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Pizza Delivery [Quest | Phoebe Rainsworth]

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#1Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe Rainsworth
How many days had it been that she had simply socialized with people? It wasn’t so bad to not do so, Phoebe lately did not mind anymore. She needed to focus on other things, revenge was one of them and to make sure that her heart did not hurt anymore. She did not know how to do this yet but she was sure that she did not want to be that weak girl anymore that could be just used as a toy and be shoved aside when something new showed up. She wasn’t entirely sure how it all worked or what had happened but she had taken that game and had bettered it. However Phoebe did not kiss and tell, or kiss at all. There were a few things that were needed, money and the bravery to get on a job in a darker town than simply here. She needed to get used to this, if she wanted to get something done, it would be too easy to not actually do it in the way she wanted. Good didn’t always win, and evil made it surely easier and getting it faster done. So why play this coy being if it didn’t work. Phoebe was tired of that. So she had decided to accept the work she could get her hands on in Orchidia. She would stay here to help her father for as long as she could as she came to still respect her family. The question to that was actually: why?

Why did she still respect them while they did not seem to care about her feelings. She had been the bringer of bad news and because of that her father had more or less simply tolerated her as she helped on the busy days of the festival, while Mary run around wildly. Mary on the other hand didn’t talk to Phoebe anymore and apparently acted as if she did not existed and the good thing about that was that she stopped stealing her clothing, that was a good thing. But she wanted to be gone from here as soon as possible, something in her told her that she wouldn’t have a difficulty with being homesick this time. The love for them as she felt close to her family was over. They were all traitors in the end. She would make use of getting the jewels and having a place to stay for free. She would finish her last task of having her father accept Silver before she would leave. She had some ideas in her mind, towns she wanted to go, either Oak or Dahlia. She wasn’t entirely sure yet of her own bravery but she had the Goddess with her that would be enough. She closed her eyes shortly and took a deep breath as she stood in the kitchen of Enil in Orchidia, she needed to fix the pizza but she was waiting for the oven to be warm enough to be able to place the pizza’s in there.


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Phoebe Rainsworth
How did she get here in the kitchen of Enil’s bar instead of helping her father was also beyond her. Today wasn’t a busy day so instead of staying there with him all the time, she had walked around the town to get something done and had bumped into the request. She had to make the dough and wait an hour before that was done so she would be able to cut all the ingredients and clean up the kitchen before rolling out the dough and putting the oven on. But while applying the sauce and the ingredients, she was done so quickly that it took two more minutes for the oven to be done with preheating. She checked if the pizzas had enough of every ingredient on it. She remembered Enil his pizzas from her childhood and she was surprised that he did no longer make them himself. Business must be too busy with this festival. She tried to make them exactly like him and thus followed the recipe step by step, they were the best pizzas from Orchidia. She had never had the pineapple and ham pizza but it didn’t look bad. She just didn’t like a sweet flavour on something savoury. Phoebe added a little more of the other sauce to the specific chicken pizza and after a second check, the oven was done. So she placed the first five pizzas in there and waited for them to be done.

Since she knew Orchidia like the back of her hand, she decided to quickly deliver the first five while the five chicken pizzas would be in the oven. She told Enil the plan and he found it all well, he would keep an eye on the oven so nothing would go wrong. She went around quickly, because she knew the way it was easy to be done within the short time that she had. So she was on time back for the chicken pizzas to be done and have not cooled off yet. Enil had only shut off the oven so they wouldn’t be burned, but he found that no problem. She delivered the last five pizzas to the right address and returned to the bar. She would first clean up the kitchen again as she had been nearly finished before the first batch of pizzas was done and now that the other five were out of her way, she could clean that part too. She checked if the oven was shut off properly and if all the ingredients that were left over stowed back into the fridge or freezer. When everything was done, she went back to Enil to show him that she had finished her job. It was a rather pathetic one but one day, Phoebe would raise above. She thanked Enil for the opportunity and took the jewels and headed back to the festival to figure out what to do next. She would check on her father, albeit from a distance before making a decision.


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