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Not far off from the point of cannibalism, if a Werewolf even passed for human anymore that is. A graveyard would begin to stir with dark purple static electrifying the dark in the night. A single hand shot up from the dirt, as a corpse pulled it's dirty white hair, and it's sickly body up from the dirt. How the coffin opened under neither ground, well that was unknown. But whatever magic was bringing this husk to life, must have been responsible. Who was this creature you might ask?

A good question, but not one for the light-hearted. This creature was a serial killer brought back from a hellacious plane. A different dimension, known squarely as... The Abyss. This creature was Erebus Cassiel, however his head was boggy with cloudy memories and visions of his infinite damnation playing back like television behind his eyelids. He stumbled down a hill from which he'd risen. Falling outside the gates to the graveyard, and from there he'd crawl and drag himself til the body came out of it's disgusting rigormortis. Just a few hundred meters was forest, the sprinkling of rain hit the dirty back of the zombie man. Before long he was walking, approaching his target with dead yellow eyes. Humanity still not there, only visions of slaughter.

Erebus was alive now. Not yet well, but he could think, and he could see. Euphoria ran through his veins, and just combing over the dirt path to a isolated home, his hands wanted to hurt something. Anything. He was shirtless, having ripped the dirty upper part of the burial suit off, due to itchiness on his way here. The potential murder victim was gone because of Quami, having been taken by a lycan runt. that meant only one thing, the lycan was going to be the new victim. Erebus smiled through muddy teeth-- his eyes stinging as they peeled and closed with each breath. He made way towards the hungry fool, the juvenile wolf pup. Erebus had not tipped the pitiful dog off, which was good because werewolves were ferocious beings. Apparently this one lacked with no self control, in a world of predators, this thing was not going to last long.

Erebus then pulled back as a string of memories came to him. He had the feeling the wolf he could see in his visions was himself, but he no longer could channel the same mode. Even though it should have been second nature.. Had he obtained humanity? He couldn't understand, but looking down at his hands and his bare, dirty chest. He realized fast that the body he was in was not his own. Or at least, it felt foreign. All he could really see were brutal sights when he tried to recall yesterday.

Shaking his head. He moved his anger into the physical plane, leaping forward his heightened speed, he aimed his hand to grab Quami by the neck. The way he rushed the unsuspecting target, he did so quietly, bouncing on his toes. Surely the lycan would've smelled Erebus' dead corpse. but he was so close to an already dead person, and on top of that he was feasting. His attention was not alert. Erebus brutally tugged the neck back and spun it with enough strength to break it clean, and then he kept twisting it. The skin around the neck would slowly rip. In a trance of bloodthirst Erebus continued to spin the neck around, and around. and Pulled on it back and forth until the spine detached from the skull. Erebus fell backwards on the dirt. Staring at Quami's head in his lap. He hadn't even had time to fight back, not with the way the motion had been done. It was instant.


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