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Something Blue [Quest: Sorcha & Kurdran]

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#1Sorcha Donovan 

Something Blue [Quest: Sorcha & Kurdran] Empty Sun May 27, 2018 11:08 am

Sorcha Donovan
The festival was a busy thing and she wanted to see more of Orchidia, she came here with a job and that’s what she was going to do. If only Jian was here and would convince her to be able to hear some more news about her family, but she didn’t have that ability and Jian wasn’t here so she would have to do it the old fashioned way. As she was obvious looking around for people, she was tapped on the shoulder by a man with a strange hairdo. She lifted her eyebrow with a look of an unspoken question but then instead of helping her, or basically asking her if she was looking for something or someone, he bombarded her with questions. If she was an elf, and what she thought she was doing here in the human town of Orchidia, no one had ever been some sort of hostile towards her. But those weren’t simply the questions, he went on and on; if she was hiding something and tried to find it again or if she would want to explain to him please what she was doing at the river because it was definitely not funny. Which was the point that she realized that she got all those questions thrown at her because he was afraid of something.

”I don’t know who you are or what you are talking about but it sounds like you need help.” The auburn haired elf said clearly.


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Something Blue [Quest: Sorcha & Kurdran] WpMV1nH

#2Kurdran Briggs 

Something Blue [Quest: Sorcha & Kurdran] Empty Mon May 28, 2018 11:37 pm

Kurdran Briggs
Let`s see here... An afro and innocent eyes. Man, thats a silly looking dude." thanks to the elf from before, He had done the task of giving out papers in a record time. In such time in fact, that he still had enough to do something else. Guess he could thank the elf for that one. However, this time, the dwarf had actually looked very carefully at the little note of who had asked for help. A mysterious entity at the river? It smelled of a proper scuffle in the making! If not, it would atleast make for an interesting stare off, compared to staring at flowers in the festival.

However, as he made it to the river, where he was supposed to meet the guy, he saw him... With the elf from before, as he panically waved his around towards her. Kurdrans hand proceeded to slap his face. "So the weird entity was an elf, huh? And not just any elf either." Kurdran hobbled out of the woods, as he stared at the duo. "He bothering ya or something? I can talk with him, if he is being annoying."

After getting closer to the duo however, he started to realize, that it wasn`t the elf the guy was pointing at. Though the guy talked like a paranoid parrot, so he couldn`t be one hundred percent sure either way. "Well, yer me client atleast, so lead the way!" He eventually said. It felt like it would be way easier to just blindly follow him than listen to him babble on and on. "And yer coming with. I need a translator after all." Hopefully Sorcha had some skills at shortening things into a compact package.


#3Sorcha Donovan 

Something Blue [Quest: Sorcha & Kurdran] Empty Tue May 29, 2018 8:45 am

Sorcha Donovan
Perhaps some people might be offended when people accusated them for things that they didn't do. Sorcha could be like that but the training she had from her dad made her more.. well sophisticated as well open minded and as she noticed that this man was afraid of something, she stated that he needed help and that she had nothing to do with it as she still had no idea what he really meant at all.

She looked up when she heard a familiar voice, it was the way the dwarf spoke else she wouldn't have noticed but she gave him one of her small and rare smiles, "You could call it that, accusating me of doing something that I have no idea about.' But now that he stopped yelling and pointing fingers at her, she was doing alright. The man seemed to be happy that Kurdran arrived, something about calling out for him, a dwarf surely could help him and she got only more curious to what this was about. As the man told Kurdran to follow him, she simply followed them to as per question.

There was barely any sentence coming out of this man in regular form, one moment he spoke about something of a ball, than a blue orb and so on that was near this river and he went on and on and on. She looked at Kurdran when he was finished; "There is a blue orb at the river that gives him emotions that he can't place and I'm sure he is afraid of it but won't admit it." the client made a clicking noise with his tongue as if to say he was not, "And he asked you to investigate it. I hope you don't mind if I hop along, I'm quite curious now."


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Something Blue [Quest: Sorcha & Kurdran] WpMV1nH

#4Kurdran Briggs 

Something Blue [Quest: Sorcha & Kurdran] Empty Wed May 30, 2018 7:05 am

Kurdran Briggs
Kurdran shrugged at the ladies blight. Guess she was used to this sort of thing, since she was so calm about it. He knew he would be... though he would propably actually whine. Though when he heard what the afrohead had actually seen, he REALLY wanted to say something about it. "...a Blue ball? That is what we are looking for?" It was sort of curious, though with how his client was, it seemed outright mental. "May as well hunt for pink elephants..." Why did he always get the weird ones?

However, after a short while of walking, and the sky getting a bit darker, Kurdran couldn`t believe his eyes, as the afroman pointed almost panically towards the floating literal orb. "...What the hell is that?" Even Kurdran had to admit, that he was a bit wary about the thing. It just... literally floated and spun about, like some kind of giant jawbreaker. "...Is it an overeaten will`o`wisp?" He did remember his parents telling him that these "wisps" were a lot smaller. "...Maybe it has just eaten its compatriots..." He scrubbed his beard...

and was seemingly walking towards it without even noticing. Its spinning was weirdly calming the closer he got to it... "Thank god its standing on a river... I can just push it into the water and... put it out... if... I... just..." He reached his stubby hands towards it. He would propably make contact if nobody stopped him. "...Grab it...?"


#5Sorcha Donovan 

Something Blue [Quest: Sorcha & Kurdran] Empty Wed May 30, 2018 1:30 pm

Sorcha Donovan
Because of the fact that the man was afraid, no matter how much he tried to hide it, the elf did notice, she wasn't all to skeptic about the possibility it was just a blue ball, "Ball, Orb, call it what you want, this man seemed to get mysterious feelings about it so it might be something for a mage to fix." she assumed he was a mage though. She really had no idea. She herself tend to rely on strength and her endurance more than actually on her magic, but she shouldn't make the assumption that everyone could use magic, even if she met most magic yielding people after she left her home territory.

As they walked closer to the part of the river where Dex had seen the blue ball, he seemed to get more nervous and pointed it out, Sorcha immediately stopped walking and stared at it, not asking questions out loud but just wondering what this thing was. "Wisps mostly only appear to the person that need a change or step in faith or future, whatever you want to call it. It wouldn't make sense to appear for all three of us." The elf muttered as a matter of fact thing but she wasn't sure either, it didn't really looked like what she had seen as a will 'o wisp but perhaps they were different in other regions. She frowned as Kurdran walked closer to the mysterious thing, not entirely sure what that was happening, as it's strange aura didn't influence her curiosity so much, but she followed him, leaving Dex a bit behind them.

She wanted to stop Kurdran from taking it or touching it at the slightest but instead of ticking his hand away, her own pinky hit the little blue light and she couldn't even finish the motion as she herself had been unable to stop from touching and get a memory of her brothers, no wait they looked older than the last time they were with her, and at least they were together, but her youngest brother seemed to be afraid, while the oldest looked hurt in a different matter; from being alone and having to take care of a younger sibling. She snapped out of it rather soon, with an enormous push that send her a few steps back, luckily to her balance and light footed features as an elf, she remained standing, Dex however...


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Something Blue [Quest: Sorcha & Kurdran] WpMV1nH

#6Kurdran Briggs 

Something Blue [Quest: Sorcha & Kurdran] Empty Thu May 31, 2018 12:56 pm

Kurdran Briggs
Honestly, Kurdran would have propably been quite interested in Sorcha telling how these will`o`wisps worked, if he was not being so mesmerized by the one he thought was hanging about. Instead of stopping to answer, his hands grabbed the orb tightly, as his thoughts were filled with weird light... and weird images...

He saw a dwarf. About his mohawk shorter than him. There were humans near him. Their builds were very different, as they overshadowed the dwarf some. It was hard to see from behind the backs of them. However, the dwarf in the middle... what was he doing? Handling... a crown? gems? shinies? What was bloody happening? Who is that? Who are they? Whose doing that to the...!?

The growing anger in his mind got a proper slap in the face, as he was knocked back, rolling backwards for a while like round stone rolling against the water. Finally he stopped, as his back slammed against the ground, with a final splash which woke him up. He shook his head about, with water drops flying about wildly. "Okay... That is uh... Something alright..." He looked at Sorcha. He couldn`t help but wonder if she had seen the exact same thing or something completely different. "...Did ye see something funky?" Of course he wasn`t able to keep his mouth shut about it. "Whatever it is, I don`t like it too much. Neither the dang vision, or that dang ball of wisp boogers. I don`t get either of em."

He stood up, backing away from the orb, as his eyes caught the poor guy with an afro, as he unceremoniously walked to him, and poked him with his toes. "Well this guys out like a light." He seemed to be alive, though he had taken a way bigger blow than Kurdran had. "...Ye know where the hospital is? Don`t think he will be exactly fine just laying here. This one time me Uncle Laid in a river for 10 minutes, and then proceeded to get a cold, and froze to death next week by falling in again."

He proceeded to pick the guy up. "Admittedly, it was winter and he loved skating... Well guess the waters way warmer now, hehe." Guess he was trying to light up the mood. "Wonder if we can just leave that thing over here?" he pointed at the blue orb and shrugged. "Cause I ain`t touching it again."


#7Sorcha Donovan 

Something Blue [Quest: Sorcha & Kurdran] Empty Sat Jun 02, 2018 3:15 am

Sorcha Donovan
Did she see something funky, she looked a bit paler than she normally did, though it was probably hard to tell if you didn't know an elf very well but her eyes turned towards Kurdran and she nodded slowly, no need to talk about it right. She shook her head lightly with an amusing smile on her lips; wisp boogers. Really? But she didn't say anything about it and took it to talk to the guy that asked Kurdran for help and basically attacked her that it was her fault. There was only nothing to say to him as he had fainted and seemed to be hurt.

She had not seen the hospital, not even on their last job and to be fair she had not been very interested in finding it because she didn't like the medical procedures that they did, but she had still one flyer of the town from their last job because she had been new too and it was on there, so she picked it out of her back when she heard a familiar voice calling out to them, it was Dacol Lubex, the one who gave her the welcome committee job, "We were here to help Dex Miller, unfortunately something went wrong and he got a hit from the magic force, we are trying to find the hospital location and bring him there." As Dacol fussed over bringing Dex to a hospital, and lifted the man up himself, Sorcha turned to look at the blue orb, it seemed to admit a less intense colour and she turned to look back at Kurdran, "I have no idea. At the moment we better leave it be, it didn't harm us, this guy probably just fainted out of the stress he felt before." As she recalled how afraid he was of a blue flying little orbit, she didn't like the vision but that wasn't all too bad.

It took a short while to get to the hospital and Dex woke up a little, he was awake enough to reward the two of them and Dacol told them to leave the rest to him, he would get the details and they could leave. Which is what she did, she had a lot to think about, she even forgot to say goodbye.


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Something Blue [Quest: Sorcha & Kurdran] WpMV1nH

#8Kurdran Briggs 

Something Blue [Quest: Sorcha & Kurdran] Empty Sat Jun 02, 2018 9:41 am

Kurdran Briggs
Kurdrans eyes widened, as the dude from before with the dang notes appeared, and proceeded to try and lift the guy off his shoulders. Hey, hey, HEY!" Its not like he couldn`t have carried him off himself! He was all fine and dandy! The elf proceeded to explain the situation, as Kurdran proceeded to give a weird glance towards her. No damage? the thing had clearly knocked them both backwards! Well, whatever...

During the trip to the hospital, the dwarf rubbed his mohawk, as he let his thoughts wander about the weird vision. Admittedly, it was not exactly clear whatsoever. Just a stupid dwarf seemingly giving, or smart dwarf getting things from humans... heck, his brain had not been smart enough to process a face for any of them, so it was not like he could outright recognize any of them. One more thing to the pile of frustrating annoyances.

Other than that, the task was pretty much done. As he got his payment, he was more than alright with it... although the elf left immediately afterwards. "Pfeh, people these days. Don`t even wait for you to thank em anymore..." He grumbled, as he walked out himself. He could not help but wonder, if the elf would end up in some more awkward trouble once again. They were too proud after all.



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