and trust me, we're always right." judge, jury, and executioner, that is what she embodied in this very moment."Scared? Scared of what exactly? That little toy you are threatening our lives with? Death is not something you can play with, that is a little out of your league." Brunhilde's tone was fierce and clear, showing no sign of weakness as she had done before. She turned her head and tilted her chin up over her shoulder, her gaze fell on the knight once more and as her eyes pierced every fiber of her being, she grinned a chilling, devilish grin.

#12Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Aki widened her stance just a little, planting one foot firmly away from the edge, but not directly behind the other, avoiding any instability. This ordeal was getting cumbersome, while the words hardly irked Aki, the time wasted on the banter sure did. The girls sure had a knack for playing a dangerous game, it left her wondering if their power truly did extend beyond hers. The irony in the haughty one's words certainly could not be missed. Aki laughed darkly. 'The only shot that has been fired, has been mine. So it would seem I'm more capable of biting than you are...' It truly was mysterious why they hadn't chosen to retaliate yet. Surely the Phantoms wanted the blood of the Rune Knights as much as the Knights wanted to shut down the guild... Were they just playing with their prey? Aki had been a victim to that too... The possibilities were endless. She was guarded in her bait, but a risky plan began to brew in her head.

'Hero? ha.' The scorn in her words was natural and a reflection of the truth, while she had been offered praise, gratitude and the rank-ups, they hardly ever felt genuine. Besides, these concessions were only because of her light at least that is what she believed... 'Have you considered that I may not even want or care for that title?' The Shimada definitely found that rant intriguing, it was apparent that she was being toyed with now, baiting her into an attempt to take their lives, while simultaneously trying to make her feel guilty for the mere threat. It was like they were trying to gauge her alignment. There was a possibility that they knew more about her at least the practical things, like her magic, than she did about them, all things considered. But it would appear to not be the case, regardless they seemed more interested in unraveling her mentality. 'Taking your lives will make me feel...' she paused for effect. 'Nothing.'

She slipped into a role of her own as she considered the ways in which to put her plan in action. 'But you see, I wouldn't be good enough for the Phantom Lords, perhaps if I was... I'd do things only because they make me feel better. That is indeed the biggest difference between us after all.' she mocked in a self-effacing manner. Ember and Wendy she thought, the names meant little to her and hadn't really come up in their briefings regarding the Phantom Lord. Apparently, they were freshly minted Slayer Phantoms. 'That's interesting, who do you slay? Not demons surely, I bet, considering there are a few your guild offers refuge to.' she asked casually. She knew slayers existed, in her mind, it didn't change much. Ironically, the more they attempted their scare tactics, the more Aki felt infused with confidence. Wendy piped in yet again, Aki wasn't sure if she heard a note of anger or not, but there was certainly something different about the tones of the two girls. The Knight shamelessly pushed her luck. 'Tell your puppy even after retracting, my leash will permit your death. I'm just wondering why I haven't glimpsed your power yet. Am I perhaps above your pay grade? Did Master Dante say no?' she teased, Dante had offered them an out, perhaps the warranty on that hadn't expired. Should she test her luck?

'But given your... status I'm personally inclined otherwise.' she allowed just a glimmer of her doubt in their proclamations to flicker in the emphasized word. She made it sound as though she was considering just letting them go, before adding 'It'd definitely do me well to take you in alive instead.' In a slow and deliberate tone. The only reasons their lives could possibly matter was the information that could be gleaned if there was any truth to their stories. Given their nature, Aki could only wonder what that process would look like... There was a haunting iciness in her voice, born out of a lure towards her own implications. She found herself wondering whether she'd get to be in charge of finding out more and whether she had it in her to succeed... She only needed one of them... Her thoughts were unfolding beautifully, albeit darkly. The biggest thing standing in her way now, was the healer. She regretted the premature warning shot. Tsuru often could be a bit of a stickler when it came to due process. Perhaps if she gave him a reason...

Her plan was interrupted, or perhaps fast-tracked when Wendy picked up the semi-conscious man again. Akira would rather not have him harmed anymore at the hands of these ladies. Given that she had no way to actually deduce his innocence, the best outcome was to arrest all three. Everything was tougher when there were so many variables left to be determined... It was time to start sieving for the truth. She leaped off the building with grace. Before her feet hit the ground, she tore into dregs of darkness, which collated to form her figure behind Ember, the muzzle of the gun now pressed against her back, targetting tattoo. Peeking from over the woman's shoulder, she locked eyes with Wendy. 'Prop the man against the side of the alley over there, or she gets her death wish.' The Shimada said, acutely aware that the man was as much a hostage as Ember. Would she have it in her to allow him to become collateral damage? Could they have detected her hesitance and possible guilt at having to kill? Would she truly experience those things upon opting to take Ember's life anymore? The prospect of holding two allegedly high-value Phantom Lords seemed like a glittery option. But the variables still hung. She could've landed herself into a rather big mess, but at least if she found herself in mortal danger, any measures she took would be justified, Even to Tsuru, maybe.

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#13Ashe Vermilion 

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Ashe Vermilion
Ashe let out a sigh of disappointment she had expected so much more from a Rune Knight. The famed protectors of the land. Of course, as with everyone else she met, proves themselves to be utter failures. Something she despised. The simple thought of failure sickened her and only reminded her that at this moment in time there was no room for it within the darkness of the alley. The knight was clearly tired of this scene but that feeling was mutual. "A good dog knows when to bite, they don't want to be sent to the pound and slaughtered. You have yet to learn that lesson but being a Rune Knight you will... all in due time." Ashe still managed to smile despite the risky situation. Of course, this smile was not the kind that warmed your heart and comforted your soul, it was the kind that pierced it.

As for the knight's words, Ashe only heard ignorance. "You don't choose your title." Ashe scoffed. "It is given to you." Ashe knew alias and epithets very well and in fact, had one of her own. Although lesser known as she was still considered new in the magic part of the crime, she was indeed The Fire Maiden. A title that was passed down for generations, only granted to the fire maidens incarnation, the very host of their life essence. It was only natural that Brunhilde was a maiden as well, the Wind Maiden to be specific. Ashe's thoughts were swiftly interrupted by the words nothing. "Well, then I suppose the council has been targeting the wrong people? We are the monsters!?" Ashe let out a loud obnoxious laugh. "The monsters are in their ranks, not ours." This was not far from the truth, anyone who could kill without thought or emotion was a monster in Ashe's eyes and despite her being a monster herself, she refused to believe it because what she was doing was justified in her eyes. She did the things she thought she should, taking the lives of those she needed. She would sow the death and reap the seed.

The next line of this knight, if you could even call them that, was laughable. "You truly believe we kill for no reason? That this man had done nothing to us. Guilty by association perhaps? Well, in that case, I find you guilty of killing my father." Yet another lie, not surprising, it was kind of her thing but as always the truth and the lies were hard to defrientriate when coming from Ashe who was considerably adept in both trickery and deception. This lie was rather short-lived, all a part of Ashe's doing. Waiting for a reaction before letting out that same obnoxious laugh that screamed I am superior in every way.

Purposefully ignoring the question and mockery of what they slay, as if she had plans to reference it later, Ashe continued.

The rest flew by so fast but was not a surprise. When Wendy took the man by storm it was only natural that the Knight would grab a hostage for herself. The cold barrel of the gun pressed against her back sent chills down her spine, in a good way, it was an amazing thrill. Ashe determined that she had many options at this moment in time, play the damsel in distress once again and hope that some passerby would come to her aid or actually fight. Both options had their advantages and their flaws but something had to be done but one thing was certain, if Ashe's flame was going to be put out, it would be put out with a bang.

"Courage." Ashe scoffed. "A simple spark of it can ignite hope, rally the people to follow in pursuit of your own selfish goals and ambitions." She paused briefly as to reflect on her own words. "The ability to derive strength from hope is probably mankind's greatest feat. So you cling to your hopes and your courage and your false god if you chose to believe in such a deity. Send all the kings horses and all the kings men to stop the evil from spreading but they will all suffer the same pitiful demise. When your courage is snuffed out when everything turns to ash. When everything BURNS!" She said this speech with fire in her voice, becoming increasingly more powerful towards the final words. It was if she viewed herself as beyond human, a goddess.

Ashe said these words with confidence, a certain gluttonous yet lustful tone, knowing she could shoot at any moment, though Ashe did not care, gambling with her life was nothing. She was a fatalist sort and she knew she was destined for greatness. Her hands hidden from the knight's view, she created a fireball, throwing it to the ground as the Alley began to ignite into flames, only small parts, the doing of magic, she ducked into her own fire, obviously burning but she was used to the pain flames caused her and she knew the risk of screaming. Smoke filled the alley, creating a screen of smog. Ashe knew that Brunhilde would manage by herself and so she ran...

It was as if she had just revealed her true nature, and everything about her seemed to change in an instant.

Her heels still managing to make their loud taps in the midst of chaos, her attempt to flee the scene.


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#14Brunhilde De Rouvroy 

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Brunhilde De Rouvroy
Disaster; it was imminent and you could feel it in the air. From the moment Brunhilde picked up that man's cor- that man. She knew they were playing a dangerous game and the knight had plans but so did she. Brunhilde was almost certain that the knight would threaten Ashe's life and she was sure Ashe knew too. It was almost as if she and Ashe had a bond as if they were connected, a psychic link that let them speak to each other in most situations just like this. Of course, that wasn't the case. When you are so close to someone, it is feasible to fool people into believing such a thing,  when in reality it is just as if you are on the same wavelength. Understanding each other, working in perfect unison. This was what, despite their rank, made the pair an incredibly difficult enemy.

As she had expected the knight was grounded and Ashe was held at gunpoint in the blink of an eye. A life for a life that was the knight's logic and it wasn't fair. Ashe was worth more than this vagabond could ever be. It was not a life for a life but the knight's final gambit. "Is this your pathetic attempt to secure the innocent?" Brunhilde was merely laughing behind that statement the knight was nothing but idiotic and foolish in her eyes. "If everyone traded a life for a life, none of us would be here." she was referencing the thought she had in her head, it was in fact true. If it was a life for a life in this world, Brunhilde, Ashe, and the knight wouldn't be here. It was unfair and unjust. Rune Knights were all about 'morality' and their principles and had no problem telling you that you are wrong. This knight was, in reality, proving what Ashe and Brunhilde said to be true.

Ashe had a plan, she knew that from the very moment the knight pressed a gun against her back. Brunhilde had no doubt about it, and that plan was about to unfold before them but Brunhilde would never allow her sister to have the spotlight so easily, "You're sadly mistaken if you really think you have a chance in this situation. You must be pretty confident in yourself to fight two people? Your arrogance will be the death of you. Of course not by our hands, not because our so-called Master doesn't want us too, but because we are choosing to spare your pitiful life so that you can live to see another day. So that you can run to the council in tears weeping the loss of an innocent and your failure to protect the country you vowed allegiance too. So think twice before running that big mouth of yours, next time we won't be so courteous." there was a storm brewing and something wicked this way was coming, with Brunhilde and Ashe in the eye.

As fire broke loose and was rapidly spreading, Brunhilde had no time to think but it did not matter, she knew exactly what to do. From this moment forth, it was every maiden for herself. Proven when Ashe fled the scene and Brunhilde was left with the knight and a dead man in her hand. It was in this moment that Brunhilde's plan would come into play and fast or she wouldn't make it out of that alley. Behind Brunhilde came a strong gust of wind that channeled through the alley, at the cost of her own safety, she would fan the flames that ensured their survival. In the midst of burning chaos, Brunhilde's figure stood out amongst all else as the flames rose higher and ash blew around her. The orange light illuminated her pale complexion and her pigtails blew forth. Through the smoke, it would be difficult to see what Brunhilde was about to do next but it was unimaginable to most, completely inhumane.

With all her might she lifted the man, he grunted and groaned in pain, he would have screamed if he'd been able, but he was far too weak and she threw him into the fire, allowing the flames to feast on his body. Baptized by fire. "Death purified him. Our hands have done him a great justice, Illumin would be proud, I am sure of it." her voice was hoarse, it was hard to hear among the ravaging flames. Brunhilde hadn't cared about what she did, it was all a distraction to make her great escape, and that she did. And just as her sister did, she ran through the flames, searing her flesh but she didn't make a sound. Pain, it was a small price to pay for freedom, and Brunhilde knew the price all too well.

But one thing remained even after the maiden fled, those burning crimson eyes of hers.


#15Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
If there was a way for her to care just a little lesser what the two girls had to say, perhaps she'd have found it within herself to pull the trigger right there. The world would surely not miss a couple of Phantoms would it? But she couldn't. Her ranks within the Rune Knights were hardly of consequence, most likely, she'd get away with it, she was limited by her own morality. Akira had taken two lives already and both of them still weighed heavy on her conscience. It was a simple thing measure, the fact that she'd not found it in herself to write about it to her mother or to let Tsuru know, established that she wasn't sure of her actions and couldn't find enough substance to support her cause, especially for that demon. She wondered if she could ever invite them into the dark folds of her mind and allow them witness the events of those nights through her words... Perhaps never.

The accusations and the slander went straight over her head, the Shimada was long since impervious and had encountered too many people who thought so highly of themselves. The only problem was, she'd hoped that threatening them with a point-blank shot would serve to inspire compliance, unfortunately that didn't happen. Now, the true point of the problem was that she wasn't really equipped to deal with any sort of close combat, having always focused on training her magic and working on her aim and such. So there was room for error and a potential that things wouldn't work out if her judgement was sloppy.

Their little rant continued, still in sync and still berating the Rune Knights, if only they'd had the sense to glean that Akira's loyalty didn't extend deep enough for those words to wound. She wasn't even sure, if her urge to protect humanity was strong enough to be exploited. Sure, she didn't like truly failing, but being called a failure and feeling like one, barely even served to sour her expression. So she didn't even grace their words with a response, merely using the time to make an action plan. The Shimada did have to pause and consider the pickle she was in, and with that, here was a moment of hesitance, that instance when she had to gauge if she truly had bitten off more than she could chew, like Wendy said. Would waiting for Tsuru have been the more prudent choice in this circumstance? Surely, he could provide reinforcement now too. Regardless, it probably work out well if she had at least one of them dealt with first, cuffing the leader should curb the puppy too.

Unfortunately, in the second that it took for her to reach for the cuffs there was a fire at her feet. A sharp intake of breath was not the best way to respond, but the shock compelled otherwise and she fell prey to her instincts. Instantly, she was a sputtering mess as she leapt away, putting distance between herself and her alleged victim who'd already begun streaking away. Speed was the one thing Akira reliably prided herself upon, she was fairly certain if she gave it her all, she could slip past the flames relatively unharmed. Rearing so that she could be in hot pursuit of the one who had almost burned her, she was distracted yet again by the other, who allowed the flames to devour the man.

With a frustrated yell, she dashed towards the man instead, not really wanting to be accused of being negligent in her duty. Her first order of business was allegedly to protect and only then prevent the possibility of further harm. She attempt rolling the man out of the fire that had swiftly begun raging around her, but to know avail. 'COWARDS!' she exclaimed in their wake, as the charred man took his last breath. 'You better run, because when I find you, it won't be pleasant.' she whispered through grit teeth, her words were her own little vow and she hoped that they didn't end up being an empty threat.

A little defeated, she carefully avoided slipped between the lap of the flames and out of harm's way, leaving the body of the man. In the distance, on the other side of the alley she noticed Tsuru. She walked towards him slowly, the fire raging in all its fury behind her. 'Too late, I already lost him to the fire.' she muttered as she passed him. 'I'm sure your magic is better equipped extinguish than mine, if not, get help.' she added almost coldly nonchalant, as she walked on. Her head hung ever so slightly. From the way she walked and her general demeanour, Tsuru would probably be dissuaded from prodding her for details, which was probably for the best, at least for a while. Damn, Phantoms.

At least it hadn't been an entire waste, she hadn't detected anything to fancy about the flames that threatened to consume the alley, which meant that it was unlikely for her to have been a slayer... She still had no way of knowing anything else with certainty, but next time, dwelling on those details wouldn't serve to hinder her.


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