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Translate the Note [Quest: Noah]

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#1Noah Alston 

Translate the Note [Quest: Noah] Empty Wed Jun 20, 2018 4:02 pm

Noah Alston
"No job is too small."

This is the motto that Noah had always lived by since he'd begun his training to become a Rune Knight, and now as he walks to his next task it came up in his mind once more. He did not want to be anything more than a knight, he didn't need to be, all he really needed was a way to improve his skills, and a way to help people. To that end he'd answered a call for assistance, one which he was sure would not be answered with haste by many of the other knights, but for him it was perfect, and it would allow him to try something new. So he took the job, and went looking for his would be employer.

Luciel had given him all the details he'd needed when they spoke, more accurately when she spoke and he listened. She seemed short on time and not big on a conversation so he didn't press for any more than he thought he needed. Once he has a basic idea of what to expect he thanked her and taking the note he'd need for this task left straight for the library. Now all he had to do was actually finish the job. As far as he understands the job is by no means hard, his employer simply has no time to do it herself, so she's delegating to someone who does.

A few minutes later he is forced to pull himself out of his train of thought as he comes upon the library. The job is simple enough, decipher a list into english from a dead language, Valan Runic to be specific. For that he'll need more than a single book. One to turn Valan Runic to just Runic, another to turn those runes into simple english. No doubt Luciel can do it on her own but he saw this as an opportunity to learn and besides, if this was something interesting he'd like to learn what it is. So after a quick chat with the librarian about where he might find all of the books he'll need and after a quick search he's ready to begin. He spends a few minutes browsing through and getting everything he'll need before he settles down and takes out the note laying it down, then picks out an older book bound in red leather, Valan Runic Reference Book - Full Edition.

He starts by reading the basic rules of Valan Runic, which seem pretty straightforward, nothing too difficult or tricky to remember, the flow is quite similar to basic runes, barring a few constraints unique traits in Valan. Seems everything was in place. Noah spends the next hour going through the note changing each word into runes, he then spends the a bit of time into their english variants. Despite what he had thought, this was going smoother than he'd expected. That is until he'd finished the translation and actually stopped to read what was written down.

Hare Meat
Ox Hooves

Noah sits staring at the list, unsure of what to make of it, at first he simply begins to pack up and hand in what he's found. Several hours later, the list hasn't changed. Noah was sure he was right the first time, but he was also doubtful that the list could be something so mundane, so he had been sitting here trying to come up with any answer he could. At first he thought he may have just deciphered wrong so he put the list to the side and started once more, much slower this time. Same exact result a list, 4 items like a grocery list. So he tries again, this time he redoes the rules, checking them to make sure everything's correct and after two of the 4 items come back the same he abandons that idea. Next he returns the books, before looking for a much more extensive copy, and eventually he finds what he needs Valan Runic Reference Dictionary: Volumes 1-5. After a quick browse through them he adds several more rules and then runs over the list one more time, and still it's the same results. No matter how many times he attempts it, the results are always, always the same. He then tries to check if any of those words meant anything more than that, a hidden meaning, a code or something. After all of that he finally gives up, the note means nothing, it's a list of groceries, Valan groceries but that's all. Guess it can't be helped, the note has no higher meaning than that. Collecting up all of his material, including the 8 attempts at deciphering the note. He wraps them in a leather folder, and in that same folder he includes the original note, a reference list for any books he may have used as well as a letter to Luciel. In it he writes,

"Luciel, I'm sorry to inform you that the note is nothing, or at least nothing worth your time. It seems it's nothing more than a recipe or shopping list. All the same thanks for the job, I leave with you the original note, the translations and some other materials you may need. If you need anything else, I'm at your service. Noah Alston - Page"

With that he leaves everything with the librarian with instructions on who to deliver it to, before he himself heads out. Still he can't help thinking, even if it was a waste of time for Luciel's own work, it wasn't for him. Working with an unfamiliar topic, researching, and then repeating that work a few times. It had taught him a bit more about runes, knowledge he'd need in future.

As he leaves the library he notices the sun is beginning to set, he hand't realized that he'd been there all afternoon, he needed to get back or he'd be late so with a bit of a jog he begins to run back to base for the night.


Translate the Note [Quest: Noah] Haptis15

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