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Stow-Away Stray [Closed]

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#1Rynn Hae 

Stow-Away Stray [Closed] Empty Mon Jul 16, 2018 5:03 pm

Rynn Hae


The swaying took forever to stop, the smell of salty water from every direction. Clutching the bag close to their chest as Hae stared at the wooden panels in front of them. Another sway, and a hand reached up to cover their mouth as they held back the sound of the wretch that wanted to be heard. Being a stow-away didn't help, on single noise and the men in the luggage level that they were on themselves could mean big trouble. It was annoying enough with the fact that they actually had to travel through the desert to reach a boat that lead to this country across the ocean, but now that they are finally close, - according to the sailors that ramble every so often, - Rynn Hae could finally feel somewhat free.

Oh man. I regret using this crate as the place to hide in. Thinking, as they tried to keep themselves calm. It wasn't small so to say, but it wasn't large either, so it was undoubtedly scary for them, since small areas was not happy thought. As soon as the horn was heard, Rynn Hae jumped, before taking a silent deep breath, and soon they were moving. The ship unloaded, orders being shouted left right and centre, the sound of shoes hitting the wooden deck, Rynn was frightened. It was a mysterious and unknown territory that they were stepping onto, and they had no idea what was going to unravel here on out.
Coming to a halt, and as soon as they thought the coast was clear enough to escape. Rynn grabbed the satchel, hooking the strap over their shoulder, before nudging the top of the create to escape the box they had locked themselves in for their unfavourable extended and uneventful journey. Hopping out, and ducking behind the other crates, the young adult silently and stealthily as possible headed for the large crowd of passengers that were leading themselves from the boat that Rynn was just on.

"Holy... mother of dragons." Mysterious purple eyes, widened at the site of the bustling port town, Rynn just stood there, mouth agape as  they took in the new world around them. "So.. Many people, so lively..." Gulping once more the stow-away child took a single step off the wooden deck, and onto cobblestone flooring. Dirty white summer dress, draping over the slender figure, blowing softly in the salty sea air around the shipping area. Fingers wound tightly around the strap of their satchel as they began following the less crowded areas. It's so dazzling, and townspeople all seems to know everyone. Walking a little further, Rynn made their way to the centre of the town, and blinked, not actually knowing what to honestly do, and if they were completely true to their thoughts, Rynn Hae didn't even think they would get this far. "Okay. What is the first thing a traveller would do, coming to a new country or town." Blinking, they watched the people all head to what seemed to be a tavern of some sort, and decided that it would be a good place to start.

Upon entering the strange tavern, Rynn realised their mistake and now regretted their choices. The stench of alcohol filled their nostrils as the door closed behind them. "Hello, lil miss? What's a pretty one like you doing here?" A disapproving frown laced the thin pink lips as they snarled a little before scoffing at the drunk man. The low yet still feminine tune of their voice leaving their lips with a snarky comeback. "Obviously not here to entertain your miserable affairs. I'm here to know where I can find a place to stay, and no funny business." A low growl came from the man, as Rynn just blinked blankly at him, before gesturing with their hand for the drunkard to hurry up. "You snarky little brat!" A sigh left them, before they turned and looked at anyone else for help.

"Oh drop it, Finnegan." The mess of green, turned behind them, to look at the women at the bar with interest. "Okay girly, two buildings from here is an inn." A small grateful nod left Rynn, before turning to leave only to be stopped when the bartender spoke up once more. "Do you have money on you? You'll need it, they won't allow you to stay for free, even looking like you are." Once again, Rynn nodded before softly smiling.

"Thank you for your concern and help, but I am fine. I'll sort it out."

I am sweet and spicy, but at least I am free.
It more than what I could say, for some of you humans.

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