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Welcoming Committee! [Quest/Aoi]

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Aoi Mitsurugi
With her body fully rested up after the strange incident with the orb from the river, she was up for another task of any proportion. She was a hard headed girl, always had, always will. And when she set her mind to a goal, she was not going to stop over anything, nor major or minor. It was only perhaps a day or two after the investigation with "Detective Dex" when she had gotten a personal visit from the man who had helped her getting her prior client to the hospital. As he entered, he greeted her and was offered a seat so he could discuss an offer for her. He wanted some help for greeting people to Orchidia, and she instantly accepted the request without even thinking. She was a very extroverted person, so this was just what she needed to get out there and see what the rest of Orchidia people and tourist people were like! If anything, this type of request was made for her! As he stood up, she did the same and he had given her a time to meet him by the gates for the request. Making sure to file it away, she saw him out and waited for him to be picked up on his way to other affairs of the day before she went back inside her quarters and relaxed the rest of the day to feel optimal for tomorrows fun.

Bringing out the next day, Aoi came prepped with a fresh shower and outfit fit only to firstly look like she had belonged at a live stage event being the host or part of an act. With her long, red hair pulled over the right shoulder and braided down, she had placed on a top hat themed to her outfit and seemed to be very happy in her own outfit selection. "Proper and welcoming" was her choice words of what she thought this choice of clothing brought. Was it actually true? Only time would tell. "Good morning, Mr. Lubex!" Aoi cheered loudly, waving as she ran towards him. Once she was within arms reach, he passed her a stack of fliers before placing his arms crossed at his chest, eyeing her chlothing choice with a small smile on his face. "A lttle overdressed for a casual flier job, are we, Miss Aoi?" He asked, lightly flicking at her hat that she quickly placed a hand on and pouted for a moment. It reminded her of being teased a little from her elder brothers growing up for wearing things like this, despite them not being the proper "womens attire" that she had to wear at home. "What's wrong with this? Giving Orchidia a bit of ZEST in their greeting! Why a casual person who dresses like they just are in it for the money, when they can be greeted by a person who dresses like they're here to do work and promote!" He started to laugh, finding humor in her sales pitch, patting her shoulder. "Fair enough. Just don't too carried away. Let's see how good a salesman you are, Miss Aoi." He said, stepping back from her so she would take the front of the helm.

Giving a nod and a smile of determination, she turned to the crowd and pulled a flier from the top. It's colorful festive display facing out to the incoming passerby. "Welcome to Orchidia! Please, take this guide to all of our wonderful attractions and sights, sir!" She advertised, watching from behind was Dacol, remaining silent as the stranger took the flier and walked off without saying a word. "Nod bad, rookie. But the day's just started." He stepped forward for a second before someone had approached the pair, looking up toward Dacol. "Excuse me, can I ask one of you for a tour, please?" The younger looking woman asked. She seemed to be about Aoi's age, if not a little younger and she had shoulder length blonde hair, emerald green eyes and a slender figure wrapped in a kimono. "Miss Aoi, I will take care of this. You keep up the good work until I return, alright?" Dacol volunteered with the red head nodding in reply, she watched them walk off a bit before she turned and looked about for other people coming close enough. "Welcome to Orchidia! Please, take this guide to all of our wonderful attractions and sights, ma'am!" She simply repeated the line from before in the same chipper tone and smiled as they had taken her flier. Crumbling it up, they then threw it back in her face, where her smile faded for a moment. "Piss off, circus act." They replied, walking away and making the Knight huff and roll her eyes. "So rude~ Whatever!~" She smiled once again and let them be brushed off with ease.

With that aside, Aoi went back to her normal routine, shouting her lines again while passing them out to several people, most of which had accepted them and thanked her for it even. After some time, Dacol had come back to check up on her and found her stack was roughly a third of the way gone within only a couple hours. "Getting warm in that thing yet, Miss?" He asked, pinching and pulling at her jacket collar. Removing her hat for a moment, she set the fliers in them and put the hat down, smiling and shaking her head. "No sir!~ The shade has been on me all day so far. I'm perfectly content!" Bending and stretching her arm from being held in the one spot holding fliers, she had picked up her hat and collected the fliers before getting back to work again. Slipping the hat back on the top of her head, an elderly man had approached and asked for a tour. Once again, Dacol volunteered and left Aoi to do her business passing out fliers. Taking his time leaving, the red haired mage had turned to the town gate once again and held out a flier for someone approaching near her. "Welcome to Orchidia! Please, take this guide to all of our wonderful attractions and sights, ma'am!" She announced happily. The woman accepted the flier and bowed to her. "Why thank you! And you look absolutely precious in that outfit!" Aoi giggled and thanked her for the compliment, letting her pass on in before returning to the passing out before another approached her. With her speech, she handed him a flier and he balled it up and threw it aside without saying a word. Another woman had taken it, giving a simple thanks and then moving along, while two others had just ignored her as if she wasn't there. Finally, a group a boys had come up and Aoi spouted off her advertisement. She handed them each a flier and they seemed to be quite nice about it. However, in a moment of her guard being down, one snatched her hat, stuffed all of their fliers into it and shoved the hat onto her head before tripping her, making all of her leftover fliers spill out onto the floor beside her.

"Why those trouble making little bast- huh" She pulled her hat off of her head, seeing that Dracol had returned. He sat knelt in front of the papers and the ones in her had spilled out onto her lap. "I-I'm sorry, sir." She said, looking down at herself saddened. He chuckled a bit, which gathered her attention enough to look up at him and wonder why he was laughing so. "Nevermind them. They're a group of misfits that live in town. I didn't expect them to be coming into town while I was away, but you took that rather well." Helping her up to her feet, Aoi fixed up her hat and brushed the dirt from her outfit. With the few fliers left, Dracol had taken them from her and exchanged them with her reward, patting her shoulder after he'd added them to the pile left. "You did better than anticipated. I'll make sure those boys get their just desserts for what they did, ok? Just don't let it get to you, go home, and relax." His advisement was genuine, but she'd rather go knock around the boys heads. However, she knew she couldn't do that, so she just sighed and nodded her head. "Will do, sir. I'm sorry I couldn't pass them all out." Aoi mentioned, pocketing her reward, which just made him laugh a little more. "Some days you can, others you cannot. Don't take it personally." He replied, sending her on her way.

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