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Crocus to Orchidia [Foot]

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#1Noah Alston 

Crocus to Orchidia [Foot] Empty Thu Jun 21, 2018 2:03 pm

Noah Alston
It's nighttime in Crocus, and no sooner had Noah returned from his last mission than he was taken aside and given an entirely new one. Now that the Orchidia Flower Festival was under way, the Rune Knights there found the sudden influx of people was more than expected. To that end Rune Knights from all over Fiore had been dispatched to bulk up defense in Orchidia, and he was among those chosen to provide assistance. They had move out as soon as possible so the unit had left earlier today, meaning if he was to catch up he would have to leave that same evening, and with speed should make it out to Orchidia in a day and a half.

Noah hastily packs a backpack with what little he needs and puts it on. As he packs he thinks to himself how at least he'll get a bit of a holiday that side, after all the Orchidia festival was said to be one of the most beautiful events in Fiore, it would be fun to see what was there and have a little bit of a break. But enough thinking about it, he had a trip, so with a final check he locks up and heads out.


Crocus to Orchidia [Foot] Haptis15

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