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R&R [Open Social]

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#1Theo Kaguya 

R&R [Open Social] Empty Fri Jun 29, 2018 8:06 pm

Theo Kaguya
TK made his way to Forest holding a canvas and bag with brushes, paint, water, and a jar. With the wedding over and Isabella now safe things seemed to be taking a turning towards brighter skies and hopefully, they stay that way but only time will tell. The Afternoon sky was always fun to draw after a long day of problem-solving I think this would make a good gift for Alice and Mr. Konstantin a thought that would be helpful well received when it is complete. The wildlife always made for good company when as they just seemed to be drawn TK whenever he would be in the forest.

"What do you think should I add something to it?" he turned asking one of the rabbits that had sat next to him "Ya it could use some more depth in the colors." the painting was halfway finished when the young knight decided to take a break and enjoy his R&R. It wasn't easy but he somehow made it through all the trials that had been put in front of him even if one nearly killed him in the process but it was all worth it in the end I still can't get the fact that Mr. Konstantin has a brother that nothing like him. as TK laid back on the warm grass everything seemed to good to be true.

#2Káilètte † 

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The two little adorable babies were talking in their own bubbly way as she was gazing at them. They knew it was time to go for a walk. ''Alright you two, I hope you behave.'' she chuckled. Knowing their father and if they were anything like him perhaps they will behave since they can't go out and who knows what. Her mother instincts were hitting as she then started to worry about them getting into trouble. Her hand went into a fist and motioned her elbow downward. ''No, I won't let that happen.'' she spoke as she was determined. The bag was filled with things for the baby and herself as she grabbed it. Next was twisting and turning as she buckled up the baby carrier. This was made at her old fashion store as it carried twins. ''Perhaps I should sell these. I'm sure I'm not the only one with twins.'' she shrugged it off as she first picked up Kane and then Fiona as they were buckled.

''Let's go.~ Adventure time for my two little cinnamon rolls.'' The blonde babe walked off carelessly as her arms dangled against her sides. The straddle that was used/the carrier made it so both babies were in front of her, one on each side of her chest. Today she wore a white tank top, training bra underneath and had her golden blonde hair up in a single bun with some hair pieces stranding as bangs in front of her. Her pants were camo colored with a long pocket on each side. For her boots she wore some brown expensive hiking boots with black trims. It had a combining fantastic comfort, traction, and support for serious day hiking and backpacking which in this case was important. She was carrying two babies and everything that was in her hiking backpack. The tall beauty was a tough strong cookie, but she hopes to get stronger even in strength someday. Finally, moments went by and they were in the forest. ''Now, don't touch everything that goes by.'' she joked as it was just the forest. What was going to be close enough? It's just trees with leafs and ... bugs.

#3Theo Kaguya 

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Theo Kaguya
TK walked around the forest in hopes to clear his mind he couldn't help but think about what to do for the rest of the day, sure he could finish the painting but what then the day was just to nice to sit around deep in thought only thinking of what could be. He sat back up and looked at the painting and smiled at his work going right back to it, each stroke of the brush gave new life while each new color showed the depth of the picture Just a few more touches...and...done, nothing could have brought him more joy than having this time to relax and just let go of the problems of the world I should get someone opinion on it before I give it to Alice. he thought packing up his things.

Now with paint finished drying, he made his way to forest exit accompanied by his fluffy friends that didn't want to him to go just yet as they brushed up agents his legs while he walked. TK managed to send his friends away when he saw a woman with two children by her side "Oh perfect I can ask her what she thinks of the picture. Excuse me, Miss, could I ask you a few questions?" hurried over to her making sure not to drop the painting or anything for that matter She seems rather familiar, have I seen her before? the knight thought placing his bag down "Oh before I ask you my question I'm TK." somehow he always finds himself introducing himself after engaging someone.

#4Káilètte † 

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Arisa walked about in the forest with her darling children in their respected seat on each side of her. Her gaze was wandering, but within she knew there was nothing to be paranoid about in the day. She remembered the night that happened with Odin as she was dragged around by a vine caused my nature magic. Seeing her dead maid who was her friend in Sin and being chased by people from Sin rather it was for her death or to be dragged back to what she saw as hell. It wasn't too quiet as the nature was alive as ever. Her hips swayed as she walked forward passed every tree till she then heard someone speak to her.

Her heart jumps as she looks quickly towards who it was, ready to use a spell. Her eyes softened to see a boy who was normal yet scrawny looking, but also shorter than her which was normal. He started to talk and honestly didn't know where he was getting at. ''Greetings, I'm Arisa.'' she spoke and didn't tend to announce her kids names since she barely even knew this kid or even at all. ''Alright, TK, what questions did you have?'' she wondered and faced him calmly.

#5Theo Kaguya 

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Theo Kaguya
He smiled at the women and hed his painting in front of him "Do you think this would be a good gift for a pair of newlyweds?" asked he holds up the painting just enough to still make eye contact with her "My teacher was just married and I felt bad for not bring them anything so I painted this." he couldn't shake the feeling that he's seen her before, maybe it was at the wedding or at the festival, either way, he hoped that she would give him some good feedback on the painting. Form what he could see it seemed like she really wanted to spend time with her children which kind of made him feel bad as he didn't want to keep her from doing what she came out here to do What am I saying I should make sure that she is able to keep her family safe. Wait her husband isn't with her?!


He thought back to when he was younger and he and his mother went on walks "Umm Ms. Arisa wheres your husband if you don't mind me asking?" he asked resting the painting in front of him looking at his work with a cheerful smile as the brezz came past them. TK really didn't want to overstep or anything when he asked it just seemed weird to him see women out with children without a male figure next to them.

#6Káilètte † 

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The guy decided to ask her about some painting and if it'd be a good gift for some wedding gift. Was he perhaps at Alice's wedding? That will be a question afterwards. Her golden, pupiless eyes that shined gazed at the painting he showed. Arisa wanted to touch the textures yet it seemed rude to do so. 'You wish to appreciate a kid's painting?' she heard the darkened voice and a shadow bending down and touching the painting with their finger tips. No one else could see this of course other than herself - perhaps her kids. Out of no where it was gone and then heard  'her' speak again in her mind. 'It felt... like he tried to hurry to finish it, but at the same time it was with feelings of appreciation.' she spoke in her spiteful tone. This was new, was she able to become some shadow now? What will be next?

She smiled motherly and tilted her head a little to the right. ''It's quite lovely. I'm sure in the future you'll become a great painter.'' she spoke with kind words as she then heard his next question about her 'husband'. '....My husband... Noel.' the thought was triggering as her eyes gazed away and then stood up straight. 'Noel? My husband... the thought is making me feel so... I-I...' she started to speak to herself in her head. A shock of emotions went through her body as some unknown nerves traveled. 'Hah, you like the idea, don't you?' she teased Arisa as she then felt a force that felt like hands caress her stomach. It started to travel upward, but as it was almost to her chest it stopped and disappeared. Arisa held her happy motherly expression still as it wasn't changing. ''My lover is most likely sleeping after some drinks. If I'm lucky, he's actually outside working out - doing something with his shadowed life. Maybe some friends.'' she said and chuckled as she hasn't really heard much from him at all. After their fight on the one vs one, Arisa hasn't heard much from him. What will he say though once he finds out they had kids...

#7Theo Kaguya 

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Theo Kaguya
He listened to her response and turned the painting to him I guess that would be a yes, he thought, tucking the painting under his arm with happy that it came out so well . Arisa seemed like a very caring person that wouldn't lie to protect someones feels but she gave off the feeling that she really needed to get some time away from people. Is Forest some kind of retreat for parents? I'll look it up when I get back home.

It seemed like his second question made her feel uneasy from the way she responded to him could it have been the way he asked or maybe it was something that he wasn't picking up on? TK looked at her children and thought back to when he would much younger and his parents took him and his sister out for a night under the stars I miss those days everything was so simple, something that he missed a lot as nothing really had a clear cut answer to it anymore. "Ms. Arisa if you're going to be out here I would like to accompany you to ensure your and your children's safety." as a Rune Knight, it is his duty to make sure that everyone is safe and taken care of even though the likely hood of anything happening was rather small it would bug him that she was alone in the forest with nothing to protect her self. The young knight tilted his hat back slightly as he gathered his remaining bags, "Sorry I didn't mean to come off so strong Ms. Arisa." TK very nervously scratched the side of his nose.

#8Káilètte † 

R&R [Open Social] Empty Fri Jul 20, 2018 11:27 am

Her golden eyes gazed at the boy who seemed to shuffle with his things as he spoke towards her. The children were just gazing about themselves as they tried to touch things they could not touch. 'He's a nosy lil' bugger, isn't he...' said the darkened voice that could not be heard from anyone else besides perhaps the children. The darkened shadow form was hovered over the sides of the bush which then moved towards the boy. Her grip on the bag of things tightened as her hands twisted the handle with her right hand forward and left backwards. 'What are you doing?' she asked emotionless from her mind as her eyes followed the shadow and then back at TK.

''Huh? O-oh yes, I mean if it won't bore you that is.''
she spoke softly, so motherly like a goddess of the light and things around her. Simply she let go of the strap with her right, brushing away strands of hair away from her eye, but leaving the strands covering a part of her left. ''So since you're joining me, TK tell me about yourself.'' she questioned as if researching him. Slowly she started to walk with him through the forest. As they started to walk the area was filled with butterflies and chattering animals - so peaceful...

#9Theo Kaguya 

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Theo Kaguya
TK was slightly confused as to Arisa was talking about he was just getting himself ready to move out "...I'm just making sure I had everything?" she looked upset about something maybe she was talking to her children if that was the case the young knight would feel hope that she didn't hear him respond to her and just play it off. Her children looked to be rather happy to be outside and why wouldn't they, it was a nice day to be out and about. The forest has a lot to offer from what he's seen of it so far but either way, he was sure that something marvelous would come out of this day.

"Oh umm my parents help run a small church in Era I spent most of my childhood there with my sister before we became Knights, Oh and I'm a fifth-generation Rune Knight. What about yourself?" as he followed beside her it was like talking with Alice. It's weird he is always meeting someone new no matter where he turns even if their all females not that there was anything wrong with that females are a lot better to talk to and get along with. As the two walked TK started to quietly hum a joyful tone to himself, the hum was something you would hear a mother hum to her child help them fall asleep or calm down during a temper tantrum.

#10Káilètte † 

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The boy was picking his stuff up, making sure he had everything as she watched him. Fiona and Kane napped against her as she gazed down at them both. 'So peaceful, so innocent... hopefully they will choose the right side when they're older and I am no longer here.' she thought to herself till he finally answered her. She turned her head and gaze back to TK as he started to speak about being a Rune Knight and his parents working at some church in Era. Does he believe in the Holy one's? She knew she did as her light was all about them. Her heart was made in a lock and so was her soul.

''Mmm, so do you believe in the Holy Ones? Beings of light, Seraphs and their leader? ... Many ways of saying it...'' she rambled a little after asking. Slowly she shrugged her right shoulder to make the back go back into place. Her blonde long hair in pig-tails flailed slowly as the wind was low pressured at the moment because of the trees blocking most of it. ''If you have any questions, please ask.~'' she giggled with a sweet smile as they walked along the forest. What will they find? No one could've known...

#11Theo Kaguya 

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Theo Kaguya
He stopped walking as she asked him about the Holy one's Bringers of light...Oh, the stories mother used to tell me! he thought to himself as he caught back up with her "Yes my mother often told me stories before bed, I didn't take you for a religious person Ms. Arisa." it had been a while since he last gone to church maybe he would go after everything wraps up here. The images of angles like creature's had started to fill his head, they were like the from all the text that he was using as material for his side project They do have some similarities now but they couldn't have made a religion that lasted this long could they? he thought looking upwards at the trees to get small glimpses of the sky.

It's only fair that they get to know each other a bit "What do you think of the Rune Knights?" his voice changed from its usual upbeat to a more frightened tone as if he was afraid to hear her response to the question. The young knight adjusted the painting slightly tightening his grip on it to keep from scraping the ground "You can be as honest as you want I won't take offense to anything said promise." his tone revered back to normal as he shifted attention to the rocky path they walked on.

#12Káilètte † 

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She felt the children's weight against her sides as she saw them make small movements. They were napping so silently as the heat was not over-baring, but it was nice enough to not feel cold nor hot. her blonde hair bounced a little with movement while her eyes of golden mirrors gazed at the young boy. He seemed surprised that she believed in such things. What TK didn't know is that she was apart of me. She had to live with it till death... if there was such a thing afterwards.

Her cream colored skin was smooth and shining with the little sunlight that went through the leafs and trees themselves. Softly she cleared her throat to speak and looked away with a small wince, but soon enough made a calm expression on her face. ''What makes you say that?'' she wondered curiously. She doesn't think it was her appearance, but she wondered about this boy's judgement. The path they were going on was full of life as they were getting further away from Orchidia without realizing it. Squirrels were in the trees in their little comfortable hole as birds were in trees watching them. The animals were a tad afraid as she heard TK's question about Rune Knights and her thought on them. 'People who were suppose to be models to the citizens yet look at them. Bunch of dogs.' the darkened voice spat in the mind of her own. Arisa stopped walking as her arms crossed against her chest. ''Mmm, well... It's not for everyone - that's for sure, but I don't usually get along with Rune Knights.~ '' she said innocently with a sweet smile.

#13Theo Kaguya 

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Theo Kaguya
"I didn't mean to offend you, its just I didn't take you as the type." It was hard for him to put into words it was just something that you could tell by the way they carry themselves when around someone else of an opposing religion. TK felt like Arisa and Alice had the same genital aura around her, could it had been due to both of them being mothers or was it something else? It was a good Idea to keep her company for this walk new things are being brought to light.

"Thank you for telling me." after hearing her response his spirits were lifted It's nice to know not everyone thinks we're bad, he thought reaching into his pocket and looking at the emblem of the Knights with a small smile on his face. The sounds of the wildlife surrounded them the farther they walked into the forest but hopefully, when their walk is done they can find their way back. TK thought back to what the day he and Isabella left to join the knights, between the two of them he found it the hardest to be away from home compared to now where he goes home every so often. "Oh Ms. Arisa what are your children's names?" a fair question as he hadn't really paid much attention to them during their walk.

#14Káilètte † 

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'That was your answer? Really?' thought the darkened voice. She felt like she had to name the voice one of these days since noting it was 'darkened voice' seemed quite a task. She had a hard time thinking of such name since it had to have meaning. 'I suppose I'll come back to this later..' she thought and then paid attention to the boy who was walking with her. Supposedly, he was a rune knight as he made it obvious. The only ones to ask that question were Rune Knight's themselves or those within the Nobility status. Even if her family were Nobility, she didn't feel it, but maybe it was because she wasn't raised in the Country she was meant to be raised.

TK asked what her children's names were which to that she hugged them gently. ''Kane and Fiona.~'' she simply answered and took a calm breather. As they walked they were soon to find a sparkling riverbed. ''Ah.~ This feels like a nice place to rest...'' she spoke half-exhausted. Slowly she bent down and knelled to unstrap the children. Thankfully, the riverbed wasn't so deep as they sat next to their mother and kicked the water a little. Her head tilted up to look at TK. ''You hungry or thirsty?'' she wondered as she next grabbed water bottles from her bag and some bento boxes that she made. They're not sold in this Country, but she was use to making them in the Country of Sin that she makes them quite a lot now in her Cafe.

#15Theo Kaguya 

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Theo Kaguya
TK chuckled watching Arisa hug her children "Their lucky to have such a wonderful mother." she really looked like a mother that would do anything to give her children a better life. I wonder if Ms. Arisa and Alice know each other or is she actually Alice they just seem too similar, the young knight placed the mental picture of both women side by side as they walked. with all his thinking he started to lose his grip on the painting slightly Whats the use of thinking about it even if they were the same person I shouldn't overstep. he thought.

He sat down across from her "Oh no I couldn't you should take food from you! Thank you for the offer but I'll be fine." He tried to keep his mind away from food as this whole time so he could keep his guard up which can be very draining when you're carrying art supplies. Arisa had made the right call in taking a break now he can put his full attention into protecting them and relaxing, TK's body started to loosen up as he cleared his mind "Ms. Arisa do you have any more questions you like to ask?" the young knight looked around the area taking in all the greenery around them.

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