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Distraction [Quest | Akira]

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Orchidia has been mostly eventless and peaceful for the duo after they solved the little mystery beside the river. Haru was a little sad that even the river spirit couldn’t rekindle his memories. But he got over it soon enough, especially since whatever memories that the spirit did make him relive were really wonderful. Ever since that night, Haru had been blushing and stammering far too often around Akira. His first instinct was to keep away from her so that he doesn’t embarrass himself any more than he already has. But he could avoid her only for so long, especially when the two were partners and are assigned the same case.

That evening, their task was to keep a certain senile old man away from the noble’s castle, while they enjoyed their high-society party. Even Haru was getting tired of these silly missions they were given. He knew very well that this could have been easily handled by an Apprentice or even a competent Page. But instead, two Lieutenants are sent to keep an old man on a wheelchair away from the nobility. The influence these royal families held was dizzying. Nevertheless, an order was an order and there he was, waiting in front of the castle gates for both his partner and the nuisance.

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#2Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
'I think they aren't really aware of our rank...' She said dully, as she bit into savoury snack that sat on a very polished silver tray. She'd swindled a waitress and picked up a plate of snacks made for the regal event. The Shimada intended on sharing it with her partner, should he choose to indulge. The flakes of the well baked pastry dough clung to the side of her lips as she stared into the distance waiting for their target to appear. 'I have to admit Inspector Nilan's faith in the system is almost heart-warming, but still misplaced.' she added with a shrug.

The speck in the distance grew and morphed into a wheelchair... Sitting atop it was the man, already in a deep conversation with himself. When he reached them, he offered them a sceptical look, which soon transformed into something gracious. 'I've never had people to escort me inside before, they must finally realise what a special guest I am... and the value of the information I bring.' He started. Akira looked at him with a morbid sort of curiosity and was surprised to notice the dull ache of pity and sympathy in her heart.

'Hello, sir... Indeed, we've been waiting for you, would you care for a puff?' she said, plastering a small smile on her face and offering the man some food. 'We've been asked to direct you to another entrance, if you may. Should be more convenient.' she added, throwing a guilty look at Tsuru.


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Haru constantly shifted his attention from one side of the street to another, wondering which way the two he was waiting for might come from. However, to his surprise, his partner came out through the gates he was guarding, with a plate full of snacks. Some of them looked extremely mouth-watering and he could control himself only for so long. Within minutes, he too was gorging up on the lovely caramel-filled muffins.

Soon enough, the crazy man on the wheelchair, who they were supposed to keep away from the party, showed up. Haru had a brilliant plan in mind. Tell the old man that he was not invited to the party and escort him back to his house. However, Akira seemed to have a different plan. One that sounded like the exact opposite of what they were supposed to do. He didn’t get what she was doing until she mentioned taking the man through ‘another’ entrance. No other entrance was open that night; this was the only one. Haru squinted his eyes at his partner, showing his disappointment about lying to a senile old man.

Unwilling to deny what Akira said and cause any confusion, the healer decided to go along with her plan, but only passively. He let her take the route that she wanted and made her listen to the ramblings of the old geezer, while he enjoyed his pastries.

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#4Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
'So tell me more about this information you have?' she asked quietly, shrugging at her partner's reaction and choosing to ignore it for the moment. Akira was guilty enough about having to pull such a thing off, she really didn't need his judgement.

This was one sort of an interaction which suited her better than him. Ironically, it involved deceit and a fair bit of hypocrisy, both of which Akira found despicable, but had found a flare for, should need arise. Tsuru wasn't even capable of this. 'Oh there is a conspiracy by the monsters... by the devils of hell... Satan himself.' the man began, as she steered him around the castle and then towards the manicured man-made forest that stretched behind it.

'Satan, did you say?' the Lunar mage asked, allowing her hands to shoot to her face in an over-dramatic horrified stance.The old man was pleased with Akira's reaction, in fact he relished it, but the same couldn't be said about the healer's expression. Her partner seemed too content with the food she'd gathered and had decided to turn a deaf ear to the conversation, much to the annoyance and suspicion of the wheel-chair ridden fellow.

'Ey! Where are you taking me?' he asked, almost as though he'd been jolted out of some trance and now was acutely aware of the ongoing. She glared at Tsuru in a look what you've done stare.

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Having paid no attention to the things the old man had been saying, Haru looked clueless and dumb when both gave him accusatory looks. His mouth was half full with the muffins and his eyes were wide with incomprehension, as he slowly stopped chewing. “Vat dhid I dho?” he asked, shifting his gaze back and forth between his partner and Leis.

“I thought you were taking me inside the castle. Why have we come so far from it?” he asked. Before Haru could swallow the food he had in his mouth and come up with an excuse, however, the old geezer assumed some extremely unlikely things. “You guys are demons, aren’t you? You are going to sacrifice me to the Satan. I know it,” he said with both confidence and fear.

Leis sucked in air and Haru knew what was coming; the crazy man was getting ready to scream. Instinctively, the Knight put his hand over the wheelchair-bound man’s mouth to stop him from causing a commotion, and Leis took that opportunity to bite his hand. “Ouch! What the hell?” Haru winced. “If you thought I was a demon and still decided to taste my blood, you are the biggest fool I’ve seen,” he added, frowning at the violent crazy man. Somehow, that last statement instilled quite the fear in Leis and he simmered down, almost in tears.

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#6Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
'Nothing, that's the point!' she hissed through grit teeth continuing to glare at her partner. Tsuru, on the other hand, had stuffed his face with the snacks and looked absolutely lost. Had the situation been more forgiving perhaps she'd have afforded to burst into giggles. She frantically tried to salvage the moment. The predicament they were in was a rather strange one indeed. 'Aren't you intrigued by what the man knows about sat-' her words were cut across and drowned in the senile man's protest and assumption. She widened her eyes when her partner's hand flew to the handicapped man's face in an attempt to silence him, that was a rather powerful gesture and really highlighted the villainous nature of their role in this request.

Her shock and guilt were short lived, the old man had no interest in being an easy victim. The healer's take on having ingested demon blood seemed to have rattled the man, she clocked her head and sighed. 'You'll be fine, he's no demon and neither am I, I can assure you having opposed two...' she paused and knelt closer to the man for the import and to buy herself some time before making this admission 'and killed one.' she finished. A long shaky breath was sharply drawn and the man looked at her like she was a hero, forgetting about his protests his beady eyes grew greedy. 'Tell me more!'


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After the sharp pang of pain from the old man’s bite faded away, the healer’s frown vanished, and he was focused on calming Leis down. From the looks of it, Akira was doing a great job of it already. He nodded as she assured him that they were no demons and how they had faced a couple of them before. Haru was mindlessly nodding, even through her softer confession of how she had killed one. It took a good few seconds for that to register and Haru’s brain to go on alarm. “Wait. What?!” he asked disbelievingly. “We didn’t kill either of them,” he blurted, looking at his partner confused and scoffing.

Hearing his retaliation, the old man got paranoid again. “You are lying? You guys really are demons trying to lie and trick me into becoming a sacrifice, aren’t you?” he asked, getting ready to scream again. Haru rolled his eyes and shook his head. His imagination sure runs wild. But he didn’t grace that with any response. If he decided to yell, he could and the two of them could disperse the crowd easily. He didn’t pose much of a case with his demon theories anyway. Haru was most interested on what his partner said. He presumed she was lying just to keep the old man docile, but wanted to hear it from her.

In case it wasn’t really a lie, this was not a conversation he wanted to have in front of a civilian. So, without another word, he began pushing the old man’s wheelchair and took him home despite his protests. Eventually, he gave up and began speaking about his wife. Hearing the sorrow in his voice made the healer feel a bit guilty about treating him like a nuisance. He helped the old man settle into his bed and apologized before leaving.

None of it made him forget what his partner admitted to earlier. He still hoped it was a lie, but something told him it may not be. Once the two were far from Leis’ house, Haru asked, “So… That thing about killing a demon. You were just lying, right?”

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#8Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
She was hoping Tsuru hadn't heard her little admission, she hadn't found the chance to relay the events of the darker nights during the festival. In fact, the Shimada had her hopes up when the healer just nodded through her entire monologue designed to intrigue and distract Leis. Unfortunately for her, her words were heard, just registered a little late.

She froze when he contradicted her vehemently. Her face lost its colour and was devoid of any expression, just for a moment, enough perhaps to cast doubt in the mind of the healer. She recovered Before she shrugged casually... The contradiction had sparked Leis's outcry again. She sighed deeply, at least it provided a distraction from the matter at hand, for the time being. Tsuru had none of it and simply directed the man to his home.

Upon reaching inside, he seemed to have lost the will and energy to protest anymore, and instead swiped an old photo frame from his bedside drawer while Tsuru helped him onto the cot. She tried to focus on what the man was saying, just to avoid thinking about the confrontation that was likely between her and her partner. Much like Tsuru, she too, was moved by his stories. He had indeed led a hard life and losing the one he loved had made him rightfully paranoid. His age perhaps was instrumental in the sudden doziness that took him. He mumbled his way into an agitated slumber after Tsuru apologised for their conduct.

Once again, Aki uncharacteristically had her hopes up... That Tsuru would forget what she said, to no avail however. Her answer was impulsive and monosyllabic 'Yes'.  After which she simply shoved her hands into her pocket to relinquish her trustee weapon, the cigarette and increased her pace to create some distance to avoid any follow-ups or judgement from her partner. She was stopped and paid by a noble for their work and collected the fee for them both.


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