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A Little Pain [Regis & Phoebe]

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Phoebe Rainsworth
Phoebe had a lot on her mind lately, lots of things she wanted to forget but it was Persephone that pushed the buttons on her to make her annoyed and aggitated. The reason why the Goddess did this was because they had a goal that they needed to finish as soon as possible and it was a hard work when the chess pieces did not work with them in this game of chess. Now Persephone could handle some minor setbacks but she was getting rather impatient. They had to get used to the idea of setting up this whole transition for Silver into their family before they could close the first chapter of the game of life.

It did happen quite often that Phoebe thought about people that she felt like, as if they gave her a purpose. Vivianna made her a friend. Ri gave her a purpose to travel. Victor gave her a reason to revenge, but she did not like to think about him. As she also felt the thoughts about Regis pop in her mind most often as her satchel bumped against her body and she felt the vial with the potion. She had promised she would heal him and well she was wondering how it would go now, she thought to give him the potion but they had lost each other again. [color:db15=cc99ff]"I think he is the only man at this point I don't hate." Phoebe muttered to herself and well of course to the Goddess. Whose mind immediately moved to Lucifer and agreed, it was better to start hating men, they did things wrong to her anyway, to them.

The two of them, one for the outside world, were also done with this festival. Because it was so busy, Phoebe her father worked a lot and had no time to talk to her mostly, didn't want to after telling their mother and his wife died and that she had a half brother. Apart from that, it made him too busy with the shop and stall that he had no time to really meet Silver. He had been very polite him the first time but now sort of avoided him. Phoebe wondered what her father really thought.

She sighed softly as she made her way out of the busy town centre, away from the festival and towards the edge of the forest where not many people would be. Where she could simply sit and enjoy what Persephone called the gold of the nature; the sounds that nature made. The birds, the crickets and just the rusteling of the leaves. No voices, no magic, nothing else. She would sit there on the soft mossy ground with her back against a high pine tree and wait for nothing or something to happen that would break her out of this peaceful moment.

A Little Pain [Regis & Phoebe] VZmj2zD
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The quietness of the forest, The sound of the animals all seemed to start shifting at the sounds of something walking towards the way of Phoebe, To the wild life and other things around it would either be scared away. The moving pieces of metal armor they did not seem to echo. But that were not far away either but it seemed to stop it moment for a moment and started walking towards her with the shifting plate seeming getting not louder but more noticeable in the sounds she was hearing while in the woods and seemed to at one point stop yet again.

It was the even so grim looking Regis, Even if predicable he was still in the woods, keeping himself far away in an attempt to keep himself far away from in some manner but deep in his fragmented thoughts she will had wished go where people are and seem normal."Y-yyou....are h-hhere."He remarked first his voice was not as grim sounding as the last but he still seemed to stutter his words slightly, Nonetheless Regis seemed at least happy in some manner to see this woman again, Even if he did not have anything to help him, The comfortable and company of Phoebe made him put the way he was feeling on the side for a while.

Regis just slowly sat down not just dead weighting himself like he normally did, but slowly sitting on the ground once. If looked upon there was."G-greetings Phoebe..."Regis mentioned Regis however did look like he had blood on his armor, blood was not dry or had been there for a while. But the shadow that covered his face stared quietly and seemed to wait to see if Phoebe would be saying anything in general.

"I-I saw some one I thought I know....going towards the town...A woman.....with light purple hair...a-a...warm hearted smile...."Regis seem to mention because that moment his memory was failing him and he knew 100 percent that woman was some one he knew."I-I...can't piece together who she is and how I know her...."Regis went on and mentioned, In his mind unsure how to go about it."She.....she reminds m-me of what piece of my mother was." He seemed to reference the words pieces of his memory for once.

He seemed to continue his rambling for some reason, Regis would stop if asked for the moment that comfort just allowed me something to relax from this never ending nightmare he was living."I-I I encountered a man before arriving here from Crocus."He paused for a moment to allow himself to think. For once he remembered however."As I got slightly in trouble....I encountered a brown....hair and eyed man named Silver....I scared him enough where he seemed to almost fight me sword to sword.."Regis seemed like he was unsure what to think to of the situation.

But he would finish it with a mention of how it ended."After we parted ways....I was found by two guards."Regis seemed to almost not want to mention what he did after that, So he just remain quiet about it.

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