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Pizza Delivery | Quest | Solo

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Pizza Delivery | Quest | Solo Empty Mon Jul 09, 2018 8:21 pm

Who doesn't like pizza? Even since long ago, pizza has been liked by many people, including Shinko. She prefers pineapples on her pizza, when anybody else hated it. "Saying you don't like pineapples on pizza is like ordering a chocolate cake without chocolate in it!" she usually says in an argument, followed by a "Wait... did I make sense?" Even through nonsense, Shinko would argue over her favorite food if she was mocked or insulted.

She remembered this flier she was given when she was running an errand, but she was too busy to even take a look on it. Yes, as she ran, she grabbed whatever people are giving her. Whether it’s a free taste, food samples, fliers, and giveaways… goods? Did she even pay for those? Though, she promised to come back and pay those people who gave her the items when she comes back, though those people’s faces were unfamiliar to Shinko and she does not remember what they look like anymore. Except this tall and bulky man, who had weird hairstyles and a pointy beard. Taking time to remember who this was, Shinko snapped her fingers, “Oh! It’s Enil!” she exclaimed.

She gazes at the flier that had a huge header saying: [WANTED! PIZZA DELIVERY MAN!]. Shinko knew that she could secretly grab a bite, like what all delivery men do. Ever wondered why the food delivered in your house sometimes look like someone bit into it? Ever wondered why those delivery men quickly leaves right after making you sign and pay? Well, it’s because they stole about one-twelfth of your order, and Shinko, at the time she was starving, told herself she would get revenge at the right time.

Shinko immediately went to Enil’s place without breaking a sweat. There, she saw him cleaning wine glasses while staring blankly into space, huge bags under his eyes. Unlike Shinko, Enil often looked like he doesn’t get enough sleep… or, actually not sleeping at all. With energy, she approached Enil’s counter and slammed the flier on it, looking up to him and saying, “I’d like to take this request!”

She never knew how busy Enil’s bar is because on the outside, there were fewer waiters, less customers, less food and wine. A pizza maker is absent for the day, and Shinko knew it was just an alibi for him to sleep more because that’s what Shinko does. But she also thought, “Hey, it’s just ONE pizza maker and few customers, it would be easy, right?” Until she opened the kitchen door and there were countless of cooks, walking around and being loud, immediately cooking. The scent was mixed with different courses, like smelling sweet ice cream while also identifying a scent of meat. One man even continued to shout and mock everyone, saying things like: “It’s raw!” or “This is too salty!” Shinko, upon seeing this, was filled with so much confusion that she became confusion itself. She never knew that the calm Enil’s kitchen was chaos, it’s almost like hell… but with food.



Pizza Delivery | Quest | Solo Empty Mon Jul 09, 2018 8:22 pm

Shinko tried to avoid the crew members by walking near the walls, but she was eventually getting hit by the crew’s big arms and hot pots. “Ouch…” she muttered, touching the bruise slowly. She felt more pain when she realized that a sizzling plate was the one that hit her. The bruise slowly calmed down by the time she reached the pizza station, where there are fewer workers passing by, only about three to five people entering and leaving the room.

She rubbed her hands and took a deep breath and said, “Okay.” With instructions, she prepared each tool she needed to use, like measuring cups, bowls, knives etc. She had quite the experience of making these kinds of food when she was little, and Shinko tried hard enough to remember how to make those again. She started to pour one and one half cups of warm water into a large bowl, just like what the instruction said, and then she sprinkled it with yeast and waited for it to foam.

She hasn’t even made the though yet, but her childhood memories had quickly rushed into her memory, “Do I need to come back?” she asks herself, looking at her hand that often held her mother’s. But now that she left, there’s no more hand to hold and nobody to look up to. Quickly coming back to reality, she saw a paper holding all the orders. “Why are there so many orders in only six seconds?!” she complained in panic, pulling her hair as she made sure it won’t damage the beauty. Hair underlines a woman’s beauty, that’s what a lot of people told her. Even if it’s about beauty or not, Shinko would always take care of her body.

She whisked sugar, oil, and salt into the yeast mixture in quick, and proper motion, then she started adding flour until the dough has started becoming sticky. Then she placed this dough in an oiled bowl and brushed it with oil, and then she covered it with plastic and let it rise in a warm area. She waited for an hour and hopefully the people don’t mind taking so long. When she saw that the dough has risen and doubled in size, she was ready.

She started to knead until her arms grew tired; she never realized that her arms are weak until now. Though, she only made small pizzas when she was young and never really exercised until now, where she realized she needed to become healthy now that she has joined a guild and is now going on an adventure. When the dough became a nice, round shape, she added the sauce and toppings and placed them in the oven for it to cook for a few minutes. While it was cooking, she prepared the dough for other variations.

She cleaned her hands gave away the orders, and then she started to rest once she came back. Waiting for her reward and wait for Enil to finish cleaning the same wine glass, she only realized she was hungry when her stomach finally screamed at her, ordering food for her to partake. She closed her eyes after placing a handkerchief on top of her face, starting her slumber.


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