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Pizza Delivery [Quest: Nastasya]

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#1Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

Pizza Delivery [Quest: Nastasya] Empty Thu May 31, 2018 8:13 am

Nastasya Crowe ✝
Best adventures came in short moments and short time locks that made it so special. It was only that because those adventures came in rare that it made the rest of live so damn boring. Here she was day in day out trying to not fret too much about a waitress job that wasn’t nearly as satisfying as she hoped but basically was just; a job. The thing was of course that it was never taken because of money but because of the fact that she could stay close to someone. She wasn’t entirely sure what that question had done to pop out of her mouth but she had asked it and she had not really enjoyed the things that came with that; such as watching said friend hang out with other people while she stood a few feet away. The thing was that she didn’t mind hanging out with other people and nor should she be so, what’s the word? Jealous? Because there was no need for that nor the feelings for that. Even with her sort of amnesia was Nastasya sure of that, or so she thought. The thing was that her amnesia was a rare case, she got feelings, like tingling senses when she bumped into something or someone or heard a word that would give her an emotion that she didn’t remember but then it sort of stuck on to something she knew. The thing was that it mostly didn’t give her a whole memory but just that feeling, so with talking to people she got to the point of being able to connect the dots, as in to remember things Odin told her, or like his name. As well as Caius, Esperia and sometimes even when Kurdran said things, such as the murder on her parents.
There were not times to think about this anyway, she was waiting for a new invitation to a job but at this point, she could do something else, just to get a job that would make her visit the streets of Orchidia and be able to train more of her teleportation spell. After all she needed to know where she would end up before she would break her legs, fall in a dumpster or get hit by a car or worse if possible: a balcony. As she had no idea how her teleportation really worked. So she went out, her free day from the Swineherd Pub made it that she could do something else as she spotted no one of her small list of friends; she needed new ones. So she headed out, but on her way to the quest board, with the most dull jobs she had seen with Odin last week, she thought that she would look for something there. But on her way to the quest board in town she bumped into someone that seemed to be looking for a job, the man whose night in the bar she had ruined because of a dumb job that she got.


#2Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
Nastasya looked up at the man and hoped he didn’t remember, he seemed to be in a distress call that he apparently indeed didn’t notice or didn’t care, ”Do you know how to make pizzas?” She wondered but she had never made one, she was very sure about that, no emotions or tingling feeling so that was quite clear, ”I can try if you need help. Got nothing better to do and normally am a waitress.” Which seemed to convince this man very well that he would like to give her a try because he had an assistant that didn’t show up because of being ill. So he took her along to the kitchen of his bar and handed her an apron where she quickly tied her hair in a knot to make sure no lose hairs would fall out. He explained to her what she needed and explained the oven how it worked and put that on to ensure preheating. She washed her hands and got the ingredients ready to stall out so it would make her work a little quicker. Enil had given her a short instruction list with how to make the right pizza dough and she would get to work. That’s where she started, looking at the list that she had on her right with what to add and how to make it. Letting it rise so she could read the description on what kind of pizza’s were necessary and to get those right ingredients. As the pizza dough was done, she formed it in the right shape and put on the tomato sauce, cheese and all the ingredients that were necessary. Ham and pineapple for one, ham, pepperoni and some other sort of meat that she didn’t know, five with chicken and the right sauce extra. And one with extra chicken and barbecue sauce. There were two more ovens and thank god Enil had put them on as well but now the pizza’s could all get into the oven at the same time and she would have to get the right bag to make the delivery with warm pizzas.

She took the note that Enil had made and walked all the way to the closest ones, trying to remember all the streets that she walked past and how they looked like and helping with payment and change, it was a dull job but it got her working so hard and much that she had no time to think about complaints. So once she was done, she walked back to Enil to give him the bag back and the list with the pizzas that she had delivered and he paid her for her service. ”Haven’t we met before?” and she quickly shook her head and wished him a pleasant evening and headed out, time to make sure he didn’t recognize her on time. So she headed back to whatever she could do now, perhaps a bit of a short adventure on the festival, she had no idea what else to do.


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